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X Burlesque

X Showroom at Flamingo LV
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Information 702-733-3333

"X Burlesque" combines imaginative choreography with outrageous props such as bungees, bathtubs and beds to excite the crowd and leave them anxiously wondering what's next.

From slow, sensual, ballet-inspired routines to funky and energetic acrobatic numbers, the 90-minute production will have hearts racing. The variety of styles allows each dancer to showcase her own distinctive talents in a truly unforgettable way.

Music by some of the hottest artists in rock, pop and hip-hop sets the stage for scene after scene of erotic imagery, while seductive titles for each number emulate the style of traditional burlesque shows. In "Pharoah Fawcet," the girls perform a steamy belly dance to the Pussycat Dolls' dance hit "Buttons," while 1960s-reminiscent "Sharon Delove" set to the The Raconteurs' "My Baby's on the Level," features a gorgeous girl in nothing but go-go boots and body paint.

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