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Entertainment Schedule
The LVOL Entertainment Guide is updated within 24hrs after we receive information directly from the hotel/casinos. Often, LVOL gets little help directly, and is forced to update its pages from various other sources.

Many surfers access LVOL looking for Show Information more than a month in advance. With the exception of house shows (Sigfield & Roy, Splash, etc..) it is usually impossible to find out who will be playing when & where + 30 days in advance. The simple fact is, things can change so quickly here, most hotel/casinos don't plan that far in advance.

If you have seen a show announcement in the media that we don't list here, we suggest you contact the hotel/casino directly using their toll free 1-800 number to confirm.

Direct Hotel Reservations * Email Address * Special Information
Many visitors to LVOL want to get pricing and availability via the Internet from the hotel/casino directly, Technology comes to the desert.... NOT! Virtually all the hotel/casinos view their Web Page as nothing more than a "Billboard Sign" on the Information Highway. Very few of these Web Sites even list a email address. Of the handfull of hotel/casinos that have Web Pages on the Internet, they "generally" delegate their page to a minor computer/marketing person and 3rd party Web Provider. Surfers usually waste hours online when a simple free call will answer their specific needs & questions.

Many surfers want the Email Addresses of hotel/casinos to send special requests, personal correspondence, or complaints. Again we suggest that a simple phone call will do better than an Email, with the exception of complaints. Many of the hotel/casinos here are run by large corporations where a US Snail Mail will go farther than a complaint call (or Email) will.

Here is the list of major hotels with links to their official web sites and their email addresses. Hotel Links Page

Here is the FULL, searchable list of all hotels and motels locations and both local and toll free phone numbers. Hotel / Motel Listing

In the distant future, we're sure that the hotel/casinos will recognize the value of this technology and apply it properly. Until then............

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