Trip report Days 5 & 6

5:00AM-Oh yes, well rested, off to Mandalay Bay and the strip to play hott slots everyone has talked about on this discussion board. Ok, have I told you I get lost easy? So I find great parking at Mandalay, only to walk in the magnificent front doors to see:...a lobby. No slots, no gaming tables...a lobby!!! I walk around and appear like I’m waiting for someone, help myself to a cup of coffee, sit down in one of the over stuffed chairs, pick up a magazine and enjoy my coffee in the most beautiful surroundings. Ok, I’m aware I came in the wrong door, but what the heck, might as well enjoy life right. Well, about midway through my coffee, this wonderfully attired young man comes up to me and asks if he can be of help to me. I replied ‘no thank you, I’m fine’. A few sips later he reappears and asks that dreaded question, ‘excuse me, are you a guest in this hotel’...oh oh...BUSTED! I finished my coffee...quickly, and left. How many of you can say you’ve been kicked out of Mandalay Bay? He he he.

So I find my car and circle around to the REAL entrance. I found some ‘smokin 7’s’ that someone had written about being HOTT. Well, not for me today. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I found some $1 real deal poker favorite, but they were turned off also. Walked around and got lost, (who me?) but played many machines along the way...nothing. After asking the carpet scrubbing guy where the parking lot was, I finally found my car, yipeeeee and was out of there.

Over to MGM and found Majestic Lions...tried them all, with my biggest hit being 20 coins. Elvis, my hunk a-hunk, did pay me 60 coins, which at this point was a ‘bingo’ for me.

Next stop was the Tropicana- no problem finding Island Gods machine. One gal had a tray filled with coins, and kept hitting and hitting. I think she was a plant. I sat on the opposite side of her and invested almost my entire days budget on this stupid (who’s really the stupid one here) machine, and hit nothing over 25 coins!!! Heeeelllloooo.

Now to Key Largo...what a place! You know how you enter a new casino, and you walk slowly and look at ALL the machines, and glance at the folks and your not really paying attention to where your going...well, I walked right into the mirrored wall!!! Ouch! Almost broke my nose! Now I laugh, but my eyes wallered up and my nose felt like it was misplaced, and embarrassed...hey, lets not even go there!!! This place is sooooo small! The mirrors fooled me into believing that it was bigger...daaaahhh.

OK, I’m understanding that today is NOT my day.

But one last stop out at the Reserve...triple points on Sun/Mon. I tried a ton there, but no hits. Yup, time to go back to Sunset station and sit by the pool. Well, no sun, actually they called for rain, so guess I’ll get a nap much can I loose and what can I break doing that?

5:00PM-get up and ready for dinner. Went downstairs to Sonoma’s Cellar. Oh yes! What a fine dining experience. Had filet and lobster, and can say this was by far the best I’ve ever had.

8PM-off to Reserve to get those triple points. They had this oldie group performing, they were very good. I remembered some of those songs, not many, as I’m not quite THAT old yet. Had fun. Lost, but had fun.

11PM-went downtown, but was too crowded so went to Fiesta & Texas and didn’t do a thing there, so drove to Santa Fe. I had a ball on this triple play/double down machine. Was there all night. Now we’re having fun. Not winning, but not losing badly either.

9AM- back downtown and park in the Fitz garage. Well, I find this poker machine at the bar that is not to shabby, but am I tired! I mean it’s catching up with me and I’m whipped. So I decide to go back to Sunset and get some sleep...however, I must find my car first! Yup, I lost my car. I thought I’d remember where I parked it...yup, I forgot. Here I am stopping at each floor, sticking my head out of the elavator to spot my car. I figure I might as well get out on the 4th level and start walking...daaaah, the brain is fried I do believe. Thaen it occurs to me...why not take the elevator up to the 9th level and walk DOWN!!! So here I am walking it down looking at every car and license plate until...BINGO, on the 6th level, there it is, yup, I remember parking it right there!! He he he


10AM-time to sleep, woke up at 3pm. Sat around and organized my thoughts for the evening, had dinner at the Sunset Buffet, which is always great.

6:30PM-Parked at Fitz and found some OK machines at many of the Casinos. Fremont has some treasure hunt poker machines I like, and didn’t do too badly on, also some double down poker that held my attention for hours, and hours. Over to Union Plaza, I’m sorry, but this place smells! I know Golden Gate is a dump, but I kind of like it there. So anyways, Union Plaza has a fairly good band playing allllll night. Had fun, played some new machines...didn’t hit anything there.

5AM-Time for free breakfast at Golden Gate, very good breakfast. Next over to the LV Club and although I’m losing, it’s not as bad as the day before. I sit down at ‘my’ triple play/double down machine by the side door. I’m holding my own, have to feed it every now and again, when all of a sudden...BINGO...deuces on the top line! Hand pay $250, and get my picture taken...what no t-shirt? He he he Hey, I found my car at the Fitz parking garage...yippee!!

9:30 AM-time to get some sleep

RECAP: that triple play/double down machine at LV Club.

MOre to come...
Val from MI