Just got back and boy did I learn a lot from this site. Stayed at the MGM Grand, and used the Express Check in (thanks for that tip). Walked right up and got my key within minutes - NO LINES! The place is huge! Loved the black and white marble bathrooms and the room was big and very clean, great view (thanks to the nice desk clerk Gerry).
Just a few comments . . . the food from room service was excellent. The people there were extremely nice and even the guys at the craps table (I've only played on my computer) were understanding. The slot machines there were loose on the first day and a half, and then things got tight. But that's ok, why else do you go there for but to lose money???
I also visited the New York New York, the Tropicana, Excalibur, Luxor and Mandelay Bay. Some freak tried to pick my pocket at the NY NY, but saw him coming (sort of) and all he got was an elbow in the ribs. The Luxor has the most beautiful lobby by far. NY NY the most excitement (with the roller coaster running right above the casino floor) and the Excalibur had the most original theme - different from the others because they seemed to poke fun at themselves.
All in all the trip (Southwest Airlines Vacation) was great, but skip the airport transfers and opt for the limo rides that are available for the same price at both the motel and the airport.
Yo 'leven!