It’s a longie — grab a cup of coffee or print it out for later reading.

I really don’t remember what I did on most days, so rather than detail each and every day — I’ll simply relate what we did, where we did it, etc.

I do remember leaving on Sat — Aug 21st. — uneventful flights — both from NY and from Chicago. Taximan picks me up at home and heads the opposite way to the airport. Good thing I was paying attention or a minute later we would have been on the highway on our way to LaGuardia. No one listens any more. I must have said Westchester County airport six times — to him and the dispatcher.

I was seated towards the front of the plane so I was one of the very first off — I had Vinny’s pastries that I had gotten at 7:30 am that morning all wrapped up in a plastic heavy bag with those blue freezer squares because they had custard in them and they needed to be refrigerated. I had that bag inside of a white Foxwoods shopping bag and in the shopping bag I had a lot of miscellaneous items such as the gifts I was gonna give away, etc. As I exited the plane, the bag broke through the bottom and everything fell right there on the floor blocking everyone’s exit out of the plane. Instead of helping me, I was just being trampled. But it was worth it as Vinny really enjoyed his pasta chiotti!

Upon entering the gate at LV Airport, I noticed Mike and Vinny right away. We drove to Venetian (don’t get in that valet line from the strip — enter the property to the right of the valet line and head for the parking garage — they valet park your car in the garage also) for the meet where we stayed for a while visiting with VG, Frank, Ed from So. Ca., Dusty, James, and Scott and his brother Eric.

Mike and Vinny drove me down the strip and up to the Santa Fe where I met my sister and proceeded to lose at everything I tried — ate a fabulous huge twin lobster dinner at the Kodiak Steakhouse at Santa Fe (comp of course) along with a wonderful seafood bisque — no room for dessert.

Sunday was spent at the Fiesta where we also used our comps for their Sunday brunch buffet. It was good as usual; however; I feel it has gone down a notch in quality. Too crowded for me. Held one ace and hit for 4 of them for $200 but that was the extent of my hits for today. TC hit a royal on triple play machines at Fiesta. Had a hunch (bad idea) and threw $100 in a 50 cent triple play which lasted approximately five minutes — didn’t even have enough time to smoke a cigarette. Quads were very difficult to get today. Boom machines everywhere were very bad to me this trip. I won’t be playing them in the future. Didn’t have time to play any Reel Em In.

Now is where I get the days all mixed up.

Spent some time playing at Arizona Charlie’s — of course the VP was horrible to me — couldn’t catch a cold — no quads — it was hard enough to get a full house so I tried some Monopoly — landed on Boardwalk and picked up a quick $50 for my $5 investment — of course, I had to play it back!

Bingo slots — for anyone interested in playing these — this is the strategy — play five coins (nickels) at first until you are close to getting your bingo, and then when you need just one number, put in max coins. These machines are a rip off and I do not recommend playing them at all.

Let’s Make A Deal — these machines also are a rip off in my opinion with their very small pay schedule and bonus amounts. Most times when I finally did get to the next screen, I won NOTHING!!! Stay away from these also.

Ate at Yukon Grille — the nice restaurant at Arizona Charlies and I had a wonderful filet mignon and shrimp scampi. TC had the chicken oscar and said it was very good. My dinner came with glass of wine, soup and dessert which was a mediocre blueberry cheesecake so I only had half of it.

Just as we entered the Santa Fe, they were beginning the final round of the daily VP tournament. $10 entrance fee for each round and the top person from each round during the day plays in the final round for the $500 grand prize along with some other cash prizes. I had one minute to enter and the whole side of the bank of machines was empty — I guess they thought the best machines were on the other side as everyone was crowded on top of each other over there. I picked lucky machine no. 13 and ended up winning the round by a huge amount — I ended up being no. 2 for the day!! I won a $7.50 comp — big deal — played in the final round and came in 12th place!!! I couldn’t catch a cold. If you don’t get at least one quad during these tournies FERGIT it!!!! They were paying money prizes for first through 10th!!!

I stopped by the cigarette shop at the Santa Fe to see the Cardfather (he’s on Skip Hughes’ Board) but he was not working at the time.

We sat by the pool at my sister’s house for 2 hours one day and I turned into a lobster so I had trouble sleeping and wearing clothing comfortably for the rest of the week.

We enjoyed an extremely delicious dinner at Suzette’s, the French restaurant at Santa Fe. This place is absolutely fantastic and must NOT be missed by anyone who loves French food and happens to be up this way. The service was a-one and the maitre d’ was a real card. I don’t care for Chardonnay, so he recommended a nice German wine for me which was extremely tasty. TC had the Merlot. My veal was wonderful as were the scallops I enjoyed as an appetizer. TC ordered the creme brulee for dessert and it was served in two smaller shells rather than one large and it was the absolute best I’ve ever tasted — even better than the one I had in France!!! This place is first class all the way but you better be prepared to spend a minimum of $60 per person (comped for us). If you have a slot card, you get a 10% discount.

The Resort at Summerlin — you wouldn’t even know there was a casino here — it is so tastefully done — no casino sign — you must know you are looking for this resort or you’d never find it. Typical Regent Hotel setup — luxurious — nice casino — excellent buffet which we were told by many ppl — lamb chops and many types of shrimp dishes on the lunch buffet! Not much VP to play but it is a must to see. Cocktail waitresses dressed in kaikis and they approach you and ask you if you want a drink — no yelling “cocktails” at this place. As soon as I died out a cigarette, there they were to clean my ash tray for me. I wonder how long this service will continue. We hung around Summerlin because on the hour they were giving away $500 for just having your card inserted and $100 every fifteen minutes of the hour. Of course, they never called our names. This was Stoly & 7 day and the drinks came in nice big glasses.

Since Reserve hadn’t been good to TC during her two months in Vegas this year, we decided not to give it a try, nor did we venture downtown at all, nor to Sam’s Town or Sunset Station which are our usual hang outs when we’re away from No. Vegas.

This is the very first time I did not freeze in the casinos during the summer. I guess they’re all cutting back with the air as we were pretty warm some of the times as opposed to the way they usually freeze me out of the place.

TC hit royals three days in a row for a total of seven royals for her two months in Vegas. Her husband also hit 7 royals in the 7 weeks he was there. We saw royals in just about every casino we played in.

I played mostly triple play and some five play machines. The money really goes fast if you don’t get a couple of quads on those five plays. I was lucky enough to be dealt 3 eights on a triple play machine and hit 2 sets of quad eights that hand which gave me 500 credits so that gave me something to play with, but if you don’t set a limit and cash out at a certain amount, you’re doomed! I did this towards the end of my trip and that is the only reason I came home with some money in my pocket.

I tried a bunch of play at deuces wild as I learned that strategy recently also, but didn’t get the four 2s once although I did get several wild royals at 125 coins each but that goes sooooo fast if you don’t get anything else.

Drove over to the Hard Rock and checked in. I don’t think anyone who works there is over the age of 27; however, everyone we dealt with was very informative and extremely friendly — from the desk personnel to the waitresses to the bellmen, etc. Oddly enough, the only waitress I found with the attitude of a dog was an “older” woman — probably in her late thirties! I can say that — you saw my picture — you can guess my age! Our room was an older room and in need of a few minor repairs. I was so exhausted from not being able to sleep from the sunburn that the drunks in the room next door really didn’t keep me up but I did hear them in the morning. That place IS a 24 hour party. On Wednesdays they have pool parties for a $10 admission with a band and bar, but we would have been a little out of place there if you know what I mean.

We ate at the Pink Taco and we ordered a huge appetizer — assortment of many items and for our entrees, we also ordered another assortment of items. With these two dishes, we ended up trying seven or eight different items.
The food tasted fine going down, but came back to haunt me for two days!
They served many specialty margaritas. HINT — if they seat you at the picnic table style tables, i.e. no backs and the seats are hard as rocks — don’t do it — request a regular table with regular chairs or you won’t be able to walk when you try to get up.

To my surprise, the VP at HR was very good to me. I hit several quads on both regular (one line) machines and triple plays; however, I couldn’t catch a cold on the Four Plays near the bar that everyone talks about.

This is the night I decided to stay up all night as TC went to bed around midnight and I didn’t want to wake her up at 3 or 4 am, so I decided to go to room around 9 am — and she was still sleeping. She doesn’t much enjoy staying in hotels and I really can’t blame her since she has such a nice house to stay in Vegas — but I really like to break up my trips and spend a few nights in hotels where I gamble.

The waitresses at the HR got to know me real fast and after a while were automatically bringing me drinks. Imagine what a little $1 a drink will do — unlike some of the “take it for granted” waitresses out here at a particular huge CT casino. I got the impression many people were not even tipping and those who were, well, perhaps a quarter here and a quarter there.
There weren’t a whole lot of “serious” VP players around this place during the times I was playing.

Took some pictures both during the day and at night from my room at HR — we faced UNLV and part of the strip. I hope the pictures of the lit guitars come out.

We had a quick breakfast at Mr. Lucky’s which was fine — you can’t really screw up a turkey sandwich.

We decided to take a trip to Orleans. On my very first machine I hit 4 fours for $100 but that quickly went away along with fresher mullah. Orleans turned into quite a disaster for me. I had to begin manually putting in the quarters as the money was just going too fast playing credits and this annoyed the woman next to me since I heard her tell her husband so at least 3 times during the 2 hours I sat next to her. I don’t know why I stayed because I wasn’t winning, but it was a comfortable, lap top location and I was enjoying watching her get upset at such a stupid thing. You should have seen the looks she was giving me. What an idiot. To my dismay, she held 2 cards and hit a royal, got paid off and 2 hands later hit the aces. She proceeded to hit and hit and hit so I just HAD to leave. I really couldn’t take it any more.

Back at the HR — did some more VP playing and hit several quads. Be careful when playing VP at HR because many of the buttons stick because of all the beer the youngins spill on the machines. TC was getting up at 4 am to leave for airport so I knew I wasn’t gonna get much sleep. I hadn’t slept the night before, so I tried to stay up and watch Regis and his millionaire show but I was actually in bed asleep in Vegas by 9 pm!!!!

TC left early Fri a.m. and I decided to sleep a few more hours — got up — went downstairs to Back Stage Pass Center (their slot club) — oh, I forgot to tell you to make sure you use the coupon in the Showbiz Mag or other mags for the six pack at HR BECAUSE they give you double points for 24 hours (they become available to you the next day) along with free chicken wings or sundae, 2/1 offers, gambling coupons, $10 for $5 and other goodies.

I checked with the slot club and had 211 points ($211) coming to me for my Play. They don’t have cash back — it’s all in the form of comps to be used at their restaurants or gift shop or sundries shop. I spent some of it in the gift shop — hat and shirt for husband and the rest in the sundries shop — I realize I overpaid for these items, but they will be used by me and I didn’t want to keep any points unused in case they change their policy between now and when I get back which probably won’t be until next year.

I just have a feeling that beginning Jan 1, 2000, these clubs just may come up with different systems and we could possibly lose some of our points.

I used my free chicken wings coupon at Mr. Lucky’s — they were an 8 out of 10 by the way along with $5 more comp for soup — not bad.

HR had many yuppie males walking around and not gambling — just checking out the place.

A free shuttle is offered to the strip which makes a stop at Trop - and I was going to NYNY which is right across the street, however, with the walk over situation and the large bag I was hauling, I thought it best to take a cab.

Of course, before I got in the cab, I had already looked at my map and figured the best way to NYNY so this bozo wouldn’t drive me all over the city. Sure enough, he goes the other way. I asked him why he was going this way and in broken English he barks “CONSTRUCTION” at me. I knew at that moment I was not going to say another word to him. I told myself it shouldn’t be more than a $5 cab ride. It’s $2.20 just to get in the cab — this is how close these two places are — the guy ended up being right — the ride came to a little over 5 bucks and being the big tipper that I am, I just had to give him $8.

NYNY was packed from the moment I got there until the moment I left. A lot of gawkers not playing the machines, just walking around taking up space. The tables seemed to be pretty full the whole time I was there.

To my surprise, the vp machines were very good to me. I played all double, double bonus (I know, not the best game but it worked for me) and got quad fours with the ace THREE times!!! I also hit several bonus quads for $100 and $200 each. At one point I turned $300 into $700 — lost it back down to $300 and did it again — this happened to me at least six times in the course of the two nights I stayed at NYNY.

Friday was a special treat for me as this is the day I was to meet John from Mi and Shannon from Canada.

I walked to our designated meeting area and saw no one (at the lion’s entrance) and then remembered John saying they’d probably be at the bar playin’ vp. I walked up to the bar and saw no one who even resembled John or the description of Shannon’s husband or of Shannon for that matter. I also knew what Kathy, John’s wife looked like and no site of her either.

I approached the bar and all of a sudden this woman came over to me and told me she was Shannon. Well, the rest is history from there. We played vp for a while and Shannon tried her luck at her favorite EFX machines.
No action here. It was great meeting everyone — John and Kathy left after a while and Shannon and Phil had tickets to see Cher so we had a quick dinner at Puck’s Café at MGM — thanks again Shannon for a wonderful meal — I remember the scrumptious seafood cakes I had along with the Asian ribs and the wonderful tiramasu cake for dessert — it really was enough to feed 2 but you know me. Too bad your dinner sucked.

After enjoying a great meal, we said our goodbyes and I was back to NYNY for more vp play. I hit quad after quad and kept cashing out money. People were watching me and waiting for me to get off of one machine at one point. One woman actually asked me if I was leaving — I hate when they do that — then I make it a point of staying!!

My plan was to go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up at 8 am and do my strip tour to see Bellagio and discover Venetian before the 5 pm meet. Sure — plans — in Vegas!! I don’t think so!! I stayed up until 3 am at which time I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Slept until 9 am and headed down the strip. I threw $100 in triple plays at Monte Carlo (first time there) and didn’t even hit one quad — which lasted approximately 5 minutes. No one was playing, again, just walking around gawking. I took the tram from MC to Bellagio (with a huge crowd of course) and discovered Bellagio a bit but couldn’t take the crowds — again, I was in the United Nations — I do not like to be touched by strangers — this may seem odd to a lot of you, but it’s just the way I am — I couldn’t wait to get outside so I didn’t even see the lobby of the hotel or many of the other areas. Well, I screwed up and walked the whole length of the property — past all the shops, the lake, etc. and then crossed over to the Barbary Coast (I think) or was it O’Sheas first — I’m not sure.

I checked out the VP at BC which was good the last time I was there. Forget it now — lousy 6/5 VP machines at the bar — not fit for a dog. But I had ordered a beer at the bar and asked for some quarters so I didn’t want to leave without playing so I played $10 keno at 50 cents a shot — no big hits — but it lasted me around 20 minutes or so — the old hag bartender was a super bitch. Why does she work at a customer service oriented job if she’s miserable??? I mean it’s a great location and if they’d only put back some decent machines, it could be an extremely profitable job for a bartender. Couldn’t wait to leave the bar area. When I did, I threw $20 in quarter triple play and immediately got quad fours for $100. A couple of hands later quad fours with ace for $200 coins and then the aces for another $200 coins. Before I knew it, I had cashed out $450 from that machine. I put $100 in the five plays across from the change booth (great location right) and it immediately went down the drain in approx. 4 minutes.

It is unfortunate that I was too anxious NOT to cash out my big wins at the VP machines during the beginning of my trip up in No. Vegas as perhaps this would have put a totally different spin on the trip. At least I learned (or I should say remembered) before it was too late!

Played a bit of Monopoly at O’Shea’s because from all the walking I just had to sit — had a few beers at each place. Remember — I walked from NYNY to Venetian — not an easy feat in 107 degree weather! I didn’t even make it around the board. Other than the Boardwalk hit at Arizona Charlie’s I don’t think I went around the Monopoly board more than 2 other times and I tried it almost every day for $10 or $20.

Walked down to Harrah’s to play their “Play on Us” promotion. I had always heard that this promo is for first time card holders, however, there was a full page ad in one of the local mags which did not state you had to be a first time member. After waiting in line for over 20 minutes, I was told, of course, that I didn’t qualify because I had a card at Harrah’s AC — even though I haven’t played there in over five years!!! Geez, you’d think they’d want a crack at my business, huh. No such luck. I took the card and proceeded out of there and over to the Venetian. I took pictures all during my walk down the strip as if I don’t have enough pictures of the strip — they were mostly of Paris — the balloon and the tower.

The line to obtain a players card at The Venetian was very long, however, I was only on it for approx. 15 min. There was a man handing out slot cards around the machines to be used temporarily so ppl wouldn’t have to wait on line, however, I didn’t want to chance it and wanted the real thing. All of these lines would have moved smoothly if the ppl would listen to the person the first time they tell them something. All the delays came with ppl having to ask the poor clerks to repeat everything. The workers at The Venetian were very friendly.

Played VP at the bar where there was a great bartender, Tony, until it was time for the meet. Hint — if going to Venetian, plan your play for the afternoon and hang out for the 7 pm drawing — you get tickets for the drawing for every 10 or 20 points you accumulate on your card — I had something like 7 entries, however, we were at the meet at the time of the drawing and the band was loud, so of course, I wouldn’t even have heard my name if it were called.

I saw some of the strangest sites at the Venetian bar. It took a hooker approximately FIVE minutes to get a date AND I still can’t believe that this guy had to use a call girl. He probably just did it for the adventure of it all. Anyway, there wasn’t much serious gambling going on at that bar. Mostly people putting in a quarter or two for a free drink and Tony happily continued to explain the comp drink policy.

Attended the 5 pm meet at La Scena Lounge where I met all the people you see in the posted picture. Frank and I stayed until it was time to go to dinner at NYNY and I also had to change for the Rodney Dangerfield Show.

We drove down Koval to avoid traffic on the strip from Venetian to NYNY but Koval was just as bad. Upon entering my room, there was a message on my machine from my new slot host who wanted to meet me and also ANOTHER message from the time share lady — she left a total of six messages for me — two at home and four in the hotel. All this time, I still wasn’t really feeling fine from that food at the HR at the Pink Taco — this was the major reason I cancelled the time share tour.

Anyway, upon checking with the slot host (the one who called me was off when I got in) I was told that she could not give me more than a $20 coffee shop comp. I told her to forget it and that I would pay for my own food. I also told her I was extremely disappointed based on all the play I had given them and that I was invited in on a free room comp for two nights with free tickets to Rodney with no strings attached based on all the play I had given them my last time there. I told her I didn’t know I had to “prove” myself again. I told her I should have taken the two free nights and the free tickets and played elsewhere. She said then I wouldn’t be invited back.
I told her fine — wherever I played instead of NYNY would most likely be sending me free offers anyway so I wouldn’t need their rooms.

As I was getting ready to meet Frank downstairs (he went to park the car), the phone rang and it was this slot lady again. She said she looked at my past play and could offer me $60 in America (their coffee shop). I took it and we enjoyed a fine meal — Frank had a rather good looking steak and I went with the chicken fettuccini Alfredo. We both enjoyed a shrimp cocktail and another shrimp appetizer although rushed so we could make it over to MGM on time for our Rodney show.

Some guy named Basil something was Rodney’s warm up act and he stunk.
I can’t believe he plays the Vegas strip. I know a local clown who could have done a better job! Rodney wasn’t as funny as I thought and being Vegas, some of his material was quite colorful if you know what I mean.
Quite a bit of cursing.

I began to fall asleep during the opening act so I went outside to the ladies room to refresh. By the time I got back, thank God, that horrible man was off the stage (Basil). They gave us very good seats however; there’s no way I would have paid $75 for this show. Rodney was on stage for exactly 40 minutes!!!!

Frank walked me back to NYNY and we said our goodbyes. It was good to see him again.

I was soooo tired that there was no way that I could gamble anymore. I went up to the room and even though I had a wake up call for 3:30 a.m. (I had to leave for the airport at 5 am the latest) I didn’t think I’d get up on time and basically just catnapped all night until around 3:30. Checked out — no video checkout during those hours — same thing happened last time — if you have no charges, simply call the front desk and you can do it over the phone.

I went to the NYNY slot exchange to see what I had accumulated. Little did I know they gave cash back — I got $100 cash and had enough points for a nice shirt. Their point system is very straightforward. For every $15 played through the machine, you get a point and every point is worth $1.00 for either cash back or merchandise. Their food comps are another story and one must see a slot host for food comps. This is what I was told. Perhaps some of you were told something different.

Checked my bag with bellman and now I had ½ hour to play. Put $20 in the first triple play VP machine I could find and BAM — got 4 fours instantly for $100; a few hands later BAM — 4 fours with the ace this time for $200 and then a bunch of quads — I cashed out $415!!!!!!

Of course, I ended up losing for the trip (North Las Vegas Casinos — the ones which are supposed to have the higher paying machines) killed me this trip. I did much better on the strip and at the HR which is very unusual!!!

I attempted to retrieve my bag from the bellman now that it’s 4:55 am and I am told by the woman at the front desk that they are all in a meeting. Now I begin to panic and tell her that I have to get to the airport. She said she couldn’t do anything about it and was not allowed in the room where the bags were. After a while I grabbed one of the cab getters outside the hotel, gave him $2 and asked him if he could get my bag — which he did, put it and me in a cab and that was the last I saw of the place.

The creep at the counter at American demanded I pay the $75 change fee even though my flight was changed because THEY cancelled my original flight! It’s a long story, but it’s a joke and I am convinced that he gave me a hard time simply because I was a female. He DEFINITELY didn’t care for females — he was a sweetheart to all the men. Just what I needed at this time of the morning. I have to write a letter to American.

Flight home was extremely uncomfortable because, of course, every seat was taken on both flights — to Chicago and also to NY.

My next trip will be planned more like the end of this trip. Gambling at a slower speed really helped. I went back to my original vp strategy towards the end of the trip and it worked wonderfully for me rather than the new strategy I recently learned for double bonus. If anyone wants to know more about this, just email me. In the short run, however, my original strategy I found to work better.

I met a lot of people from the board this trip and in the future I will again plan to attend multiple meets. I know that some of us will be friends for a long time and some of us seemed as though we’ve known each other for a long time already.

Now I will sit back and wait for the mailman to deliver to me my new offers for my February trip.

Some of you will be there the first week of February and others towards the end, however, I always like to go the week of Washington’s Birthday to get in that extra day — but I will have to see how it works out.

P.S. Here’s something for you non-smokers — if staying at NYNY, I recommend you do not take a smoking room even if they tell you that’s all that’s available at the time, BECAUSE even though I smoke, the smell of the smoke from the next room filled my room and woke me up during the few hours that I was trying to sleep. The ventilation is very bad in there.
The hallways also reeked of smoke. You can use this as your example when making your reservation if they give you a hard time.

If I remember anything else, I’ll post it. I hope I didn’t do too much rattling on.