There were 7 of us on this trip to celebrate our friends (tracey and winstons) 1st anniversary. When we were planning the trip tracey and i wanted to stay at New York New York. But everyone was stressing that we wanted to spend money once we got to vegas, not on a hotel room that we would hardly me in. We found a very good rate at the San Remo (which we know why it was a good rate). After arriving in Vegas we went to the hotel and checked in. We all freshened up and were to meet back in the casino in 30 minutes. We then walked to the luxor and then over to Mandalay bay. We stayed here and gambled for 2 hours and did not receive a free cocktail. we then headed over to MGM and ate at the studio cafe. The food here is great. We then all decided to head back over to San remo since it it now about 3 am and we are all tried since we lost 2 hours.
We agreed to meet at 7am. At 8 am we walked over to new york new york and then to Monte carlo. We rode the tram to Bellagio and had their breakfast buffet. It was FANTASTIC!!!!! well worth the price. After breakfast we played some slots had a few cocktails and headed over to ceasars palace. We then headed across the street to play at the flamingo hilton. i came on to a nickel slot machine that read 200 credits fill hopper. I tried to insert a dollar bill but it would not accept. I sat down at the machine next to it and about 30 minutes later i saw a floor supervisor walk by. I flagged him dow to find out what was wrong with the machine next to me. He replied "I'll be right back, the machine needs to be filled. He came back 5 minutes later, loaded the machine and said "there you go!" and walked off. 5 seconds later nickels started flowing out. Go figure someone it a 200 credit and walked off. We then headed over to the venetian. This hotel had a certain feel about it. To snobbey maybe?!!
Next was treasure island. By this time we are all intoxicated. we played here awhile and thought we would catch the bus downtown for the freemont experience. this place is so dirty. We decided to eat at the golden nugget, food was okay. Tried to play slots here but the place was so crowded, you couldn't find an available slot machine. we then headed out for the light show. IT SUCKED!! my husband and i come to vegas twice a year and the first couple of time we saw this show it was great. Now the theme of the show is snakes and crickets and a rocket launching. Now, my husband and i felt bad for dragging everyone downtown on the bus for this. on the way back down the strip we saw the water show at bellagio. this is great. a must see. we all headed back to the hotel for a nap. after the nap we went to mgm and then new york new york about 6:30 am we called it quits snd went to bed. We woke up at noon and headed over to the "house of blues" in mandalay bay for lunch. Lunch rocked!!. best food and service. then we went to the gamblers museum at the tropicana and back to san remo. Played at san remo for awhile and i suggested that we go to the rio since no one in our group had ever been. Took a cab and arrived as soon as you walked in the door, there was an ora of excitment. took a couple of pictures with cabana girls and caught the parade in the sky. We all caught beads. Mardi gras in las vegas. we all got the $15 margaritas (well worth the price and you keep the 32 oz margarita glass). we caught one more show of the parade in the sky (the shows are every two hours starting at 2 pm) and left at midnight. Headed back to Bellagio, caught more of the water show (water dancing to lionel ritchies "all night long". Had dinner here and walked back down the strip to San remo (which have i mentioned this palce is directly across from mgm next to the tropicana) and called it a night. woke up the next morning to pack and head home.

Hopefully in 6 months we'll be back!!!
Las Vegas----I LOVE YA!!!!!!!!