We left California for our four night adventure in Vegas. The stars of this report are my husband, 17 year old daughter, 13 year old daughter, and myself. We checked into the Monte Carlo and tried the upgrade trick of showing the check in clerk a folded up monetary note - $50! We were briskly told that if we wanted an upgrade it would cost us an extra $300 per night for a suite that had two beds! Hubby was not too pleased with me as I had assured him that this would work...especially offering $50 and not the usual $20. Off to a good start...
We went up to our room and it was OK. The usual two queen beds, an amoire with four small drawers and room for the TV on top, a night table and one chair. No small round table, no vanity table outside the bathroom, no fan in the bathroom. Of all the rooms were have stayed in in Vegas, this was by far the lower end. I'm comparing the Monte Carlo to MGM, NyNy, Golden Nugget and Mirage.
This was a trip meant to entertain the kids. I had a million things planned but the girls narrowed it down a bit because they wanted "down" time every afternoon to enjoy the pool. Here's what we did for our four days and nights and their likes and dislikes:
Sunday evening - before checking in at the Monte Carlo, we went to the Rio to purchase tickets for the 13 yr old to be in the Masquerade in the Sky. Went to the BOX OFFICE and was told that she would have to have an adult go on with her. Thinking fast I reminded my husband of my fear of heights so that left only HIM to dress up in a costume and ride above the gamblers while shaking a morraco in tune to the music. The tickets are supposed to cost $9.95 each, but if you ask nicely they give you the tickets as a comp!! We got tickets for the 8:00pm show. One hint - get there early in the afternoon to receive a comp because they want to make sure they have each show sold out. Next we went to the Play Rio window and showed them our Harrahs cards and asked for a comped dinner for each of us at the Carnival Buffet. They don't give out these comps unless you ask for them.
13 yr old AND hubby loved the Masquerade in the Sky! They had a ball! After dinner (which the kids loved - so much to choose from!) we went to the Forum Shops at Ceasars. Kids went on the Ride to Atlantis and loved it! Well worth the $9.95 each!

Monday - After a quick breakfast in the room (we brought donuts, breakfast bars, etc) we went to MGM Grand. First stop was the new Lion Habitat. Kids had their picture taken holding the cutest lion cub! Cost was $20 for 2 5X7's, but you couldn't take your own picture of them, so I broke down and bought it.
Next off to the MGM Grand Adventures. Waste of money for older kids. Best for kids 12 and under. It used to be that you could walk around the Grand Adventures without having to purchase a ticket, but they changed their policy. I had been looking forward to just walking around while they went on the rides, but alas, I was "forced" back into the casino to give MGM some of my money.
Grabbed some lunch at the MGM food Court and back to Monte Carlo to have fun the wave pool and lazy river.
Monday evening we went back to the Forum Shops to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. VERY nice meal, good prices and very, very large portions! Saw the Atlantis Statue show. The other show was under repair. Walked over to the Mirage and saw the white tigers and the volcano show. Back the Monte Carlo around 10:30 to drop kids off and then it was SLOT TIME!
Tuesday - Breakfast at the MC buffet - not bad, but not worth $7 each. Should of gone to Carrows next door for $2.99. Off to NYNY for the Roller Coaster. Girls loved it and rode it twice. Walked around the NYNY "streets" and then headed to Excalibur to play some midway games and go on the two motion simulators. Motion simulators were OK, nothing special. 13 year old loved the midway games and arcade! Back to the pool at MC for a few hours.
Tonight was our "big" night - the Bellagio buffet and the Lance Burton Show.
Kids were dressed nicely in sundresses and hubby and I in dressy slacks. Off we went to the Monte Carlo tram to take us to Bellagio. We had done this tram twice before with the girls without being stopped. Tonight, of all times, we were stopped and told that the 13 year old could not ride the tram or enter Bellagio. This was not going to happen...we WERE going to the Bellagio buffet! I told the guard that we had reservations at Jasmine (a resturant at Bellagio). He asked what time our reservations were for. Hmmm....it was 5:45 so 6:00 sounded good! He wished us a good meal and we were off on the tram. PHEW! I understand completely about not wanting little kids underfoot in a casino but at 13 and 17 and dressed in dresses and not grubs I didn't feel bad about the "little white lie." Buffet was wonderful! The Lance Burton show is a MUST SEE!!

Wednesday - Off to Circus Circus and the Adventuredome. Girls really enjoyed it! MUCH better then Grand Adventures! Off to the DIVE at the Mall for lunch. The fries and dipping sauces are a must! Kids shared the nachos..huge portions! One order is more then enough for two adults for lunch!
Next, the Statisphere...ride up is $6 per person. Ride up and coaster ride is $14. Only the 13 yr old went on the coaster..the rest of us were chickens! If you are afraid of heights don't waste your money like I did...I spent the time hanging onto a wall! UGGGGG.....
Kids went to the pool and hubby and I got ready for "our" night out...The Palm restaurant for lobster!! Kids went to the Monte Carlo cafe and we stepped out. We were back by 8:30 and off to the Paris opening. The fireworks were awesome but the crowds were something else! We did get into the Paris and what we saw was very, very nice. It remined me of NYNY with a Paris theme instead of a NY theme. The seats to play the slots are individual Queen Ann type dining room table seats!

Thursday - A quick tour of Coke World which the girls loved! Get 2 for 1 tickets on the internet. Off to pack up and head home.
GREAT TRIP and the kids had a blast!