Day 1
We checked in and actually got what we requested at the NYNY, a nice high room with a strip view looking straight at the MGM Grand. The NYNY was very cool looking but a maze inside. I feel like I know how to get around the rest of the hotels better than that one. I was always lost there and getting to the room was a major hike. We went back out to visit Caesars Palace and the Bellagio and saw the dancing fountain show outside of the hotel, we went to the Forum Shops at Caesars and walked around, saw Mike Tyson (our only celebrity spotting the whole trip) and then went to the Luxor for a buffet dinner, and went to Mandalay Bay. This was kind of long day for us because the time there is 3 hours behind here in Florida. It was Sunday during Labor Day weekend and it was crowded everywhere and we were exhausted. There were major traffic jams and I thought renting a car would be out of the question.

Day 2
We visited more and more hotels this day, MGM, Venetian, Treasure Island, Mirage, Monte Carlo. We saw the Lions at the MGM Lion Habitat and took a picture with a baby lion. We then went to an amusement park they have in the hotel about a mile towards the back. We had a coupon to get in so we rode some rides, got wet on the rides and went back to the hotel to change for dinner. We had a buffet dinner at Harrahs which was very good, all you can eat crab and shrimp and everything else. This evening we went over to the Bellagio and saw the show "O" by Cirque du Soleil, this show was excellent and worth the money, the stage was like a pool and the whole show was acrobatics over water, really, really, impressive. We tried to get around in taxis this day because the bus stops were few and far between. The taxis would do all they could to go the long way to keep the meter running so that was frustrating too. And the monorails only went to certain hotels and it was always a walk to get to them too. We noticed it wasn't so crowded anymore since the Californians were going back home after the long weekend so we started thinking about renting a car.

Day 3
We went straight downstairs and asked about renting a car, we were frustrated at the thought of riding taxis all day again. We rented a nice little car for $45 but after gas and insurance you know it is really like $65. We took it for a day to see how it went and we were so glad we did. We drove around and up and down the strip and parking was free at all the hotels so we did a lot that day. We went to Circus, Circus, the Stardust, and at night we went to the Stratosphere, Freemont Street, and to a showgirl show at the Stardust. We had dinner at the top of the Stratosphere, probably the most expensive meal we have ever paid for ($100 for both) but why not do this in Vegas right? The food was great and the restaurant revolved slowly so you could see the view.

Day 4
Grand Canyon. We drove up there in a Chevy Suburban with two other couples and a tour guide. He was really knowledgeable and told us the whole story of Vegas on the way to Hoover Dam. We stopped for some photos and then went on to the Canyon. We got there after about 2 1/2 hours and of course it was impressive and my husband thought he was in heaven, he loves mountains and nature. I guess I have always been more impressed by buildings and lights. We hiked down into the Canyon a little and ate lunch there. It was great because the area where we went to is really remote and big tour buses are not allowed there so there were no other people around and our pictures came out great. We were then taken to the air terminal there to meet our helicopter and I was getting more and more nervous about this by the minute. One of the couples came on the helicopter with us and me and the other lady sat in the front with the pilot while the men sat in the back. I would have preferred not sitting next to the pilot because it was scary watching him drive this thing and he was purposely trying to make us nervous by letting go of steering and trying to act distracted. At one point he acted like was going straight into a mountain and then went straight up and did a nosedive. Of course the other lady and I freaked out at that one and after that he settled down. The guys in the back were amused of course and wanted more. After a while I got used to it and was not so nervous anymore and as he drove into Vegas he circled the Stratosphere and the Strip and I got some great pictures, it is a great view. He landed at the airport and we were driven back to the hotel. That night we did the buffet at the MGM which was better than Harrahs but had a long line, it was worth it though.

Day 5
We rented a car again and drove around to the new hotels "Paris" and the "Venetian". We also went to the Mirage and Bellagio again. At the Paris we went up the Eiffel Tower there and at the Venetian we went on a gondola ride that they have inside. We also went back to the Stratosphere to get some day pictures and went to the art gallery at theBellagio where they have original paintings that run about $20 million a piece. We saw a magician at the Tropicana called Rick Thomas, he was OK. We went and saw the Tigers and Dolphins at the Mirage and tried a little gambling but lost everytime we tried. I kept telling my husband that the surest way of winning money in Vegas is to not gamble at all, but he would not hear it. I think the machines are programmed to not pay out. I didn't hear of anyone winning anything, how do you think they pay for all those new hotels? I think every once in a while they pay out about $10,000 to lucky person on those slots just to say they did. That evening we went to see the Rio Hotel which is beautiful. We went to see their famous World Buffet and were not disappointed. They had so many food stations I could not believe it. That was definitely the best buffet in Vegas.

Day 6
Time to go home. We readied our things and checked out, my husband took a ride on the NYNY coaster before we left and we shopped for T-shirts for the family. We had them hold our luggage since our plane did not leave till the afternoon and we went across the street to the Coke & M&M building. This was really great and I wish we had not left such little time to do it. We then took a shuttle to the airport and that was all, got back to Florida to humidity and hurricanes.