We had such a wonderful time and cannot believe it is already over-this was by far the fastest trip yet! Having said that I will just dive into this, keep in mind this is my first trip report ever!

Day 1-Arrived at Bally's on Thursday evening at 11:20pm. I really wanted to get a room with a view of Paris and Bellagio fountains, so I asked the man at the reservation desk if he could "hook us up" with a view and reluctantly slipped him a $20. He handed me the keys and said enjoy your room on the 22nd floor with a view of Bellagio! Needless to say, I was very proud of myself because I was truly stressing about doing this.

I should take a moment to comment on the rooms at Bally's. It is true what I have heard, they are very big. Unfortunately, the "luxuries" end there. The furniture is extremely outdated, the television very small, the windows were filthy and there was lipstick on my towel-YUCK! Yet, I did not let this get me down, I was determined to have a wonderful time in spite of Bally's short comings.

We gambled until 5:00am at the $5 blackjack tables, and the $5 craps table-ended up dead even, and decided to head to bed since it was 7:00am Chicago time and under normal circumstances I would be starting my commute to work.

Day 2-Got out of bed at 11:00am and made our way to NY/NY for a Coney Island Dog for my husbanf-tradition and a double bacon cheeseburger for me. It always amazes me how different I act in Vegas, I hardly ever eat red meat at home, much less a "double" but it is called vacation for a reason, right? Made our way over to Mandalay Bay and Paris. Both were very nice! Paris was very crowded, and Mandalay Bay was quiet. We heard Mandalay Bay has a very young clientele, and since my husband and I are both in our twenties we thought we would check it out. It was extremely quiet but seemed very impressive.
We headed back to the hotel and I went to the spa to workout and get a massage. Kindof ironic, Bally's workout facilites were not the greatest and they had very outdated equipment. After my workout and steam, I headed back up to the room at 7:00pm to get dressed for our dinner at Battistas! Our reservations were at 8:30pm for four-we had another couple come out with us. All I can say is Fabulous! Thanks to everyone on the board, VG and Poppi, for recommending it! I had the lasagna and my husband had the "Chicken Rio" and we consumed more than our fair share of their free house wine!! After dinner I tried going next door to Barbary Coast but could barely keep my eyes open so I headed back to the room for a quick power nap. Back up at 12:00pm and over to Harrahs to the party pit! I know Harrahs is not what you would call a luxury hotel but I always have a good time there! After that we headed over to Excalibur for a fun game of craps and I won $350.00 on my own roll! I hit seven numbers in a row!! That certainly helped. After my champion roll(if I do say so myself:-) we headed back to the room, once again around 4 or 5 am. Another wonderful day in Vegas!

Day 3-woke up late with a very bad head ache-I am sure the 6 Coronas and two Daqueries(sp?) had nothing to do with it! Headed over to Treasure Island for a buffet feast and then over to Venetian. All I can say about Venetian is WOW,WOW,WOW. It was truly amazing! Plus they had like a million greeters just to chat with you. Back over to Bally's for my workout, a swedish massage, and a steam. Headed back up to my room just in time to see the Bellagio fountain show out my window. Quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to meet out friends at Bally's steakhouse. Unfortunately, our friends were late and we thought they were at a hot table so we decided to skip the restaurant and instead went to the snack bar for a salad hot dog-defintely hit the spot. As it turns out, our friends ended up showing up at the steakhouse and stayed for dinner. They spent $140 on dinner with only two beers a piece-they said it was definitely NOT worth the money. Next we headed over to the club in Luxor-RA is the name I think. Fun, crowded, expensive and HOT. Drank alot of Coronas and headed to Rio to gamble. I got on another hot craps table and ended up making a couple hundred again. Headed back to Bally's at 4:00am

Day 4-Departure Day. Headed over to the Rio for their fabulous buffet. Afterwards my husband sat down at a video poker machine and hit four Aces-$350!!! In addition, they gave us a bottle of free wine and offered us a free dinner-I think the attendant was amused that we were so pleased about our "big" payoff-well big to us:-) My husband basically had to drag me out of the casino into a cab to the airport,just to find out we were bumped off our flight. It ended up for the best because we were put on a direct flight instead.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we were very sad when it was over! We are planning on returning in November-not soon enough.