Flew to Las Vegas from Reno on Southwest. All flights were on time. No problem with luggage and taxi's. Arrived at the Belagio at about 12:30 pm and no line at the invited guest desk. Wasn't able to get a fountain view room and didn't want to hassle about it. Our room overlooked the pool area of Caesars and could also see quite a bit of the strip...a really great view. The room was large with 2 queen beds, table 2 chairs, desk & chair, TV, 2 closets, ironing board & iron, lots of mirrors so you could see how you looked full length before you left the room, bathroom large with separate deep tub and shower, hair dryer. We were very impressed with the shower pressure and the fact that the steam from shower did not fog up the mirror or leave you feeling like you couldn't dry off because of the humidity. The towels were big and absorbant.

Went downstairs and checked in with Club Belagio - made sure the cards they sent us were activated. Wandered around, played dollar, quarter, & .50 machines. They only rate from .50 & up. Accumulated 150 points for 2 free buffets and ate at the Belagio. What a great meal. Hubby loved the crab and the prime rib was the best I'd ever had. After making complete pigs of ourselves we decided to walk it off. Took the tram to the Monte Carlo. Was not impressed with this place. It seemed very bland but did join their slot club. On to NY2, joined their slot club & looked around. I don't know what I was expecting but that wasn't it. I guess I expected more wood and glass instead of taxi stand look. But it did grow on me. Across street to Excalibur to catch tram to Mandalay Bay. Really liked the Mandalay Bay. Got a Tshirt in the House of Blues shop and wandered checking out the bands everywhere. Joined their slot club and played a while in the sports book at the video poker machines. Started to get real tired so caught the tram back to Excalibur and made the trek through NY2 then to MC & tram back to Belagio.

Back to our room where the maid had turned down the bed and left us chocolates. Up early the next morning. Coffee and juice in the room. Downstairs for some play then across the street to see Paris. Took pics outside but was not real impressed inside. It was kinda cute with everyone using French phrases - but it wore on you after awhile. Joined the slot club and walked over to Harrahs. Checked in at the Gold Card desk and the girl who waited on us was really in the wrong job. We usually play at the Harrah's in Lake Tahoe and had planned on playing there and maybe eating there but after dealing with her we moved on. Walked into the Venetian - it was obvious it wasn't done yet. What is done is pretty nice and we'll probably visit longer next time. Went through and caught a cab to LV Hilton to the Star Trek Experience. Really enjoyed this and the museum.

Back to Mirage. Hungry by now so had their buffet at about 1:30 PM. I was really disappointed. No selection and quality was low - just enjoyed the oatmeal cookies. Didn't play there moved on to Caesar's forum shops, say the Atlantis show. What a crowd!!! Through Caesars and back to Belagio - oh my feet. Sat down and stayed there the rest of Monday. Did go outside quite a few times to catch the fountain show on side walk near valet. We never did get tired of the fountains.

Tuesday - coffee in room - back to Mandalay Bay for TShirt & Hat for daughter & son-in-law. Played a little. Stopped in Luxor on way back and tried to check into the Gold Chamber Card center to see if we had any points, etc. left from last visit but their computer was down and the 2 guy workers seemed pleased that they didn't have to do only thing for a while. Treked on back to Belagio with a stop in the Monte Carlo at their cafe for some comfort food - really tired.

Went to see "O" Tuesday night at the 7:30 PM show. Really, really, really enjoyed this. We had good seats in Section 104 but I don't think there were any bad seats in the house. It was the first time we had popcorn at a Vegas show though. Well worth the $$$. Had a late buffet at Belagio, this meal was not up to the quality of our first night. This may have been because we were in there so close to closing. I guess you pay your money and take your chances. We had a line pass the whole time we were there and this was invaluable. Lines were out of sight our whole time there and it was great to walk up to the head of line - saved a lot of time.

Up at 9 on Wed. (the dreaded going home day) Coffee in room. Downstairs for a breakfast buffedt - very good. Played a little and checked in with Club Belagio to see if they could do anying for us. Picked up our cash back and they picked up all the meals we charged to the room. That was nice. We really didn't want to leave. Back up the room, made sure all was packed, called for bag pick up & I went down to check out - no line again. It did take 1/2 hr for bag pick up so we were glad we didn't wait to the last minute to make our flight. Taxi to airport & flight on time back.

Hope to go back soon. Note - left $5 each day for the day maid & also for night maid. They both did a super job and left 'extras' for us each time.