Started the Trip by accepting a bump from our 8:40 Northwest flight to a 10:40 America West flight that would put us in Vegas at 12:11 just in time to meet our friends and get our rental car right? Wrong! America West left 35 minutes late, had the AC turned up to frost bite and then had us sitting on the run way in Vegas for an additional 25 minutes waiting for a gate - this is not the way to start our trip. I'm glad our $300 vouchers are for Northwest - because I don't think I'll fly America West again.

So we rented our car from Alamo - quick, nice car and nice price, and drove to the San Remo. This was our first shot at staying here and we were pleasantly surprised. They upgraded us to a suite since they had no Non Smoking rooms for Friday and then let us stay through out the trip. Large double bath - not the greatest carpet or wallpaper, but for the time spent in the room a good deal.

We really enjoyed the staff - dealers were all very nice (except one very crabby guy named Mike) and helped us learn to play Let it Ride. The drinks were good, the food was O.K. - the pool was clean and not crowded with any kids. The waitress at the pool was nice and kept our Margaritis coming. The San Remo does not have the greatest assortment of Slots- but they had a few of the new Oddessy Slots which I managed to hit a few bonuses. For those who are afraid to play Black Jack at the tables this is a good way to get some experience.

We spent some time at Mandalay Bay, very stuffy kind of high class place, this may have been due to the fight that night - but not an overall friendly place. Played some Let it Ride and Black Jack and we all lost. According to Dan his Gin Tonic's cost him a $100 a pop. The only thing I hit on was a 1600 nickle payout on the Reel it In slots.

We played at Hard Rock and my friends were sitting next to each other playing nickel keno killing time and both hit for $160 jackpots. Unexpected but fun. It is really loud there - but overall not at bad place.

We went to the Rio for our first try at the Buffet we have heard so much about. Unbelieveable assortment of food. I could not believe how many options there were and how many countries were represented. I love salad and made the mistake of filling up on that and did not get a chance to enjoy many other things. The Lasagna and Garlic Toast were very tasty.

On Sunday we spent the day at Excaliber so the guys could sit and bet in the Sports Book. Very nice wait staff and the Sports Book was roomy with rowdy but a fun crowd. We played some slots - a new baseball slot that was impossible to win on but very hard to walk away from. Played draw poker at the bar and my friend hit a four of a kind. We tried all weekend for a Royal but no such luck.

My husband started his Keno run at Excaliber where he won $90 on a 4 play game. He continued his winning streak at Binion's downtown by hitting $180 on a four play. The next morning he hit a $250 $2.00 4 play at the San Remo - then after shopping at the Primm Outlet Malls hit two $91 dollar payoff on a 25cent Keno machine. Needless to say - Keno was his game.

For those who like to shop the trip to Primm was excellent. Plenty of Good shopping at Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein, Just for Feet and Reebok. I know we will hit this on more of our trips.

We would have to say the Riveria $40.for $20 is the biggest rip off on the Strip. I feel bad because being the coupon shopper that I am I thought I had found a good deal - WHAT a JOKE!! Do not fall for it - walk away.

Had a great time, got some sun, I came back poorer but my husband came back with money. Can't wait to go again. Sorry for the length, but we crammed a ton of stuff into a few day trip.