Hi all I will first say this was our 9th trip to Vegas and going again soon. We booked our trip through travel agent and have yet found a better price. We flew Suncountry out of DFW leaving at around 4 and arriving in Vegas at 5. We stayed at the MGM in the grand tower. This was our 3rd time staying there and not matter what some say about its size we both love it. After you get used to it its easy to find your way around. We checked in taking about 15 minutes and went right to our room. My wife changed clothes and was ready to go but i had laid down and wanted to watch some of the football game on TV and to take a break. I was able to talk her into this but for only 30 minutes then off we headed. This was monday night and we didnt gamble much, we did play on the Elvis and jepordy machines but with luck. We went across the street to NY NY and just checked everything out not gambling much but my wife did win one of those silver coins in a dollar slot and this was just the beginning for her lucky week LOL

Day 2
We had decided that this day was going to be spent at the Rio. We have always talked about staying there and this time we came close but as always changed our minds. We left MGM and got the free shuttle bus to the RIO. We got there about 10 and we decided not to eat breakfast cause the main reason to come to the Rio was there seafood buffet which i have heard so much about. We sat down at some quarter machines called ring the bell wife thought they looked cute LOL. Soon i was down 60 bucks and the wife was up 60 LOL. I thought it was a good time as any to hit the dollar machines LOL. I walked about 30 feet away and sat down at a 5X wheel of fortune. I put in 29 bucks and right off the bat got to spin the wheel and won 100. I must have played for about 30 minutes when I hit 5x 7 5x which paid 1240.00 plus i had 300 in the machine WOW most i have ever won at one time, plus i was given a free bottle of wine :-) It as not to long my wife came over to show me how happy she was by sticking her hand in my dollars and walking about 4 machines down a 10x machine. Believe it or not she put in a total of 4 bucks two pulls and on the second pull she hit 10x 7 10x which paid out 10,000 bucks LOL way to go. They took her picture holding the really big check and gave us one of the pictures and she had to sign a release form they are going to put her picture up somewhere in the casino so if your there look for a rachell from tx LOL We did after all that go eat at the seafood buffet and well i was a little disappointed it was not what i thought it was going to be i much perfered the other buffet they had. We got the shuttle back and spent the rest of the day playing at MGM with not much luck.

Day 3
We decided to get tickets for the super stars show at the stratouphere witht eh package meal and ticket to the tower for 32 bucks a person and not a bad deal. There buffet was good but the casino was tight. We went across the street to the Saharra and played there until it was close to the time for the show. While there i lost about 200 bucks but my wife won 120 bucks on nickle monopoly and then another 400 bucks on slotopoly quarter machine. The show was great with two drinks included and the best view of the night was after the show at 10 we went up the tower and got to see vegas at night from 1000 feet up and it was wow LOL if you ever have the chance the view from the tower at night is great. WE then went back to MGM turned on for the night to start again the next day.

We started off the day by heading to see the new Mandalay Bay the trams that run from Excal and luxor save a lot of walking time. The canisno was nice but they didnt have any of those machines we like the ones with the extra chance to win if it hits on the pay line like elvis and jepordy so we left went back to MGM and caught the monorail to ballys. LOok walked into Paris from there and that place is wow :-) We didnt play there it is kinda small cansino about the same size of ballys. We then went back to ballys and played a little bit. We found Slingo slot machines quarters and if any one on here has played slingo before on aol it was good. They had 8 of them with two rolls of 4 back to back. Me and wife sat down beside each other and this is the first time i have ever seen this happen wife was hitting mine was hitting and a lady on beside me was hittting at one time wife had over 800 credits i had 400 and lady beside me had 700 we left and cashed out with almost 400 bucks. We then went back to MGM to cash in our points and took the cash back got about 60 bucks. We also were given free buffets and a line pass at MGM all we had to do was ask at the club card desk and they were more then happy to give it to us, it was more then i had expected.

Day 4
OUr finale day but our flight leaves at 6 15 so we checked our bags at the hotel went across the street to Excal to get my son a shirt from the WCW nitro grill which by the way i forgot to mention we ate there one night and it was great. For the wcw fans they have about 6 bgi screen TVs going with action on them and if you check out the web site for it sometimes they have stars there for autographs the night we were there they had nitro girls there WOW WOW :-) anyway after getting the shirt we decided might as well play i won on a wheel of forutne machine 5x i hit 5x 3bar 5x and won 760.00 we then went over to the luxor and i won 200 on money time machine but wife hit 1200.00 on 5x dollar machine hiting three 7s once and hitting pots a lot. So we then had to head for the airport as bad as we wanted to stay but we know we will be back.

All in all this was the best trip by far and i guess if you added up our other trips LOL we are even now LOL If you have any questions just give me a yell or e mail have fun and good luck to all :-)