We arrived in Las Vegas on the Thursday. Myself, my husband and our 2 children;11 year old girl and 8 year old boy. We were holidaying in the US for a fortnight, we had just finished touring the sights of LA, did Dysneyland, Universal the whole thing! First our DELTA flight from LAX was absolutely crap!!
At the airport Thursday to catch the flight to LV and we were told we didn't have any seats on the flight. I told them we were supposed to have reserved seats; booked from home Australia!! After some tense hours waiting for any leftover seats, we were finally allowed to enter the plane but had to all sit seperately. Arrived in LV,plane of course was delayed 2 hours, and had to find our transfer to our hotel, the MGM. Found a bus driver who was very welcoming and he offered to take us there. The MGM was beautiful, luxury at its best. We at Australia have very few casinos... Star City-which is equivalent to your Hotel 6 with a few roulette tables. So to see this breathtaking city was unimaginable, my family thought it was beautiful, the lights the neon the hustle and bustle-like nothing we could ever dream of!!I tell people often back home Las Vegas has to be seen to be appreciated, it's not like on tv or in a magazine; it's better!!!!! Our room at MGM was fantastic, except had to keep getting ice as at home our hotel rooms have barfridges. The coke machine spat out water instead of coke. Well anyway the buffet at MGM was superb and cheap.We walked around for hours until I was tired. You see at the time I was 27 weeks pregnant. We walked along the strip into the night to see all those lights. I have some memorable photos to cherish.My husband hit the tables that night at MGM and lost a couple of hundred. The next day we did some sightseeing, souvenier shopping stayed at the pool to catch some sun. It was very hot, the kids loved it but I was a little uncomfortable with the heat and trying to feel relaxed. I coaxed the kids into returning to our room to freshen up,(I was dying to sit in airconditioned comfort).We caught the monorail to Bally's- walked over to Caerars, saw the singing fountains and Forum shops. I told my husband I was very tired to even walk back to the monorail station so we caught a cab hoping to rive down the strip. Well ripoff Mr Taximan took us the long way around the town- bypassing the strip, and then charged us $10(plus tip). We then had dinner back at the MGM and did some more walking on the strip. We couldn't get over how many people we saw dressed in full wedding attire going to get married! On the Saturday we left for the airport at 6pm to catch a connecting flight at LAX to Sydney,home. I was sorry to miss the big Andre Agassi Benefit Concert. We caught a United Airlines flight back to LAX which was very very nice not like Delta. We are home now and have some memories to keep forever. I have sinced had the baby, a girl, who arrived 3 weeks early. My other 2 children constantly tell her that she was with us on ou big American holiday.