Got up at 4:30 AM. and my nice niece who was visiting from Austin, said she'd get up to take me to the airport. My flight wasn't leaving till 7:00 AM but I like to get there early to get a good isle seat. I took the LVL.. for $4.00 to the TI and went straight to the slot give-a-way tournament to see when my host signed me up. I had a 12:00 noon session to hit the buttons as fast as I could for 20 minutes. They gave us two down filled Jackets. Black on one side Orange on the other (reversible) with Treasure Island logo on both sides. Nice gifts. one for me and one for my guest...The husband I left at home...(he'll like the colors orange and black, his college colors..Grrrrrrrrrr.

After my session I met up with some friends and went walking to the Mirage , went thru the rain forest, it's so beautiful and makes me think of Hawaii. checked out the VIP room and introduced my friends to my slot host, so that they could get the same deal there as they were getting at TI in case they ever wanted to change. (With MGM taking over the Steve Wynn properties) , you never know when you'll need a back up. They took the good food away from the VIP room at TI, but Mirage's still in tacked. We hit the Video Poker and wheel of torture, I mean fortune and lost. Walked on down to the Paris and friends daughter got a slot card we lost there too. Dennis may have won something, but we'll never know......hmmmmmm. I was too busy looking at the sky in that place, I felt like I was outside, but the machines are too close to each other so I was ready to leave.

Onward to the Aladdin where the fake jewels and men in genie outfits were tacky to say the least. I didn't get my wish... maybe I should have rubbed the lamp or somethin...It was well lit and after going up three flights the big peacocks on the wall were flashing their lighted tails to the music and the three gold horses were in full view. Beautiful, but the one eyed owl in the nest bar still annoys the heck out of me... And what's with the tree in the middle???? You'll have to see it for yourself....I walked by Dennis and Kysa, and he was waiting for a gold 777 hand pay. He got it twice. I notice the second time I passed them. met up with Lynne at the nickels played the Adam's Family, won $50.00 on that darn thing, luck pure luck. hand pay....Then turned around and played the JackPot Party nickel machine and hit PARTY!PARTY!PARTY! And won $100.00 for another hand pay. Hey when you can put a 5 dollar bill in a Nickel machine and walk away with 100 bucks, you know it's luck... I'm one lucky gambler... yes I am....Now that we "cleaned out" Aladdin we are ready to walk to the Venetian.

We wanted to show Kysa, their 26 year old daughter, the sights and VIP room and to meet up with an old slot host that use to be at the TI. She looked tired and had been working the Halloween tournament so she deserved a break. I wasn't in my Sunday best so I got carded for my "Gold" card going into the VIP lounge, ticked me off, Lynne,(who always looks like a doll and Dennis, who is a MAN didn't get carded so I took offence, but took out my card anyway and signed the darn list. If I had been the only one on the list, I might have been more upset, but I figured oh well.. I dress for comfort when in Vegas. But they won't get much more of my play because of it.(can you tell I'm still Pi**ed?)

One of the several days that I was there I won all day long, the rest was hit and miss. Here's that day: Woke up at 4:00 Vegas time! 6:00 AM Dallas time. Ordered muffin coffee and yogurt stuff , got a chocolate muffin, yetch, I ordered bran, but I think my friends got my order, we found out later...Got dressed and went down to play VP went to High Slots and put a fifty dollar bill into a double diamond and hit it twice for $500.00 went to triple play VP and put a fifty dollar bill in and got two Aces on the bottom line , first pull mind you, and got the other two on the bottom line for $800.00 and 10 dollars for the other two lines.

I was going to walk to Mirage, but the light was red and it was GREEN to go to the Venetian so walked there, went to Sport Book and watched the games and played VP.I had two male friends call me to put bets on for them, one lost one won. I get 10 percent. NOT! Lost a bit and played triple 50 cent VP, lost some more..had to get back to TI by noon to do 20 minutes in the slot tournament, it was 11:15 so I had time, was walking to the door to leave and this quarter double dumb ass poker machine caught my eye. (that's what my husband calls them) they are really double double bonus vp.machines.... Any way I sat down and lost lost lost my $20.00 but before I lost it all I put a $10.00 in the machine next to it and hit four 6666's and then Ace of hearts and Jack of hearts, held them and BAM!!!!! the 10,Q,K of hearts popped up. Royal flush for $1000.00 or 40000 credits which racked up on the machine and I played for a bit longer got two more 4 of a kinds and cashed out at $1,300.00 and on to the slot tournament.

After the 20 minutes of listening to Michael Curtis the Actor does a great impression on Michael Jackson for, I went to play the Titanic machine and Cherry reels. Really wanted to play my favorite VP machine by the elevators so I walked over only to see someone winning on it, darn I said that's myyyyyy machine as I walked by and sat at a VP where you can play up to $100.00 a hand..ekkkkkk I put a $100.00 in it and was going to ride it to the end. I got up over $150.00 so I was betting $20 to 30 dollars a hand for a while and then $5.00 a few times and got down to $45.00 then hit the $10.00 button and held a king and Queen of hearts..... you guessed it the rest came up and for $8,000.00 JACKPOT ROYAL FLUSH . I was in shock... Took my friend Larry to lunch, he lives there and happened to be meeting up with a buddy later over at the Mirage; so I saw him and told him to sit with me for awhile till I get settled down, as not to go on a loosing spree.... I put it all in the safe and walked over to Mirage with Larry and he met up with his friends and they went off to gamble at the craps tables.

I on the other hand went to the VP and flaming 777's. played for a long time and had to get back to TI for the halloween party and awards Banquet. Also called my hubby to tell him of my good fortune.

Everyone who dressed in a costume got to parade around on the dance floor and be judged on their looks. My friend Dennis dressed up like a mummy... Lynne, his wife wrapped him, when he won $500.00 for his costume he went up on stage and hugged the 5X sized mummy in the corner and everyone laughed, he is so funny, especially all tied up like that, next time he'll put a banana in the costume, the front not the back!!!!!After the party I was going to go to sleep, but from my big win that day I decided to hit more slots and party with my friends. Played the progressive VP and told Dennis to come sit next to me when a lady got up from the machine next to me. We have fun playing VP together. so he gets a few Ace alerts and then got a Royal Flush Alert: He was dealt 9,10,Q,K,A or hearts for a flush, but since the jackpot was $5,600.00 he decided to throw away the 9, I was for that too!!!!!, duhhhhh! Since I was "HOT" he told me to press the DRAW button and you guessed it! He got the Royal. I think he was in shock, I was happy for him and watched his machine while he took off to get his proper ID. I got two Straight Flushes for $250.00 that day also and by the time I went to bed I was ready to sleep in.

I tipped everyone well and it's my husband's birthday next week so I think he'll get a nice surprise too. Got TI Limo to the airport and came home one happy camper. Casinobear