We stayed 4 nights at Mirage in August. Had a wonderful trip. Some advice:
If you rent a car from Alamo be sure to sign up for the silver card. We had to wait in line one hour. The card takes several weeks to get. I did not have the time.
If you stay at Mirage, valet park at the north entrance, much faster, less traffic.
If you go out to the dam, go the freeway, not thru town.... many, many lights, took forever.
If you go see Mystere, get your seats at the back rows, better to see..... wonderful show!
Unless you are a high roller and I do mean "high" the slot card deal is a waste of time.... signed up for Mirage's card, proably lost 800.00 there... and not even a line pass, played off and on for 5 days Did win one 300.00 and one 200.00 pot at harrah's on blazing 7's. Went to see Mac King show Well worth the time and money which wasn't much. Also saw Legends which was very good. We went to see red rock canyon, this is a must, I'd seen the other park, can't remember name, Valley of Fire(?) but red rock is much better. Ate at 2 buffets, Mirage which was wonderful and and Sam's Town (yuk!)
Can't wait to go agin!