Hi Everyone! This will be a brief report. My 14 year old daughter, Julie and I left Pittsburgh on a non-stop flight on Tuesday. This was the first non-stop we had ever taken,and it was wonderful!We stayed at the MGM Grand and had MANY Avon ladies there with us!!! We like this hotel, but it is BIG,does take some getting use to . We met Gary and CC on Wednesday (Hi Gary,Hi CC!!) I'm sure many of you have already met them and know what a friendly and interesting couple they are.I hope we get to met with them again, they seem like old friends already.That night we saw EFX and were finally able to get the CD! I'd been trying for over a year by calling the MGM ever few months.It was worth the wait! Thursday we went to Mandalay Bay and saw the Shark Reef.I really liked this attraction! It amazes me to see all this water and sea life in the middle of a desert! Now wonder I love this city so much!Thursday we saw Weird Al in concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. Julie is a HUGE fan of his,so I went mostly for her. Well, I had a blast!! He is so funny and puts on a very lively,entertaining show.Nice surprise,of course my Julie was having the time of her life!We did the center Strip on Friday. I don't think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as the Venetian.Since this was our "make-up" day, we did lots of running around, trying to get it all in before leaving on Saturday.When we returned home, we got to see ourselves on a WebCam picture that we had syncronized with our family in Pgh. One of my sons downloaded it, and now we can always pull up that picture when we get lonely for our favorite vacation spot.......Las Vegas!!!