Just returned from a great trip to Las Vegas and then on to Reno for Hot August Nights (my husband is a car buff). While I go to Vegas several times a year, it was his first trip in about ten years and he wanted to see the new casinos. We were comped at Venetian on an offer we had gotten when they first opened. I had reservations to go right after the opening, but because my husband had to have surgery that year, I had to cancel the trip. When I tried to return a few months later, they said the offer had expired. I wrote the Operations Director and to my surprise, I got a letter back advising that they would honor the comp whenever I could come, to just call his secretary and set it up. So even though it had been quite a while since the original offer, I was still able to get three nights comped. We also charged our meals to our room, and they were taken off at the end. I can't say enough about the Venetian. Also the Wax Museum is well worth the money and we enjoyed it immensely. I had great luck at the Venetian the first day we were there. I played a Triple Play 25 cent machine near the Slot Club Booth and hit two royals and four aces on a double bonus machine. All together I won $2,500 on the same machine. It was great! Also hit four aces for $800 on a $1 9/6 machine. Can't say enough about this place. We watched a couple get married on the gondola and several other couples in wedding attire riding the gondolas. We also enjoyed the singing and festive spirit along the way.
We gambled a little in a couple of the other casinos, but by far, we were luckier at the Venetian. One night the table minimum was raised to $10 on the craps table, which my husband plays and that was kind of a bummer.
We also had a great time in Reno at the car shows. We stayed at Harrahs Reno. I was disappointed that their rooms were so run down. Didn't do too good gambling there either. However, I did enjoy gambling at Silver Legacy, Reno Hilton and Peppermill.
For the past year I've been going to Biloxi and Tunica since I live in Georgia and it's closer. But I have to admit, there is nothing like Vegas. I didn't realize how much I've missed going until this trip. I'm already dreaming about the next trip and my next royal!