We arrived in Las Vegas around midnight all of us just excited to be there for our 4th trip there, we had to take 2 taxis since there was 6 of us and each taxi ride cost us 21 dollars!!! talk about a jip!!! the year before we only paid around 7 dollars. long line at Caesars Palace, and they didn't have the rooms we wanted so we settled for king sized beds. the rooms were nice but had no view what so ever, they ended up putting us in a "suite" so one of the rooms had a nice couch and a bed that pulled from the wall. had a fridge which was nice to put drinks in that we got from Walgreens since they are over priced at the hotels. Room smelled of smoke often we think due to construction in the hotel. one of the doors in our room that lead to another couldnt shut all the way so we are thankful that there wasn't a stranger in the room next to us, for they could of taken full advantage of that situation while we were gone.
Overall every thing else was great, I think the buffets are going up in price and sometimes your better off going someplace decent like Planet Hollywood, for your going to pay probably around the same price, or less. and the Moving walkways,at caesars palace were not working and I seem to see this alot there. also half the escualtors so you can go over the overpasses, weren't working so you had to constantly climb up the steps, I dont know what is better dodging cars, or kiling ur legs walking up steps,steps,steps.
we learned our lessons this year were taking the shuttle, staying at aladdin, and getting there earlier.