My husband and I had an amazing time is Las Vegas. It was his first trip and my second (my first trip was 17 years ago). We stayed at Bally's and would definately recommend this hotel to others. It was not to big, Big Kitchen Buffet was excellent and you can't beat the location. Spent most of out time going from hotel to hotel. The Luxor is an absoultly must see, we spent a couple hours in here because there is so much to see and do. We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon, again another must see. My husband is a Geography teacher and video taped the Canyon to show his students. Instead of going on and on of what we did every minute of out trip I am going to give a few tips that will hopefully be helpful in planning your trip.
1. If you are going to eat at a buffet do not decide to go when you are really hungry because you could be in line for up to an hour.
2. Do not book day trips through the hotel. Pick up one of the visitor guide books where you can find 2for1 coupons.
3. Must sees are: Luxor hotel, Belliago fountain show, Freemont Experience and the Grand Canyon. 4. Don't bother with the gondela ride at the Venitian. Way over priced for a 7 minute ride where you can walk along side the boat. 5. Hotel location is everything. Bally's is located in the middle of the strip so it was easy to travel to the hotels at the North and South end especially in the heat when you do not want to be outside for too long.
7. Make sure you pick up your slot card and leave the tables while you are ahead.
8. Clothing Guide: When I was in Las Vegas 17 years ago everyone would dress up in the evening. Now you can wear shorts and T-shits everywhere. Some would dress up to go to the shows.
9. We had planned to see the Star Trek thing but changed out minds when we found out that it is $20 (alot more in Canuck bucks). For $10 you can skip the ride and see the exhibit but it was still more then we wanted to spent considering the hotel is off the strip and would have to take a cab to get up there. Would only suggest seeing this if you are a Trekkie.
In all Vegas was everything we expected although we now find Toronto quite cold compared to the desert heat.