I was in Vegas 5 days and the first day I was all alone and lost my butt. The machines I played and normally won,I lost on and didn't even make 700 points, I think I did 689, got $68.00 back and a kick in the head." Who did that?"
The second day my girlfriend from Houston came in and we both were losing at TI so we went over to Venetian and she won $$$$$.00 on the $1.00 VP I was still putting it in, but in a smaller denomination of course, 50 cent vp was fun and quarter VP really made me fell like a big shot, "Bet they haven't seen "that" kind of money before!" ... Then we went to Mirage and my friend hit 4 ACE'S on a dollar machine with the kicker for $2000.00 I was so happy for her, really, cause I knew she'd share... Then we went to Bellagio and I played the $2.00 VP, and hit 4 of a kind for $250.00 and had 4 tens dealt to me for another $250.00 played some more, my friend was winning also. I went to high slots and lost $200.00 on the VP machine $25.00 at a time. I accidentally pushed max once and played for $100.00 and got a pair.....whew.. I got my money back only to lose it slower this time... Can you imagine if I had gotten a flush or 4 of a kind? My heart was pounding and I had to go back to the $1.00 slots, lost some more and then we headed back to TI just in time to catch a ride from my local friend who was taking us to dinner at Makino's. Fresh Sea food and shusi etc. It was VERY nice.
Saturday my friend and I had the last slot tournament session at 9:30 AM Then we went to play and lost , lost ,lost at T.I., by this time I'm down to my pitiful self of the first days loss. We went to Mirage to play some dollar VP and put in $100.00 in a machine, cashed out at 60 dollars and played the one next to it and on my last hand got 3 ACES dealt to me and low and behold I got the other ACE for 4 ACES $800.00..YESSSSSSSSS!I went to find my friend and show her my good fortune. We were having such a great time, but I was still down for the trip about $500.00 Don't try to figure it out.... I made 800 points at Bellagio and cashed out with $80.00. We had to go to the Awards Banquet by 7:00 so we got back in time for Rock Around The Slots with a Fonzi look a like, or Was it ELVIS in tight black leather pants? That Curtis sure does put on a good show. Dinner was great and My friend won $200.00 and I won $50.00 in the tournament. 1 & 2nd place were Sisters in law. Who would a thunk it?
Sunday we went to a comp Brunch at Bellagio's and tried the same machines again to no avail. She had to leave at noon, I sent her on her way and walked back to the Mirage and played VP, lost and then went back to T.I. and lost some more.. But did make some points on the Titanic machine, but never hit for more than $10.00 at a time. Sat there for a long time. went to the Progressive and hit 4 ACES, Any four of a kind is $125.00, but the jackpot was up to $6500.00 Sooo I was willing to go for the Royal Flush for awhile. Never happened. Checked out of there and checked into Mirage for the night. I was very tired and the bells going off was giving me a headache... "They weren't MY bells!" Otherwise I'm sure I would have felt better.... So I went to my room and watched a movie. "An Inconvenient Woman" I fell asleep before the ending, so if you saw the movie, tell me what the ending was like......Met Dawn and her husband from OHIO for dinner , took them to California Pizza Kitchen, only used two comps for the three of us, they give you sooo much food. Had a wonderful time with my new friends and took them to Bellagio to see the dancing waters and the Paris lit up in gold. It was beautiful. They got a slot card and we played the VP. We were all tired so took a cab back to Mirage and went to bed. I got up Monday morning about 11:00 am. and rolled out of bed and was ready to play by NOON. I had a 3:00 PM ck out from my host and off I went to conquer the slots. I played all over the place,nickels, quarters, dollars, and lost, lost,lost, then got to a flaming 7 machine and hit any 777 for $200.00 played with that for awhile and about ten to three started to cash out and there was a line so I put $20.00 into a $2.00 VP (the guy next to me was playing one coin at a time and getting dealt 3 of a kind and two pair, still wasn't going to bet more that that reliable one coin.) I, of course took the bull by the horns and bet 5, got a flush and hit for 4 of a kind. I had to wait for an attendant since the hopper was empty. (the one coin guy didn't even blink and kept playing that one coin thing. What a drip.) I stacked them up and cashed them in for $280.00 What a thrill. I grabbed a bite in the VIP lounge and hightailed it up to my room to pack and catch a cab to the airport. On the way down to the lobby I was going to call and see if my flight was late so I hopped on an elevator with a guy who used his key to go the his top floor room and I realized I wasn't going to get to the convention floor to make my private call so I asked him if he would use his key to send me back down and he said something in French and then said "I don't speak English", and I said something back to him.... I won't repeat and also that it figures he had to be French to be so rude, he turned around and the doors closed and I pushed Lobby and went down on my own. Creep....Couldn't he tell I was in a hurry and a very nice person? In spite of my mouth? I caught a cab and the flight was on time after all ! Had a great time and can't wait to return. Casinobear