Two of my girlfriends and I just got back from our first trip to Vegas. It was fantastic! Many people had described it to us but no one could do the city justice. We spent most of our time going from hotel to hotel, taking in the atmosphere. Must sees are: The Bellagio hotel, the building itself is beautiful and the water show is WOW (and free!) Definitely see the Venetian. I've been to Vencie and this hotel is a great representation. Great places to eat: Il Fornaio, New York New York; Bertollini's, Ceasar's; Tintoretto, Venetian. My advice: if you travel during the summer months, don't bother to bring much clothing! People in Vegas eat early so be sure to make reservations at the restaraunt. Wear comfortable shoes, everything seems to be close, but it's deceiving. Buy your American dollars in Canada, they ripped us off on the exchange. Don't see was terrible. If you need information about shows and headliners, speak to a cab-driver...the guys selling tickets in the hotels are interested in making a commission, the cab-driver isn't. If you're planning to stay out late, be careful walking back to your hotel. We encountered a number of unfriendly situations and were better off taking a cab. If you travel with Sunquest, be aware that you don't collect your luggage after de-planing in Vegas. Sunquest delivers your bags to your room but, you arrive at 12pm and check-in isn't until 3pm, so pack a carry on bag for the meantime. Above all, know when to walk away from the tables, wear sunscreen, and spend your money on food, at least you'll have something to show for it!