Sun. Aug. 13,
Left Col. on time. Flight was uneventful & on time to Pheonix. Have never had any problems with America West. But wait till the trip home!!!
Didn't realize it when I booked the flight, but we had a 4 hr. lay over there. I guess I was so excited to go to Vegas I didn't even pay any attention to the fact that we would have such a long wait. It was tough, knowing we were only an hour from Vegas! We decided to go to the courtsey desk to see if we could catch an earlier flight. That was not going to happen. They had just canceled a flight from Pheonix to Vegas, so there were a lot of people there waiting to find a flight out. Killed some time at the bar and walked around a lot.
When we did get to the gate they were asking for volenteers for a bump. It would be 4 hrs till the next flight to Vegas. Maybe if we hadn't been there for 4 hrs. all ready we might have gone for it. 8 hrs. in Pheonix didn't sound good to us. They had told us in Col. that we could get a bump in Vegas on our way home, because that flight is always overbooked. So we got on our scheduled plane. It left Pheonix about 1/2 hr. late. But we arrived in Vegas on time.
Picked up our luggage and headed for LVL. There were 2 guys in the limo when we got there, and an older woman in the front with the driver. We made 5 then a single girl got in too. She was the first to be let out at Luxor. Then the 2 guys at Bellagio. They were none too happy to be sharing the limo with anyone.Tried to strike up a conversation, was like pulling teeth. It was like a morgue in there. After the 2 guys we were next to be dropped off at TI.
Check in was fast. Didn't have to do the $20. trick. I had e-mailed them earlier and requested a corner room up high with a view of Mirage & the pool. Didn't get a corner room but got the view I ask for. The room was great! The view was great! Room service...great, housekeeping....great! Can ya tell I loved it! Unpacked and down to the casino. Even on the 33rd flor I could hear the slots yelling my name! Especially a certain flaming 7s that has always been kind to me. We were to meet Casinobear at Mirage at 6:00. So I made a quick stab at MY flaming 7s machine. It didn't let me down. Put in a $20. and hit for $200. (this was a $1. machine) Then off to the monorail or tram whatever you call it. Found Casinobear & she attempted to teach me video poker. Then she treated us to a comped dinner @ Cal. Pizza. She and Kent (hubby) traded a couple of casino chips. Then we taxied to Bellagio. Finely got to see the fountain show! It was fantastic. I made up my mind do or die I was going to see the dancing waters! I loved it. Played a little video poker after I got a slot card. Checked out the conservatory then cabbed it back to the Mirage. Casinobear had taken us to her room earlier and given me a T-shirt she got for being in a slot tourney @ TI. Great shirt. Thanks again Pat! By the time we got back to Mirage we were all beat so we said our goo-byes and went our seperate wats. For us it was back to TI and to bed. Great first day. I loved being back in Vegas! Sorry this is so long. I tend to ramble on and on!
This may have been hard to read. I stopped in the middle of my report about the limo ride & lost part of it. So if you got to a place that didn't make any sence just remember who you are dealing with! Sorry!

Mon. Aug.14,
Don't remember what time we woke up. But I know we slept too long. I hate to waste my time sleeping in Vegas! Called room service for a pot of much needed coffee.Very quick service. Tipped them with some gold dollar coins I had brought from home. ( Don't remember who suggested doin this but it really came in handy... Thanks for the idea !)
After coffee we headed for the pool. Only spent about 45 minutes at the pool but it really refreshed us. Showered then down to the casino.Kent hit the blackjack tables and I headed for the flaming 7s machine with my name on it. Put in $40. and hit for $200. Like an idiot I thought the machine had more money in there with my name on it. Lost my $200. back to the machine and cashed out at $39. So the way I looked at it I played for a long time and lost $1.
Went to a $1. Wheel of Fortune and fed it my $39. Zip! It was gone. So I get out a $20. and depesit it. Zip again. Now you would think I am smart enough to quit. But no,I get out another $20. and kiss it goodbye too. I ended up putting in $219 all together and cashing out at $300. Had a blast winning and losing and winning again. Isn't that what Vegas is all about!
Decided to take a look around the Buckeneer Bar area outside. Somehow we managed to get ourselves locked outside the bar area. Thank God a couple of women came out and we got back in. There probably was an unlocked door around there somewhere but we never found it. It was beginning to get pretty hot out there. I could see the headlines. 2 idiots from Ohio die of heat exposure outside Treasure Island! Walked to D.I., The morgue. The pool there was fantastic and almost empty. Wish we had been staying there. We could have had the pool to ourselves. From there we trecked to the Riv. I knew there was a mini meet there. But where! Went to the Continental Air desk looking for CC(VGs wife) Thought maybe she could tell us where the meet was. But as our luck would have it, she had the day off. So we had to fill our bellies. Went to Kadys and pigged out on Corned Beef sandwich. We learned our lesson a long time ago about ordering 2 lunches. So we shared a sandwich. Very good, and just enough to make us happy for a while. Didn't even play at the Riv.
From the Riv we went to Westward Ho. Kent had chips to cash in from our May trip. He decided to play a little blackjack there, so I headed for the $1. WOF. Put in $10. and hit spin on my first pull. Stopped at $100. Played the rest of my initial investment and cashed out @ $100. Went to the slot desk and checked my points. Left with a $5 from previous play. Not bad! Put that in a nickle video poker machine and lost it. Oh well, on to another casino!
Stopped by the Stardust and dropped $50. on the Flaming 7s. Was ready for a nap by then so we went back to TI for a while to try to sleep. Couldn't sleep. Wanted to find the flaming 7s again so I headed back downstairs. Should have napped!!!! Lost $200. so fast I did'nt know what hit me.
Back to the room and phoned a girl from another board I was to meet up with. She was staying @ IP. Hate that place but met her there anyway. Went to the Tea Room for their famous Roast Beef sandwich. It was huge, We weren't smart enough to share this time. Only ate about 1/2 of it. It was ok but nothing to write home about. Then down to the casino and did what I said I would NEVER do. (another one of those never say nevers) Dropped about $60. andgot the heck out of there.Figured I better get back to TI while I still had my shirt. Didn't want to lose that too! Went straight to our room to sulk!
Day 3 to follow!

Day 3 Aug. 15,
Up at 7:00 A.M. Just couldn't get moving. Still wollowing in self pitty from the losses the night before. Called room service for an ironing board. Saw one in the hall way last night on the wat to our room. I wanted to take it, but no Kent thought it was stealing. Told the lady about seeing it when she brought one. She said that would have been fine to take it. I'll remember that!
Kent hit the pool while I slaved over a hot iron. Hehe. Didn't mind ironing but I just had to say that! Down to the casino at about 10:00. Like I said I just could not get my butt in gear! Played for a long time on $20. at a 50 cent Double Diamond machine. Phoned the rental car company, they picked us up at our hotel (no charge) @ about 11:00. By the time we got our car did the paperwork thing we were out of there by noon. Started to leave and the oil light was on. So we had to take it to the mechanic to add 1 1/2 quarts of oil. We did get a free upgrade though, so I guess it was worth the wait.
We went to Silverton to get a casino chip for Kents collection. Glad we went. We both joined the slot club. They gave us a coupon sheet. We used the coupon for a free $5.00 slot play. Didn't win anything, but it didn't cost us either.
If you join their slot club you get 3200 points. It takes that many points for a free buffet. And when you cash in your pionts for a buffet you get another one free. Kent seldom plays slots so he cashed his in and I kept mine.
So off to the buffet at no cost to us. We figured no big deal if we don't like it we will go somewhere else. I was suprised. It was pretty good. After that he headed for the table games and I hit the slots. I puta $100. in the $1. WOF. Played a few minutes and cashed out at $76. Took that tothe machine becide it and hit for $500 after only putting in $12. Learned my lesson yesterday so I cashed out. Took my coupon for a free frozen drink andgot a strawberry banana smoothie. Very Good! Especially in that heat.
From there we headed for the strip, starting at the Klondike. Like I said we were chip hunting. Now the Klondike is an interesting little place. I expected it to be like the El Cortez. It was cleaner than I thought it would be. You could tell it was a locals place.Just like Cheers, everybody knew everybodys name. (except us!) I put $5. in a DD machine. It went faster tan if lit it on fire! From there it was off for the meet.
Got to Barbary Coast just after 3:00. Dusty, V G, Hershey and Marg in St Louis were there chatting. Soon after we arrived Tmpy, her sister & brither showed up. Then webmaster Frank. Had a nice meet. Wish I could have talked longer to everyone. But us nonlocals had games to play! Marg had told me that the Monopoly slot there were always paying off. So after the meet dwindled we played them a while. I lost $5. But Kent won $119. Thanks for the tip Marg!
From Barb. Coast we went to Key Largo for more chips. I won a little in there, maybe $15- 20.
Then it was off to Hard Rock. First time I had ever been there. Joined theid slot club. Aug they were giving extra points on their slot cards. For some reason I am thinking it was 4x, but I could be wrong. Would have loved to eaten the steak & shrimp I have heard so much about, but I was still full from Silverton. I played a $1. Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze slot machine. Won $100 on it but I putit back in. I ended up losing $50. there.
It was time to go back to Treasure Island. I wanted to keep going but I was beat! And so was Kent. We rested a while then back downstairs to rob the casino. That wasn't gonna happen. We were checking out the next day so I went to my new slot host. ( thanks for the reference Pat ) I had never talked to a slot host before. Guess what ! I got my first comp!!!!! She took the pot of coffee off my bill. She asked me twice if I had charged any other food to my room. By then I was wishing I had. Because the way she sounded she probably would have comped it too. Then she gave me a comp for the cafe for 2 people. It may not sound like much to some of you but I was happy as a clam. I went to the blackjack table to gloat to Kent. He had just won a big hand, and what I had to say kinda went in one ear and out the other. One of those yea yea thats nice. Must asy he was much more appreciative the next morning when we ate breakfast!
So anyway I hit the room to pack for our check out the next morning as he continued to play.
We are leaving the luxory of TI to go downtown to the 4 Queens. What an let down!!!!! It did turn out to be ok there though.
Day 4 to follow.
If you are interested in day 2. For some reason I forgot to put the correct date in when I posted it. So day 2 is posted in January! Don't ask me where my brain was on that one!!!

Day 4 Aug. 16, Woke up around 7:00 AM. Finished packing things up for our move downtown. Feeling like crying out. "I don't want to leave!" This was our 2nd stay at T I. I remember I liked it there, but I don't remember feeling this way when we left.So what if that sounds childish I hated to go. Kicked myself a lot for not booking at least 1 more night there.
Anyway, went down to the Terrace Cafe for our first ever comped meal!
I know we sound like a couple of greedy pigs, but we ate very god that morning.
Kent had the banana bread french toast,with sliced bananas and a foster sauce. It was to die for. I had an omlette. We also had juice and coffee. And a side of ham for me. Our total bill was $34.27 We probably would not have had quite that much had we been footing the bill. All it cost us was the tip, and we tipped very well. Our waiter thanked us 3 times!
Then it was back to the room to retrieve our luggage. One last peek out the window and we were gone. Check out was easy. I was charged for the coffee brought up by room servie. Told them it was supposed to be comped. One phone call and that was taken care of. The girl at the desk probably thoigth what a tight ass!(excuse my language) It wasn't the money, I just wanted that comp. Remember I have never had any before this trip. I was gonna milk it!!!
From there we went to Las Vegas Hilton. Never been there before. Had to get Kent a chip before they change the name. Maybe they will maybe they wont but hes covered now.
I borrowed $20 from hubby to play a 25 cent WOF machine. All I had were $100. I knew better than to get that started. Got to spin the wheel after just a couple of plays. YES! 1000 quarters. Sure wish that would happen when I play the dollar WOF! But I'll take it any way I can.Ended up cashing out at $260. Gave Kent back the $20 I borrowed from him. He was supprised, he had pretty much written that off. I put a $20 in another machine, don't remember what kind it was. Cashed out at $50. I was beginning to like the LVH! Went to the Star Trek area. We were wanting to play one of those machines you slide your hand through a beem to play. Had to go to several machines till we found one that was working. It was something different. Now we can say we've done that. We are out of there !
From LVH we went to Elis Island on another chip hunt.I played a while on the $20 I put in a quarter WOL. Got to spin twice.Once i hit 40 and once for 50. But I played them out because Kent was playing blackjack. Had to have something to do to pass the time! From there I moved on to another WOF and dropped another $20. That baby was gone in record time. Before we left Elis Island I spent another $21. Guess I was feeling a little cocky since I had just won at LVH. When we got to the car we checked our casino notes. Where to next?
Wild Wild West on Tropicana Ave. I didn't know this was a Stations property. Had heared of WWW but had never seen the place before. Kent took off to find a couple of chips. I flopped down in front of a progressive Betty Boop. Never played one of those before.Put in a $10 and palyed forever. I just kept getting more credits. Every time I was about out of points I would hit for a few more. Ended up cashing out with $75. Nice little $65. profit. We saw the in & out burger place across the street. I was really wantint to try them. But after the breakfast we had just had at T I we were not hungry. Oh well at least now we know whwere it is.
We started for downtown since that was gonna be our home for the next 2 nights. Kent absolutley (sp) had to go to the Gamblers General Store. I was soo tired and thirsty, but I didn't whine. I went along with him. After all its hot out and I need the ride. I checked out the books while he broused. Aftre what seemed like hours we were on the road again. Got my LVA coupon out that Frank sent me (thanks again Frank) and proceeded to the check in counter. I explained to the guy that I hadn't phoned in advence like the coupon saysb but would it be possible to get the free upgrade. No problem! The suite was huge. Somewhat outdated but very clean. A king bed and 2 sofas. A large round table with 4 nice cloth covered chairs. The funny thing though. We had this huge room with all this space and a teeny tiny 19 inch television. Now don't get me wrong it worked fine. It just looked so little in all that space. Man I talk too much!
After unpacking we went to the Gold Gate for something to eat. I had a coupon for buy one get one free.Frank had sent this one too. Thank you very much Frank! We have eaten there before andKent just loved their Corned Beef sandwich. So thats what he was eating. I wasn't sure what I wanted so I went for the large shrimp cocktail. Just enough to satisfy us both.
After eating we walked next door to the Las Vegas Club. Thats one thing I love about downtown, everything is so close to each other. There is a quarter WOF I like to play just inside the door there. I hit my first 1000 cions there a few years ago. Kent of course went to the blackjack table. I dropped a $20 in a machine & played about 1/2 hr. on it, with 1 spin. I only hit for 25 qoarters so I cashed out. Took that to a Flaming 7s and played it out. I usually enjoy playing there, but for some reason I just wasn't having a lot of fun. So what do I do? Well I start playing dollars. This time it was Double Diamonds. Put in a hundred and cashed out at $50. Took the rest of my hundred and jumped from one machine to another. Ended up cashing out at $95. So all in all I didn't do too bad. Kent was still wanting to play BJ so it was back to the WOF for me. Put in another $20, and started to have fun. Hit for 250 quarters, andgot to put my name in a drawing for a spin to win promotion. The drawing was at 8:00 that evening. Couldn't stay for the drawing. We were to go to a meet at 7:30 on the strip. Wen I ended pu cashing out I had made $70.25. By this time Kent had quite playing so it was time to head back to the strip.
We parked at Barbary Coast and walked to Harrahs. Got there at about 7:25. Good timing! Went to the La Playa Lounge to meet people from the Hack Attack board. There were 2 girls in there singing. They must have been twins, nice looking and pretty good. After about 15 minutes I started asking people if they were there for a meet. Couple of them were prety nice and some thought I was crazy!
Afrte the bads changed we left. Didn't find anyone we were looking for so we headed back downtown. I was a little disapointed. I had enjoyed the meet with this board the day before, and was hoping to meet more Vegas friends. There were even going to be a couple of people from our area there.
From there we went to 4 Queens. That was to be our home for that night and the following night. Kent went to the room. He Was still moping because he had missed Survivor, and there was 5 minutes left. Not me I've got machines to play. They were putting new carpet down @ 4 Queens. The place was a maze. You had to zig zag everywhere. All the machines were new too. I went to a Ferr N Easy machine. Something new to me. It was a $ .50 machine. Put $20. in and ran it up to 300 credits. Cashed out at a $130. prifit! Yes!! I put a $10. in the machine next to it. It was also a Free N Easy. Played for a long time on that same $10 brfore I lost it. Went to the room to get Kent. I was getting hungry! We headedfor the Carson Street Cafe. It was closein in 40 minutes. We could have stayed, but we didn't want to be rushed. So we took off for the LVC.
Its been a while since we had eaten there but we liked it. The place is now called the Dugout. Lot fo Baseball memoribilia. Kent loved it. The waiter told us if we didn't mind waiting a few minutes we could get one of their specials that starts at 11:00PM. We were ready to just sitand relax so we waited. He ended up getting a steak and eggs breakfast for $2.95 I on the other hand was not wanting breakfast. So I had the fried chicken, which ended up costing $2.75! They were both very good. I checked the board at LVC to see if they had pulled my name out for anything. You were supposed to be there for the drawing, But if thet did draw your name, they gave you $50. Well of course my name wasn't on the list. Oh well!
Back to 4 Queens for more F N E. $20. in $152. out. YES!!! I like this game! Was getting very tired by now. Had been doing so good I hated to quit! It was 1AM and I was beat. So it was off to bed for us. 5. More traveling around for chips.

Day 5 Aug. 17,
Didn't wake till 8:00. I set the alarm wrong! This is our last full day in Vegas. I am really kicking myself for not booking 6 nights. We usually do! Shower while making coffee. So glad they have coffee makers in the room. Down to the casino to play. No time for breakfast. We have some serious gambling to do! I put a $10 in a Red White and Blue 4th ofJuly. Hit once for 160 quarters. Got 2 red and 1 white 7s. I continued to play while Kent went to the Reel Winners club to redeema coupon. $15. of play on table games for $10. They gave him a card for the tables and 3 chips, with an instruction book on table games. He also got a free entry for a car they are giving away. I cashed out on my machine for $40.25 nice little $30. profit.
We were a little hungry but didn't want a lot. So it was back to the Gold Gate for the cheapie breakfast. 1 sausage link, 2 eggs and biscuit w/gravy, for $1.99 each. Nothing too great but what do you expect for $2! I had never played at the Gold Gate before so I decided to give it a try. Now I know why I never gambled there. Didn't hit squat! $30. in a WOF and got nothing. I tried to play a quarter WOF progressive machine. There was some little lady playing the machine in the moddle of a row of 3. So I went to the one on the left. She had money in it. So I moved on to the one on the right of her. You guessed it! She was playing all3 of them. That kind of p'd me off. I found a quarter laying on the floor by one of the machines. I am sure it was hers. Not anymore. I know I should have picked it up and handed it to her, but that baby went in MY pocket!
O K quit sulking! So on to the LVC. I was determined to win at least $200 in there. I wanted to be a membre of their Season Pass Club! I had hit for $250 there just before they started the club. And a good friend of mine made the club when we were there in May. Threw a $20 in a flaming 7.A little here a little there, cashed out at $10. went to a WOF 5 x pay. Twenty dollars gone in a heartbeat! Did that with another 20 or 30 dollars. And gave up. It was not gonna happen this trip! Shucks!! Went to the gift shop andbought my friend Suzi an angel. She collects them, and wouldnever forgive me if I didn't bring her one home. They were so cute I got myself one too.
Onward and upward. Well not quite, from ther we went to the Plaza. Joined their new slot club. Got our picture taken, to be put on a keychain, can pick it up in 45 minutes. Well you know what that means. Drop some money in the casino while we wait. Kent headed for the craps table.I should have gone with him. Instead I went to the $1 WOF my friend had robbed of $1000 when we were there in May. After dropping $114. in there I decided to get the heck off tha t machine.Watched a poker tournament for a while then picked up our photos. From there we went back to 4 Queens. Put $20 in a Free N Easy and lost it. I knew I shouldn't have gone to bed lastnight! Went to the slot club and got my $15 worth of table game chips for $10. Will play them later.
Kent is ready to start casino hopping for chips.
I know you are not going to believe this but we went to the Western! Was very leary of going ther. But hey its daytime what can happen! Everything I have read about this place is true! There were some pretty strang looking guys hanging around out front. I pu a few nickles in a VP machine while Kent went to get a couple of chips. Played about a dollar and we were out of there. Our car was even still in the parking lot when we got back!
On to the Showboat. Vallet parked bexcause it was beginning to get very warm. We vallet parked a lot this trip. And I am glad we did. It was nice getting into a cool car when we would leave places.
I was suprised with the Showboat. It was a nice Casino. I expected it to be run down. Very bright, and several people in there. Put in a $20 - nada. Don't even remember what kind of machine it was. I really wasn't into playing. Should have just kept my money andfound some place to sit. Kent was playing blackjack so I just wondered around. I went to a $1 WOF machine. Put in a $20 and started winning. Then I just kept going downward. Was back up to $50 and cashed out. Wanted something to drink. Not once did I see a cocktail waitress. Oh I saw them but it was always from across the room. They stayed close to the table games. By the time we left I had lost $40.
We headed up Boulder Highway. Hit a few local places that I had never heard of. If we saw it we stopped. Skyline, Longhorn, and Magic Star. The Magic Star didn't have any table games so Kent didn't get a chip with their name on it. We did have lunch there though. Didn't realize how hungry we were till we smelled the food. The food there was good. And the price was almost like stealing from them. He had a steak sandwich and fries for $1.00 I had a pasta dish with chicken, penne pasta with basil & garlic, a salad with garlic bread for $3.95.
I don't know how long this place has been there. Its just a locals place,but sometimes thats what we like. Its quieter and not so busy.
We planned to stop at Arizona Charlies East on our way back downtown. But we didn't have time. We are to be at Saharah for the Rat Pack show at 7::0 seating. Had to get back to uour hotel and change clothes.
When we went to pick up our tickets for the show they had no record of me ordering them. No problem they have plenty of tickets. Now I have to check my credit card to be sure I am not charged twice.
The show was amazing. These guys did not look like the real thig. But they sure sounded like them. The Frank character and Sammy were fantastic! I am so glad I finely got to see them.
We left Sahara as soon as the show was over. Didn't even get our free drink. We were wanting to see Vegas at night from the Strat. What a sight! Took a few pictures then down to the slot club to sign up. It was about 11PM, and the lady working there did her best to ignore us. Ha Ha Ha, thats not something she wants to do to me. That makes me even more persistant. We got our cards!
I put $20 in a Haywire machine and had $50. so fast it made my head spin. I know they say if you play 1/2 hr. and lose they will refund your money at 115 percent.
Well I wasn't taking any chances. I cashed out at$56.25. Kent had played the machine next to mine. Same ammount of money in. He cashed out at $37.50.
Went back to the 4 Queens, dropped car off at vallet and headed for Carson Street Cafe. Hoping it will be opened. They are supposed to be open 24 hrs, but for some reason they closed at 11PM the night before. I was about midnight when we got there. Yes! They are open. Had Ham and eggs for breakfast. Another cheap meal. But very good. Best sourdough toast I have ever eaten.
Went to our room after that. I know we shouldn't have eaten so much befoer bed time. But everything was so good we just couldn't stop eating.
Wasn't gonna trust myself with setting the alarm. I called for a 6AM wake up call. We were checking out the next day. And I wanted to see the new Aladdin first. Our plans were to get up and over to the Aladdin by 7:30.
We had no idea it didn't open as scheduled that night.
More to come!
Hey I just got mt mail. Bally and Paris want me!
Also got one from the HO!( thats Westward Ho) not a real "Ho"!

Aug. 18 Our last day here.
First I would like to apologize for all the misspelled words and wods that I jumbled the letters. Hope you can read them. Went back and read what I had written so far. What a mess. Guess I get ahead of my self!
Had a wake up call at 6:00AM.
The plan was to get every thing packed up, go to Aladdin. Win a million bucks then return to 4Queens and play a while before returning the car. Well yhat got shot to he##. While I was packing Kent watched TV. Thats when we found out Aladdin had not opened the night before. New game plan!
Went downstairs, played some blackjack. I had bought $15. worth of chips for $10. Have never played, so we found an empty table. Didn't want to bother any seasoned players. Never thought about bothering the dealer. She was not overly happy to see a newbie at her table. Not at all friendly at first. I told her not to worry, I would not be there long! She lightened up after that. Played a while, and was even ahead. Told Kent this will be my last hand. He says double up your bet. Like an idiot I did. Lost of course. Gave the dealer a $1 for her patience, cashed out at $1.50 ahead of my initial investment. BJ just wasn't my game. I like a game I can just plop my butt down at and play.
So as Kent continued to play BJ I hit the flaming 7s machines. They were brand new, they had just taken the tape off the machines. $20 in and nothing.I moved on to the next machine. (they had a row of about 10 flaming 7s together) I put another 20 in and on my 2nd play I hit 3-7s for $300. It was time to cash out! But of course the hopper didn't have 300 coins in it. Almost every machine I played at the 4 Queens ran out of money on me. It wasn't just me, it was that way everywhere you looked. Took quite a while to get someone to fill the machine. Cashed out and found Kent at BJ table.
Had to wait for stores to open across the street to pick up a couple of souvineers. Then we will check out and head for the strip.
Aladdin still not open so we go to Excal for Krispy Kreems! Very good, very sweet. First time I have had them fresh like that. What a sugar rush!
Decided Aladdin was not to be. Returned the car and took the schuttle to the airport. Checked our bags outside. That is so much faster than going inside. Went straight to our gate. Volenteered for a bump. The guy told us they would need about 20 seats and we were the 2nd and 3rd people to vol. Great! we might get to see Aladdin after all. Our plane was to leave at 12:59PM. We had plenty of time, it was just before noon when we got to our gate. Then we were informed our gate will be changed. So it was off to the new gate. About 15 minutes before we are to board we find out that we will be delayed. There is a problem with the plane. It depended on who you talked to as to what that problem was.
We were told to check back every 15-20 minutes to check the status of what was going on. The board never changed the first 1 1/2 hr. sitll sat on time and departing at 12:59 Then they finely changed it to 4:00PM estimated time. We were burning up in there,their was no air and no air circilation. Every question was answered with a different story. Finely they came on the intercom (that sometime worked and sometimes didn't) Said they think they have found the problem, will have it fixed soon. Then they will take the plane up for a test. I everything goes well we will be able to board in a few minutes.
Kent is none too crazy about flying anyway. When he heard this he was about to go nuts. A little while later they said we could board the plane. Thanks for the volenteers, but they wouldn't need any. What happened to the 20 seats they would need? We found out from other passengers that a lot of people refused to fly on that plane. We could do that? Never knew that before, but it makes sence to me. There was no way they were getting Kent on that plane if he had a choice. So we refused to board too. I can't believe it took 3 hours to fix a light on the floor of the plane, or another story they gave us was a screw lose on the insturment pannel. Which one? And why would they have to take the plane up for a test run for one of those problems? I told the girl at the desk we just didn't feel comfortable on that plane. She said no problem you can take a later flight at 11:30 tonight. Fine with us. Kent just kept saying over and over I ahve a funny feeling about this flight. So thanks to America West we were agle to see the Aladdin. Put our carry on in a locker and headed for the Las Vegas Limo. From there we went to Aladdin.
The Aladdin was a nightmare! It was so crowded. I expected it to be, but not like that. It was a madhouse! To me it seemed very unorginized. They needed more waitresses. They were nonexistant at the slot machines. To get a slot card they were giving out applications in line though. That speeded things up quite a bit. The slot cards are nice looking. Went to a WOF and put in $100. Hey I was supposed to be on a plane home right now. Why not go big, before I leave!
After several plays and a few spins of the wheel I hit for $300. Figured it was time to cash out!
Found Kent at one of the $5 blackjack tables. Told him if he sees a cocktail waitress to please get me some water! Walked around a while but was afraid ti go too far. The place was huge. Could get lost very easy. Nothing is marked very well.
After a while I was ready to leave it was so noisy and crowded in there.
Went to Bellagio walked throug the conservatory and took the monorail to Monte Carlo. Grabbed a bite to eat in the cafe. Taxied back to the airport.
Went to our gate volenteered again for a bump. Was told we were the first to volenteer and they needed several. Then we told her we hadn't taken the earlier flight. Boy did she change faces fast! To make a long story a little shorter. We ended up not getting bumped. They even bumped a group of 3 and had an extra seat on the plane. She made sure we knew this.
I feel like she went out of her wat to let us know, that we were not getting bumped because we refused to fly on the earlier flight.
Oh well! I was ready to get home. I just didn't like the way she treated us.
The flight was 45 minuted late taking off. Got to Columbus at 6:30 Sat morning.
Our luggage was waiting when we got there. Called Thrify to pick us up at the airport and take us to our car. They told Kent that we had an old ticket and that or car was to be picked up the day earlier. He told them we had taken a later flight They said yes but you were supposed to pick up your car on the 18th. And it shows here it was picked up ao the 16th. Now what the heck is going on? Thrifty picked us up and our car was there waiting. Had a 20 percent off coupon and it still cost us $40. It was cheaper in May when we parked at the airport for the same amount of days.
We had been up for well over 24 hrs. And just ready to get home. It took us longer to drive home from Columbus than it took to fly from Vegas. I bet we stopped 6 times on the drive home. Our 1 3/4 hr drive home took us a little over 3 hrs.
Enjoyed our trip, ready to go back.
We might just stay at 1 property the next time instead of splitting our time between the strip and downtown.
Sorry for the long reports. I guess I ramble too much.
Hope you could understand my jumbled mess....