I'm going to try to make this short. Stayed at the Suncaost. It was very nice. The rooms were really large. It had a lounge chair with stool, a round table with 4 chairs (I think) could be 2. A desk with a chair. The amoire had a 27 tv and 3 drawers. A decent sized closet. No safe or coffee pot. The bathroom was huge. A double sink with hairdryer and the toilet and shower were in a room seperate from the sinks. with a sliding door to have privacy. I swear you could sleep 10 people in the room and still have enough space to move around. It had floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Regent and golf course and mountains. Very pleasent view. The food wasn't that great at the buffet. I have had worse but also alot better. I only ate at one other place. Cafe Seina not sure of the spelling. But the food was good there. Very resonable priced. Fp VP all over the place. Never hit anything more than 200. Still looking for my 1st royal. They don't have many reel slot machines. More VP than anything else. But I did find a new game I really like. Its called Caveman Keno. It was alot of fun and I did hit for a little over 200 playing dimes. It cost a dollar a pull. To hard to explain but if you get a chance check it out. It doesn't take long to understand it.
I did the usual. Went downtown. Saw the FE. I still love downtown. Im pretty sure I will stay here next trip. Not much to do during the day. But it rocks at night! hit the strip. Went to TI, Caesars, BC and Bellagio. Went to see Mystere. Amazing show. I highly recommend this to everybody. It is a must see! Went to a few places I have never seen. Like, Orleans ( I would stay here), Sunset station ,Gold Coast and Reserve. Really liked all of those places.
did alot of walking downtown and the strip. If your in search of something free to do, there is nothing better than walking and people watching. It was a hoot!
Las Vegas sure does get em all! Any way that's about it. didnt get much sleep and gambled alot but didnt win much of anything. Already planning my trip in Aug. Cant wait to get back. VLVBY!!!!!