This is my first report here so bear with me, it may get a little long but we are very busy people when we do Vegas. I'll set the scene for you a little on wo went, my hubby and I (we are in mid 30's) and 2 of our friends, not in anyway a couple, one female, one male, both 40ish. We were getting ready to leave for Detroit Metro on Sunday am about 5:00. Hubby went to back out of garage to start loading the van and smash, uh oh... he ran over our male friends carry on bag that was loaded with toiletries, his camera and several other items. Stuff sprayed everywhere and the bag was destroyed. He still hasn't had the courage to check to see how his camera is yet. Not a good way to start a trip is it? Anyway, he salvaged what he could and we repacked his bag into an extra one we had and off we went. Plane departed at 9:00 am, we took ATA booked thru Funjet. Love those charters, direct flights both ways, nothing could be better. Had a nice flight and arrived to Vegas at 10:10.
Girlfriend and I took the LVL limo, at 4$ per person who could beat it? The hubby and friendd went and got the rental car, we knew we wouldn't be able to fit all the luggage in car plus all of us so that is why we chose to do it that way. Checked our bags at Venetian and waited for the men. They arrived and picked us up and we headed over to Hard Rock for the Mr. Lucky's 5.95, not on the menu, steak and shrimp special along with huge serving of garlic mashed pot. and salad. This was an awesome meal and deal, thanks to everyone for the idea. Signed up for their card and received 5$ in slot play, plus few other offers. Got our free shot glass and cards and left. Drove over to Vacation Village to do the free pull for 1/2 airfare pay back or $. We were hoping we didn't win the free deluxe room prize-it wasn't the nicest place we've been in and could just imagine what the rooms might look like. No need to worry, we all won 2$. After that we went back to Venetian to check in. We had originally booked a 5 day trip with 4 nights at the Flamingo and then found a great deal thru Funjet and added a day, therefore we needed to book another night somewhere. Due to the Nascar race, everything was either booked or way overpriced. But for some reeason the week before we left we were on line and found the Venetian had the one night we needed for only 119$ for a suite with one king size bed and pull out couch. So we all bunked together for one night and slept in royalty. What an awesome place!! The bathroom alone was to die for. We even ordered extra towels and pillows and they called a little afterward to make sure we got them and that all was ok. Very courteous service overall. Great place to stay if you have lots of $. However, the location isn't the best-at least for what we like to do. As you will see from our report, we aren't big gamblers, just sightseers mostly. We always do a pre-trip itinerary so we make sure we get it al in and don't forget anything. Plus it keeps us from wasting valuable time there wondering what to do when. After checking in we headed down to check out the canals, shops, St. Marks Sq. etc. what a beautiful place. Then over to Madame Tausauds Wax Museum. Got there about 3 or 4 pm. Great time to go no one was there hardly compared to the huge line we saw the next am. when it opened at 11. This place was really cool. There is a 3$ off coupon in Show Biz Mag. We couldn't believe how real some of them looked. Walked around canal shops a little more, listened to gondola serenaders etc. Hubby, me and girlfriend have been to Vegas many times, the 4th hadn't been there in 20 years so we had lots to show him. We then headed down to walk a bit of the strip and to get some dinner somewhere. Saw the volcano at Mirage, popped into Casino Royale for free margarita (to go). Down to Bellagio to catch a fountain show. Hubby and I haven't been to Vegas in 2 years so there were 5 new casino/hotels for us to see too. The fountain show was incredible, what a sight! Left there and walked across to Bally's to sign up for their card in order to do the free pull everyday. We won a key chain and pen and left. Back over to Harrah's to eat some dinner and enjoy being outside finally. Sat in the Carnival Ct. listened to the band and ate some nachos, burgers and beer, now this is living!! Stopped at Treasure Island to catch the pirate show and back to Venetian to crash. The 3 hour time change is a killer.

Day 2: Awoke early, up and out by 7:30 am. Walked over to Harrah's for their brakfast buffet. It was as good as we had remembered. Big spread of food and desserts. Left there, walked over to Mirage to explore a little and back over to Venetian to pack up and check out. Off to the Flamingo (reality check). Left luggage in car and girls walked down to Mandalay Bay. Guys went out to off strip Wal-Mart to get a new carry on bag and replace some things that were damaged. Met us at Mand. Bay. we gambled a little and saw the birds in the lobby and went upstairs to see the pool area, went to check out Rum Jungle, Red Square and Auerole(the wine rack thing). All looked like cool places. Drove over to Luxor so we could run in and get the reserved tickets for Blue Man. That was a great tip. You don't want to be stuck in the will call line before the show. It's VERY long, was a pleasure to bypass all the people when we arrived for show. Drove back to Flm. to check in and change clothes and leave for dinner at Paris buffet. We had heard diff. opinion on both Paris and Bellagio so we decided to do our own comparing and try both places on the same trip. Got to buffet at 5, in order to pay the lunch price. Got right in. Thought the lunch price was 14$ but now it is $18.18, they had raised the price the day before! Just our luck. Just like the BMG raised their price the week before we went and Forever Plaid which we thought we would go see this time closed the week before we got there. Anyway, we paid the 4$ increase and headed in. The dining area is quite nice and comfy. Food stations are set up in provinces and wide variety of foods. Things I've never heard of. I ate slowly as I was waiting for the 5:30 crab legs. They brought them out and the line grew very quickly. They only had one set up for them, which kind of stunk. The shrimp were hughe and the french bread was awesome. I asked our waitress if I could get the crab legs warmed up and she informed me they didn't have anyway to do that. Odd I think considering the Bellagio can. Anyway, overall we had a great meal. Some wondered how the Bellagio could beat it. Left there, drove to Luxor for BMG, the 7 pm show. Past by the will call line people, got our drink and headed in. Sat in row RR. Good seats, don't think there is a bad one. Won't ruin the show by telling anything about it, it's much better if you don't know. Hubby and I had read so much about it that it wasn't the same for us as the other 2 who hadn't. I was concerned that it might be too loud after hearing all the discussion on the web, but they give you complimentary ear plugs and you don't need them. It wasn't bad at all. The show was awesome, well enjoyed by all of us. Got our pix taken with them afterward, shook their hands etc. Pretty neat to see them up close. Gambled a little there and then headed over to Mand. Bay again to have a drink in the coral reef lounge. We weren't too thrilled witht the band so we went back to Luxor, got our car and back to Flm. Walked over to Harrah's to sit in the lounge there. Oh my, the crowd scene is always a treat. The patrons were more exciting to watch then the band. I guess it's Vegas and anything goes. Enjoyed our time there immenseley and headed back to Flm. to crash.

Day 3: Up and out by 8 am. Walked over to Bally's to eat their Big Kitchen Buffet and do the free pull. More pens and key chains. The buffet was good, not as good as we had remembered, but good. Like Harrah's better. Walked over to Paris, which is connected inside). Thru their shops and casino area. Beautiful lobby and neat looking with the tower coming thru the ceiling. Neat place. Over to Alladin. Walked the Desert Passage shops. We are all amazed how all these stores survive when it seemed like they were all empty most of the time. Out thru the casino area. Another beautiful place. Went across to Bellagio. Now this place is truly incredible. Walked thru the lobby and into the garden's. Words can't describe how beautiful it is. All you could smell were the the lilly's. Signed up for their card (like we'll ever earn enough for anything here),but it's fun. Gambled a little and walked thru shops.Who does shop here anyway? Girlfriend had a gellato ice cream, really good. Headed back over to Harrah's to catch the 1 pm Mac King Comedy Show. Yes it is free with 5$ drink purchase, easy to get tickets just ask anyone there. The show was packed! It was really good we all thought. For 5$, how could you beat that deal? Had a few drinks in the lounges after the show and then drove down to Fat Burger's for the much raved about food there. It was OK. Maybe by now we were just fooded out. I'm not sure what we were expecting for fastfood burgers but they were pretty good. Drove over to NYNY to get a seat at the dueling pianos bar. We got there about 45 min early, good thing cause it filled fast, not real big place to begin with. Then they close it off so it doesn't overcrowd, which is nice. The piano players were good, but once again the old Vegas crowd was rally the attraction. The sights you see. There was a bride and groom, he was 60ish she was 20ish and she liked to be the center of attraction. Sang a solo and all, she was gagful. Then there was this other obnoxious guy who walked around the crowd with his 5$ bills in the air to show everyone what he was giving for a tip and then throw it on the pianos way up in the air and then walk around the crowd waving his arms in the air to get the crowd to join him or something. He was bizzare. The manager kept going over to him to sit him down but I think they liked the tips he was giving to not throw him out. Back to the Flm.

Day 4: Breakfast today was at the Flm. it was just ok. There are 2$ off coupons in the funbook, had a nice table by the fish outside. After breakfast we walked over to Caesar's to do the Forum Shops. Did all those, the Atlantis show in the back and the guys did the IMAX ride. Said it was fun, whipped them around a bit. After some time there we went back to the Flm. to actually take a rest and go to the pool/jacuzzi. The pool area there is great (we always stay at the Flm., love the location). My big complaint about the pool there is that it is ALWAYS freezing cold, even in September you can't get in the water. There were many disappointed kids looking forward to swimming and not being able to. You think they could afford to heat it a little or even heat the small kids pools at least. The Venetian pool was heated. After our much need jacuzzi and rest we dressed and headed back to Caesars to eat at Bertollini's Ital. rest. It was good. 2 of us had pizza, good but spicey. One had some pasta filled chicken cheese and sauce thing, very good. Overall a good meal, but kind of pricey. We then got the car and drove toward downtown. Stopped at the Sahara so hubby and girlfriend could ride "Speed." They said it was awesome. Hubby said best rollercoaster ever been on. He rode the Big Shot last time, say's cant compare the two. Big Shot is just plain scarry. Speed shoots you out 0-70 in 4 sec. Saw the tribute to Dale Earnhardt there too. Kind of neat. Headed to downtown. We always park at Main St. Station and walk to Freemont. Always works out well for us. Downtown is nice, they have street entertainment going on ad lots of vendors. The show was good as always. Cheap drink prices too. Free beads and leighs, etc. They really try to get you in their casinos. Walked back to Main St. and gambled a bit there, did good on black jack, how fun!! Then back toward home. On our way back we saw all sorts of security and lights and people at the Desert Inn where they are currently filming Rush Hour 2. parked at Frontier to see what was happening. There were people there stopping people from crossing the parking lot, said they were going to film an explosion out the top 3 windows of the DI. Waited about 20 min. and then they did it. A big camera hooked on some cables slid down them as the explosion happened and stuff flew everywhere, pretty neat to see. Can't wait to see the movie now after seeing how they've redone the outside of the DI and all. Back to Flm. to crash.

Day 5: My how time fly's. It's our last day of fun in the mecca. Got up and decided this was going to be our day for the much anticipated Krispy Kremes. To ease our guilt we walked down to Excalibur. Got there and the "hot" sign was on. Watched them make them first, pretty disgusting to see all that gease. But boy were they good, like anything greasy isn't? After chowing down on them we thought we'd better do some more walking. Went across to NYNY and then over the sky walk to MGM. Watched a little basketball and played the horse machine. Like to play those it takes a little longer to lose a quarter. Went down to the shops and then over to the lion habitat. Maybe we just hit that on a bad day but it was just 2 lions playing with a ball. They said that was all the lions tey had right now. Pretty lame. Caught some Elvis act up on the stage. He was ok. didn't stay long. Stopped at M&M world, Coke etc and headed back to Flm. Since it was such a gorgeous day we decided we'd better take in the pool and sun once more. After that we dressed and headed over to Bellagio for their buffet. Time for the big comparison! Got right in, we were there right when it opened. OH MY GOD!! This buffet was BY FAR the better of the 2. The desserts alsone were worth the 22$ price. I loaded up a plate of crab legs (they had 2 stations), asked the waiter if they could be heated "sure" he said "just take them to a chef." So i did and he said no problem come back in 10 min. Now that's the wasy to eat crab legs!! Much better hot than cold. The other wonderful thing they had were their mashed pot. very yummy. They had a ton of weird foods elk, sushi,and lots of different types of seafood things. Tons of breads fresh salads and fruits. Then there was dessert. OH MY!! They had the BEST vanilla ice cream i've ever had. Then they had this raspberry sauce to put over it The other choice was rasp. sorbet, so i tried both. Both were excellent. They also had containers of roasted pecans and almonds and great choc. chips. The ice cream station was my favorite. They had a ton of other desserts, pies, cakes, mousse etc. All decorated and looking great. It really was sad to get full. As we were eating we decided to come back the next am for our farewell breakfast since dinner was so good, breakfast had to be too. Drove over to Rio after dinner and saw the masquerade show and back to Flm. to get some last night gambling in between OSheas and Flm.

Day 6: Up, packed and ready to go. Walked over to Bellagio for breakfast. No they didn't let us down. It was awesome, too. Fresh foods everywhere, could get seafood in your made to order omelettes, tons of pastries, muffins etc and yes, the ice cream station was still set up! Shelled pistachio nuts and pitted prunes ( a first). Even the coffee was great. Would highly recommend Bellagio for eating. Back to Flm. to check out and depart at 11:40. So sad. Overall a wonderful, busy trip. Can't wait to go back!!