I've had a ball reading all of the trip reports from you guys! Here is mine!

Sun - March 4th - National Air
Supposed to depart at 12:15pm from JFK.
10:45 am - obtained boarding pass.
11:20 am: We are now delayed until 4:30 pm (and snow storm headed this way).
Apparently the plane has no "starter". What the hell does THAT mean?
"Starter" part is being flown in on a Delta flight.
Much shouting and otherwise rowdy behavior from the masses!!!!!!
I promptly put myself on stand-by for the 6:00 flight - JUST IN CASE.
Airline offers $100 vouchers to all, and lunch.
Not enough time to go home and come back, so I sit and wait.
3:00 pm - part is now at airport. Assured flight will take off by 5:00 pm.
The lunch arrives: soda and chips.....CHIPS?????!!!!!!!
5:00 - informed the flight is NOW delayed until 6:30.
Mass hysteria from all!!!!
I am now starting to panic because I have a ticket to see Mystere at 10:30pm.
I of course call the hotel (Sahara) and re-confirm my arrival......abeit late.
6:00 pm - Security forces move in to move all 12:15 flight folks to another gate because the 6:30 flight folks are streaming in.
Now....the airline will not allow anyone fly stand-by on the 6:30 flight.
What a story folks....and I am still in NEW YORK!!!!!!!
They move everyone to another gate and we sit and wait again.
7:00 pm - We informed that the "starter" is installed and we are ready to board
We all go through the gate _and onto a bus - which takes us to yet another gate where the plane is.
7:20 - I am in my seat.
7:30 - Pilot says, "our flap indicator is malfunctioning, will take yet a few minute to clear up, then we will proceed to the de-icing area and then we will be on our way".
Of course you know that we did not take off until 9:00 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat on that plane for an hour and half.
As we ascend in the air, I am praying that the "flaps" and the "starter" are really working and we will get to Vegas without misfortune.
We were offered the first liquor drink for free. PROMPTLY HAD A SCREWDRIVER!!
5 hours and 20 minutes later, we arrive at McCarran at 11:25 pm....
Of course you know that I totally missed my curtain. (Mystere)

Sahara Hotel::::
The desk clerk sensed my fatigue and haggerdness.
I explained what I just went through all day.
To her credit - she upgraded me to a corner suite with a view and a balcony.
Alexandria Tower Room 2244. - Fabulous view, three big roomns, bar, frig, king bed. Trip is getting better......finally.
Joined the slot club.
Played nickel Top Dog......$50 win.
Cab to the Paris. (why I did that, I don't know, I was half asleep).
Played lots of nickels: Little Green Men, Wheel of Fort, Texas Tea...no win.
Dropped at least $200
Cabbed it back to Sahara

Bus to Paris
Went straight to the Slot club to see if I earned a free buffet or SOMETHING!!!
Slot host looked at me with a pity face and told me I earned nothing. Wanted to slug her.
Reluctantly went over the paris buffet and paid the $16. Still early for lunch.
Took under pass to Ballys.
Played nickel Roulette machine in basement: no win
Played nickel video jeoapardy: Hit 4200 credits in 2 minutes!!!! $250 win

Paris Buffet::::
Not as good as I remembered. Pastas were sticky and dry. Pork chops were excellent!

Walked down to Monte Carlo to pick up my VIP seats for Lance Burton for Tuesday.
On the way, stopped at holiday Inn Boardwalk and joined slot club.
Played nothing. Place seems cheezy.

Monte Carlo::::
After being told that I could not pick up my tickets until Tuesday. Ugh!!!
I joined the Slot Club.
Nickel Monoploy Grab for the Money....hit 2420 credits after 1 spin. $121 win.
Little Green Men......$50 win
Texas Tea......$100 win
Leopard Spots.....$200

San Remo::::
Walked over to the San Remo to take the Sams Town bus.
Conflicting info on the departure times from everyone who works there.
Ended up waiting an hour.

Sams Town::::
Nice tropical garden and restaurant area.
Music, light and waterfall show. Very nice.
Buffet was nasty. I would not recommend it to ANYONE!!!!!!!!
Took bus back to strip and headed for Harrahs.

Joined the slot club, but missed out on $100 free slot play cause they said that I have a Rio slot card. I really don't recall ever having one, and if I did, I never used it.
Nickel Texas Tea: $150
Nickel Jeannie: $300...... I hit 250 x line bet on the bonus spin
Quarter Texas Tea: Hit twice: $350 and $250
Nickel Jeopardy: $100
For my wins I also received 2 invitations for 2 free nights at Harrahs in the summer. I have two of them, so I now have a free room in July for (4) nights 5 days. WOW!!!!!!!!
Also have free entry into (4) slot tournaments.
(1) Free entry for extra %50,000. Will know by the end of March if I am the lucky winner.
I also received 1 free buffet.
In addition, because of harrahs affiliation with National Air, I received $110 in cash back from my miles on my miles card. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

Late night act in Casbah Lounge called SMOOTH. (3) Black dudes who sing The Temptations, 4 Tops, Spinners, GAP Band, Earth Wind and Fire and more.
They made me the butt of jokes for the first set cause I look like Chaka Kahn.
They kept calling me Chaka all night from the stage, much to the delight of the other patrons.
I didnt mind...I'm a performer too, and I understood that they needed me for their act.
I spoke to them after the first set and then proceeded to wait for the second set. Free entertianment right?
The third set was about to begin and I decided to wander the casino to play something.
I never mad it back for the third set.
Nickel Little Green Men: on an inital $10 bet...i played for an hour and won $300. They guy next to me was livid! He won nothing. I felt so bad.


Monte Carlo::::: Lance Burton was delightful. I recommend it highly. He is no babe.....but he is entertaining.
Went to slot club and took out my $14 cashback fro my play.

Walked over to this place after Lance's show. Quick and easy burger and fries.
Caught the bus back to Sahara.
By the time we goT there, I WAS VERY SICK!!!!! DAMN THAT FATBURGER!!!!
Don't want to get graphic....but I spewed out of hoth ends.I barely made it back to my suite.

Wednesday at Harrah:::::
Had my free buffet lunch. It was delicious!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend.
Got my boarding pass at National counter at hotel.
2:00 pm drwing for the %50,000 car. I didn't win.
Played a few more slots, won a little.
Took a limosine to the airport for $36.
At gate, I used my $100 voucher towards a first class upgrade.
Flight home was GREAT!!!! I ate everything they put in front of me - great service - tasty hot meal - unlimited mimosas!!!!!! And best of all, a very comfortable window seat in 2nd row with NO ONE BESIDE ME!!!!!!!!!!

Trip started off as a night mare....but once I got there, it was fabulous.
Total win: around $1,700. Took home $1,300 of it.
For a very frugal gambler like me.........that is a fortune!!!!!
Sahara hotel suite was splendid and I loved standing on the balcony overlooking the strip at night. I felt lke a queen.

Worst slot rewards:::::
PARIS (how much money do you have to play to get a free buffet)? Yech!
SAHARA (no comps of any kind - apparently they time your play)

Best Slot rewards:::::
HARRAHS (without a doubt)
MONTE CARLO (I was very satisfied with my $14 cashback)


Signed, Ingboo