Another quickie trip, but way too short this time. Plan was to leave Toronto on AirTransat at 10am Thursday. Would have arrived 11am Las Vegas time. HOWEVER, due to the usual AirTransat screw-ups, we did not arrive until 10 PM Vegas time. A whole day spent waiting at Toronto airport is not my idea of a good way to spend the first day of my vacation. Naturally we arrived cheesed off, but were determined to look at the bright side (we saved a whole days worth of budgeted gambling money!!). From AirTransat we got a $100 voucher for our next flight, but I can't see booking with them again. I have had lots of little problems with them in the past, but this was the capper. Oh well.

We took Las Vegas Limo to the Flamingo and met my Dad, who had arrived the Sunday before. Fortunately, he had already arranged for our room so all we needed to do was drop off the bags and go. Even though my body was still on 3am Toronto time, I was too wound up to go to bed. Played a bit of video poker, but no lucky hands, so gave up and went to bed.

Dad is an early riser and was knocking on our door at 7am to go over to Bellagio for brekkie. I don't see my Dad too often so want to spend as much time with him as I can so with 3 hours sleep, off we went. Because I was exhausted, I hardly ate anything, but was still very impressed with their buffet. really only toast and coffee would have sufficed, but I managed to cram in some eggs benedict and fruit.

My friend had never been to Vegas before so we decided to hit as many casinos as we could in the morning. I won $100 on my first pull at a Double Diamond slot machine in NYNY and hoped that this would be a good sign for the remainder of the weekend. Well, it wasn't. That was the extent of my luck. Decided a better time would be had touring, people watching, and shopping. My Dad, on the other hand, hit a Royal Flush for $1000 on video poker the night before and his luck was all good.

On Friday night we had dinner at The Flamingo Room. He really likes the specials, but I am getting a bit tired of them. Also, had a man at the table next to us well into his cups making comments about my father and his two young "broads" . It was pretty pathetic. We asked to move, but then the guy stumbled out of the restaurant so we didn't have to.

Did see the most bizarro wedding attire on Friday night. The bride wore a headfull of un-rolled condoms stuck to her veil. I guess she (or her so-called friends) thought it was funny. hmmmm - classy.

On Saturday night we had the dinner buffet at the Bellagio. Again it was nice, but I really don't see the big attraction. Okay so you get crabs legs over 1 foot long, but they were tasteless. The best think I had were some braised short-ribs that were very tasty.

Our room at the Flamingo was nice and clean. A bit tired looking but fine for the rate my Dad paid. he got a casino rate of $49/night for Thursday, and $69/night for Friday and Saturday.

If I had not lost a full day to travelling, I would probably have had a more exciting trip to report. It was great to see my Dad though making few days worthwhile!!