Had an awesome time as usual. We go to Vegas approx. every 6 months. Our room at the Luxor was overlooking the sphinx and was decorated in gold, Egyptian. We were hoping to stay in the pyramid but they were remodeling it so we stayed in the tower but it was very nice, clean and comfortable. We went to "Kisses on Ice" at Mandolay Bay starring Katerina Witt. That was well worth the money. Enjoyed watching the taping and after the show they did additional taping to correct some of the mistakes. It was awesome as we had rinkside seats. The night prior to the show we happened to see Nocole Bobeck on the casino floor and that was fun to recognize a famous person just being themselves. She was with a guy that we assumed was her boyfriend but turned out to be the iceskater, Viktor Petrinko.

The next night we went to see a concert also at Mandalay Bay. It was the Bare Naked Ladies. It was also an awesome concert. They play all of their famous songs such as "Pinch Me, One Week, Too Little Too Late" and then they sang some short clips of others people's song, such as Brittney Spears and Madonna. It was very crowded and our seats were at the very top but it was well worth it.

Now I am looking everyday to see what is playing there so I will have a good ex cuse to go back. Other things that we really enjoy are the great shopping malls, such as the Fashion Show Mall and the Maryland Mall. Always find good bargains at Dillards. Love to check out the Swatch stores that are all over the place. One favorite mall is in Primm. It has all the famous store outlets.

Favorite restaurants are Mon Ami Gaby's at Paris, Olives at Belligio, the 24 hour cafe's at Luxor and Mandolay Bay. Of course all the buffets are worth the money. Can't wait to return to Vegas. Wouldn't mind living there if it weren't so far to the ocean.