I now have renewed admiration for those of you who take notes and give detailed reports! I am not that type of traveler, so here are the highlights.

We took the Damn tour the first day and found it to be very informative and a great break from gambling. The evening of day 2 my son won $35,000 on Let It Ride (royal flush)at the IP. He went on to win an additional $15,000 in Black Jack the following 24 hours. You will never guess what they offered to comp him - (2 dinners and 2 shows at their hotel). We laughed out loud and told them no thanks, that we would take our business elsewhere next trip. I found all the employees at the IP to be rude and uncaring for their guests. We occuppied 9 guests rooms and their were major problems with all of them. The front desk supervisor was rude on every occassion we spoke to her. We will never stay there again! The highlights of the trip were dinner at the Strastosphere - it was wonderful and view was memorable. We at buffets at the Paris, Venician, Stardust and Belligo. We enjoyed the Paris the best - all item were of high quality. We did not eat downtown at all, only gambled. We had a wedding at the "Little White Wedding Chapel" and found things there to be great - would recommend their services. We gambled alot at the IP, Luxor, Paris, Venician, Horseshoe and Golden Nugget. We find that the crowd/dealers are more friendly downtown. Sorry, I am not a detail oriented traveler, but hope this helps someone!