My wife Patty along with her brother and sister-in-law stayed as we usually do at the Lady Luck, Her Father who past away this past year took us there 15 years ago and we have been going back there with him to the Lady Luck ever since, we really miss the drink wagons they had prior to the new owners, the overall trip was good, we had fantastic luck, (which is not normal, but was just our turn I guess) In all of the years we have been going to Las Vegas, we have always had our biggest hits at the Lady Luck. The food has always been OK, last year it was hectic due to the many renovations being undertaken, as I said we had some good hits, we play dollar slots, blackjack with her brother craps. as we were getting ready to leave my wife had a good hit and the Limo driver was waving and pointing to his watch when as I was waiting for her to get paid, I put a twenty into a machine by her, one of the 5x and hit for $1600.00 we will be there again April 13th for 5 days and as usual, look forward to the sights downtown and all of the casinos there, with the getting a car and visiting the strip, it is always a great week. Viva Las Vegas