Just returned last Tuesday and had wonderful trip. OK, I didn't win the Megabucks jackpot...but who was I kidding?

Flew in on Thursday. Instant check-in at the airport MGM center. Bags were delivered straight to the room while I headed for Luxor. Ate sushi at Hamada and played quarter slots. Did OK. Unpacked in my room at the MGM in the Emerald Tower. There was lack of good light in the room. The only decent readable light was in the bathroom. Faced south on the 9th floor and viewed Studio 54 dome, Tropicana, Luxor, Excaliber, and Mandalay Bay. Sounds of helicopters and sirens could be heard at all times throughout my stay. 

Headed for Caesar's Palace and the Magical Empire. GREAT SHOW and DINNER!!! Worth the $75.

Also saw Showgirls of Magic at San Remo. Nice breasts and magic too. I wouldn't do it again, though.

Friday-had buffet lunch at Bellagio courtesy of Wagerworks. I had no problem turning in the points, but too bad they're quitting it. Played slots at Bellagio and finished ahead. Headed downtown for the evening on the bus(take the 302 for God's sake!) and played at Four Queens and Golden Nugget. Won a bundle at Golden Nugget(roughly $700). Ate at Lily Langtry's...good food, but loud crowd kind of killed the atmosphere. Took a taxi back to NYNY and played some more and finished even. Still no Megabucks win(darn).

Saturday--spent portion of day in the MGM pool area. I swear, some of those California women need to know they were not made for thong bikinis! Director's Pool (for adults only) made for quiet reading. Loud obnoxious wirehead in hot tub could not quit talking about himself(my computer has this...my DVD burner can do that...). Everyone cheered when he finally left and we could enjoy the tub.

Walked the strip and tried various casinos. Ended up eating Japanese in Mizuno at Tropicana. Very good and quick. Entered at 5:30 and left at 6:30. Played slots and roulette at Mandalay Bay. Dealers had lousy attitudes so I left and went to Luxor. $500 payoff on slot. Lost some at Roulette, but the dealers were nicer. Had ice cream at Stone Cold Slab(or something like that) in Excaliber---very good but a l-o-o-o-ng wait for it. I finally mastered the art of getting through Excaliber without getting lost.

Played at NYNY. Saw a $19,000 progressive slot win(but alas, it wasn't me). Lost money at NYNY which has been usually dependable for me in the past.

Sunday---shopped. Determined that I would not gamble on Sunday because I always lose money on Sunday. Had brunch at Paris. Absolutely heavenly!!! Great food and good service. Saw the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage courtesy of Wagerworks. Great deal for free, but would have been disappointed if I had paid. (One thought: when the guides say "Don't tap on the aquarium glass to attract dolphins", then DAMMIT DON'T TAP ON THE GLASS!!!). We had three morons who tapped on the glass---guide said there's someone on every tour who does.

Took the elevator up the Eiffel Tower at Paris. Don't do this if heights bother you. Beautiful view. Saw the Bellagio fountains just after dark. Wonderful experience---just don't look down.

Monday: did the exhibits at NAB--not much of a crowd.

Headed for the pool and finished a book. Relaxed for the last time(ahhhhh...this is the life). Great pina coladas there.

Napped and headed for Gallagher's steak house at NYNY. Had a wonderful, giant prime rib. It was a double cut that they saved for a regular customer, but he didn't show so I got it. Huge and well-cooked!

Won some on the slots, then went to see Rita Rudner. Very good, but got tired of it after 45 minutes; it's 70 min. long.

Headed for Alladin, but didn't win anything(c'mon Megabucks!). Had a Bailey's Irish Creme ice cream dish at Monte Carlo's Haagen Danz. mmmm!

Headed back to NYNY and luck changed. Won a $500 payout and $200 payout on separate machines.

Headed for MGM and Megabucks one last time. Won $400, but no jackpot.

Left Tuesday. No problem at the airport, but it was Tuesday. I would hate to go through on a weekend.

Bye, bye Vegas!

OVERALL: Did well on slots at NYNY and Luxor, OK at MGM, not good at Alladin, Harrah's and Mandalay Bay. Good service on slots at Luxor and NYNY. Drink services need help everywhere. Best buffets are Paris and Bellagio. Great prime rib at Gallagher's(NYNY). Great dinner experience: Caesar's Magical Empire at Caesar's Palace. Will try another hotel next time.

TIP your maids and the casino pay clerks--you get better service!

Best wishes to all----and damn the Megabucks!