Well, I stayed at the Aladdin Sept 1 thru Sept 6. I was in a resort room with 2 double beds. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the rooms. The rooms were basically aesthetically pleasing but I am not fond of the color of their overuse of the color "mustard". I guess the color scheme is probably more to a man's liking than a woman's. 


The room had two large windows facing the west towards the Monte Carlo and New York New York which provided a decent view of the strip and the hotel's pools and waterfall (when it was on). It made for a beautiful view at night. The room also had a nice plush sofa and a coffee table, a desk with a computer for internet access which I didn't use. Therewas also an armoire which did not provide enough closet space or hangers for two women. Inside the armoire was an electronic safe which came in very handy. Upon entering the room was a large entry way, which in my opinion was a thoughtless waste of space. tooo the left of the entry way was the bathroom. The bathroom was enormous and wonderful. There were two sinks on opposite sides of the room and a HUGE shower and deep soaking tub. There was also a separate water closet. Overall I was quite pleased with the quality and cleanliness of the room except for a spot on the small carpeted area of the bathroom and a pillow that had an odd smell. Next time I will remember to take my pillow protector. There was an extra pillow in the armoire which didn't smell funny, so I replaced the smelly one with that one.


The other hotels I've stayed in are The Mirage, Caesar's Palace, Desert Inn, Monte Carlo, and Mandalay Bay. My favorites are The Mirage and Mandalay Bay. I love the actual room decor at The Mirage and the bathrooms at Mandalay Bay. Also, both hotels on the whole are very aesthetically pleasing. As far as the Aladdin goes, the resort rooms are an improvement on the tackiness of the casino and hotel areas. 


The customer service at the Aladdin was MUCH better than people have been reporting at other message boards. I had no problems at check-in, getting someone to answer my phone calls, housekeeping, etc. I was almost afraid to check in here because of the negative information I have read at other message boards. However, I do have ONE MAJOR PROBLEM WITH THE HOTEL THAT OTHERS HAVE REPORTED ON ALSO...............THAT INCREDIBLY SNEAKY, UNSCRUPULOUS, DOWNRIGHT LOWDOWN PRACTICE OF BILLING YOU FOR THAT EXHORBITANTALY PRICED BOTTLE OF WATER THAT YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED!!!!!!! Believe me, management got an earfull from me about this practice. This is how it works.......when you arrive in your room, there are two unopened bottles of water sitting on the entryway table. There are placards on the bottles stating that if you open the bottles you will be charged $4.95 and that the bottles are checked daily by room service. Check these bottles carefully to see that the seal hasn't been broken. Also make sure you have a remote control in your room to check your bill everyday via the TV menu. What happened to me was either the housekeeper or the room service people (that I feel shouldn't even have access to your room while you are out) twisted the cap off the bottle to break the seal. The water level of the bottle was the same, just the cap had been twisted. Then the person placed the placard on the bottle upside down to make it look as if it had been tampered with. I wouldn't even have noticed if it hadn't been for my roommate asking me why they put another bottle of water in the room. The bottles of water had been untouched when we left the room. So, after she mentioned this, I got a bit suspicious and decided to check the bill, sure enough, the water bottle charge had been added to our bill. To make this long story short, the charge was taken off the bill and when I checked out I did so at the front desk and requested that my bill show $0 owing to make sure that nothing was added later on. 


The phony water bottle charge added to the bill is my only complaint with the hotel. Lucky for me I had taken the time to read other reviews on the internet to discover that this had happened to other people before. At least I had been forewarned and knew what to look out for. Now you have been forewarned too. A nice hotel, lovely resort rooms, but watch out for the unscrupulous person that plays these types of games with customers. If it happens to you, make sure it is reported to management and complain LOUDLY!!! Whoever is doing this needs to be disciplined or terminated.


Oh by the way, I actually won a small jackpot at Slots of Fun. I really mean small. It only came out to about $120 but that was the first time I actually saw triple diamonds come up on a slot machine so that was kind of fun. Pretty good for putting less than $2 worth of nickels into a machine. :)