Trip Report: 1/3/03 to 1/4/03


This turned out to be my second shortest trip to Vegas.

It was suppose to be all weekend, but a family situation came up and I had

to return today... don't worry, all is ok.

So, basically I was gone for 27 hours. Stayed at Fiesta Henderson.


To make a short story even shorter, I hit a royal on the FPDW slant-tops at

exactly midnight.

I couple of good sessions on the craps table netted some good cash.

Gambled from 6:00pm to 2:30am on Friday night, and from 6:00am to



Ate the famous "feel good soup" before calling it a night. Man, is that thing


I had to get my "cabo club" sandwich to go, so I had that for breakfast.



FPDW = +1050

Craps = +180

Food, gas, tips, and accommodations = ~$10


And that's it. I wish all trips were as profitable as this one.


Thanks for reading.

God Bless America.