Flew out of columbus on america west. used a new self ticketing machine they had. only took me 15 minutes to get done. made sure i had nothing metal on me and breezed through security. flight was crowded but uneventful. arrived in vegas and took taxi to nyny. went to vip check in and they had my room ready early. was meeting three other people and we were sharing the room. the room was already comped before i arrived thanks to my casino host barbara. she was great. the rooms at nyny aren't paricularly breath taking. it was, however, very clean and served its purpose well. my room was 1050 in the new yorker tower. the roller coaster was outside our window but i don't remember hearing it at all. could've waited a little while to get a higher floored room but was anxious to get gambling. the main purpose of any trip i take to vegas is gambling. sometimes i get so involved that i actually don't eat. the bj at nyny was decent with some friendly dealers and pit personel. one particular pit supervisor named ali was great. told her i wanted to play some slots this trip and she pointed us to a couple of different games. on the $1 big apple machine she pointed out, we won $500 one time and $200 another. both times it was with $20 in the machine. most of my play was at nyny but we made our way down the strip and played several places. went next door to monte carlo and got killed playing bj. the pit boss came up and talked for a while and gave us a few buffets. we used it to eat at the sunday brunch. food was pretty good, especially since it was free (well, i guess i payed indirectly, lol). had a good time playing at paris (won) and ballys (won big). there wasn't a single place i played this time that i had what i would call bad dealers (the ones that don't say anything at all). overall, played at nyny, mgm, excalibur, tropicana, monte carlo, paris, ballys, bellagio, mandalay bay, flamingo hilton, harrahs and the rio. my brother got propositioned by a lady looking for a date at the rio. on saturday morning ate the breakfast buffet at mgm. it was very good. the omelet guy there was the friendliest person i met the entire trip. loved eating at the pizza place (sirroccos??) in nyny. the casino was very lively and crowded during peak times. coyote ugly was a happening place as was the bar at times square. espn zone was also crowded. took the redeye back to columbus on sunday night/ monday morning. used the self ticketing machine again. there was at least 50 people in line at ticket counter and i was through using the machine in less than 30 minutes. the weather was awesome in vegas, 65-68 degrees every afternoon. night never got too cold either. overall was a very fun trip. lost a little money after being up early. sports books were really rocking due to the nfl playoff games. i would recommend nyny to anyone going to vegas unless you are the type of person who needs a fancy room with all the little extras. all i need is someplace to lay my head for a few hours each night.