Here is my first TR.

Flew out of MDW on SW Airlines. Got my own row. Arrived right on time @ 4:45 pm. Met my 3 friends(actually they work for me) who came in on AA in baggage area and picked up car at Dollar. Drove to GN. Check in was easy. Room 2180. View of Plaza hotel casino or should I say, no view.

GN was very plush. As everyone has said on the board, nicest place downtown. Got players card and went to $25 DD BJ table. Played for 2 hours and ended up $125. Asked and received comp meal in Carson St. Cafe. WOW. Great food for the coffe shop.

Went out on Fremont St. I thought it was great. Come out of GN and 20 steps to another casino, just pick a direction. Went to 4Queens and my friends and I put $20 each in poker machine (DDB) and play that out. Go to Binions and do same. Go back out and do some people watching. weather is nice in 50s at night. End up back in room at 3:15 am after alot of Jack and cokes.

Get call from Buck at 9:30. Time to see Hoover Dam. Drive down strip on way just to see stuff. We check out Dam and are on our way back by 11. Pretty impressive site. Hard to believe it was built in 4 years, would take 15 nowadays.

Stopped at Hacienda near dam. Not a bad looking place, but totally dead.Tim, Buck and I lost $100 apiece in $1 VP. Mike wins $5 in $.25 VP .Drink 1/2 doz Jack in Cokes with no wait for drinks.

Next stop Railroad Pass. This is like Truck stop meets Casino. I stumble on 100 play nickel VP. All 4 of us put $20 in and another $20, then machine gets hot. I hit for 2000 nicks 4 times and Mike draw 3 Aces. Brings in over 6000 nickels with all the 4 of a kinds. We cash out for $100 apiece after 2 hours. Drink woman in our section was awesome. She took our kidding well and kept our glasses full. we tipped her well for being a good sport.

Next stop was a Station Casino on south side(Boulder maybe). All I know it was just off whatever main road comes from the dam. Too many J&C by then. We play DW .25 for an hour and hit 5 duece prog for $260/4 plus cashing out with our original $20. Drinks do not flow well here. 4 servers working whole casino says bartender.

Went back to GN to place some BB bets. Buck is our resident handicapper so I mirror his 6 bets for the nite. We eat at GN buffet. Pretty good food. Overeat as usual. Watch 3 early games and win 2 of 3 for +180. Watch lite show. Go to Binions and watch game 4, 5 and six. Win 2 , push 1, +400. We play some .25 VP while watching at bar, lost $40 apiece. Place is pretty smokey and old looking, but not as bad as Cal-Neva in Reno. Go to LV club and play $1 sizzling 7 prog. Tim gets spin and hits for $100 and we play it down to 0. Mike heads to bed, we head to Plaza. Play .25 WOF prog. I cant hit a spin and we end up -$20 apiece. Go to La Bayou and play stupid Hollywood squres. YUCK.

Got back to GN, and I am not feeling too well. I retire at midnight and Tim and Buck bounce up and down Fremont St. till 3 went Tim Retires. Buck was just getting warmed up....

When I left off it was 3am and Buck was the only man standing. He proceeded to find a DDBJ table and lose $1000 and then began a big uphill climb. He had to be drunk out of his mind as he had been drinking Miller lite since 11am or so. Tim got a call to come down at 5:30 am from Buck. When he got down to the tables there was Buckster with a crowd around him, drunk off his ass with $5000 in black in front of him. Buck was playing $500 a hand plus playing for 2 other people next to him at $200. Tim said he tipped dealers over $1000 and drink staff $500 in the next 5 hours. He dropped a black chip and told the crowd "finders keepers". The pit boss found it and gave it back, and Buck then gave it to the dealer.

Mike and I got up at 8 am and went to buffet. We did not even see those guys. Afterwards we were calling their room but got no answer. At 11 am Tim calls and says "Get down to the buffet now!" We run down but they are already in so we wait playing nickel VP. A few minutes later here come Tim and Buck, and I can tell by looking at Buck he has not slept and is totally wacked out. He gives me hell for going in early, and proceeds to go to bed. He went on good run , then gave some back and ended up $2000.He is the luckiest man I have ever known.

We were going to go to the strip today but that is probably not gouing to happen now, so I play $25 DDBJ for 3 hours in afternoon and make a whopping $1.50. Mike goes to Binions and plays Carribean Stud. Plays six hands and gets 3 of akind 3 times and loses every time, to a boat, straight and higher 3. ouch. Bad part was he had $100 in front, so each hand cost him $300. Double OUCH. Take nap until 6:30.

Buck finds late BB game and lays $550. We eat at LV club restaurant upstairs. Don't ask me why, Buck picked it. Food was ok, but place smelled funky. Should have went back to Carson St., would have been comped and had better food.

Went to new show at GN, DUMMY. Ventriliquist act that was quite funny and foul mouthed. Good show.

We are leaving in am so I total up my spending money. I have $1400 cash and have not touched my trav, checks yet. I sit down and play DDBJ @ $100 a hand. Lasts about 45 mins as I get double down cards 4 times in one shoe and lose all. Ouch. I decide I had enough and go to bed as I am still not feeling great.

Buck won his earlier bet for plus 500. He plays it all out and then some before going to bed.

Check out in am. Boys drop me at airport at 8am. They go to Monte Carlo. Buckputs $550 on another game for that nite before they drop off car. Wins bet later that nite.

My flight home is a little late(10 mins)and full, but I got in A line early and grabbed an exit row for my oversized body.


We had great weather. Upper 60s day upper 40s for lows. Nice considering it was in 20s at home. I was truly surprised how nice downtown is. I liked it alot. Lite show was cool.GN was AWESOME for $39 a nite. Thanks WOODZYE for the tip. Buck Got all his nites comped. Hoover Dam worth seeing. Railroad pass has good drink service if you don't mind truckstop atmosphere. Would have been a great trip had I felt better last day and a half.

Total gambling losses for me -1120
Buck +2000