Well this is my first trip report so dont mind if it is not perfect.

Day 1
We leave JFK at 830am aboard Jet Blue and all in all the flight went smooth and for 200 bucks a person round trip how can you beat it. We got to the airport then picked our rental car up at All State for 14.99 a day so a good deal there also. Went to check in at our hotel and used the 20 dollar trick and was upgraded to a suite so things are starting off well. The Suite was very nice with a view of the strip and mountains. So we decided to play some Slots at our Hotel and lost 20 bucks each and then we decided to take a walk of the strip some and we stopped at Slots a Fun and through 20 Bucks in each and my my wife hot 3 7's on the Blazing 7 machines so she cashed out and went on our way looking around. For dinner we ate at the Sahara Buffet which did its porpous and got us fall not great but not awful either. That night we went Downtown and played alittle at Main Street and then called it a night and wentback to the hotel around 1am to get soem rest for the next day.

Day 2
Woke up and took a walk back to Slots A Fun and my wife played the same Sizzling 7machine and hit it again. There were 2 other right next to it so she decided to throw a 20 in the next one and you guessed it hit that one too. So she cashed out and she got 3 quarters back with the cashout so she puts it in the third machine and you wouldnt believe it 3 7's again I couldnt believe me eyes and the lady at the cage couldnt believe it. So now we left and went up the strip and lost some money in Frontair was not a big fan of this place. Then we had tickets to go see Mac King and what a great show for a cheap price of a drink had alot of fun. Then we went over to Imperial Palace and played some slots and didnt hit much at first then I hit for 250 bucks on a 25 cent machine and that was fun so now we are up money and all happy so we played alittle more and didnt hit much so we left. Took a ride over to Lake Mead and just relaxed it was a easy 70 degrees out and beautiful. We ate Dinner at In and Out Burger and what a burger it is so good. We went to Palms that night and a very nice hotel and casino Hardwood Floors more up to date music and great atmosphere and must say beautiful Coctail Waitreses. Then back to the hotel around 2am.

Day 3
Started out with a nice walk to get our tickets to Viva Las Vegas show at Stratosphere and it was a good fun show cute dancers funny comedian. After that show we went to the mall where the sell 2-1 tickets and got the V show at the Venetian for 6pm that night. Went to that show and it was great so much action packed into 75 minutes it is really worth seeing if you are in Vegas. Then we just hit a few places on the strip and played a few machines with no luck. We then went back to the Palms and came away up about 50 bucks for the couple hours we were there. Then we went Downtown to Freemont to see the light show and what a great show it was. Lost a few Bucks in the Golden Nugget but a beautiful Hotel it was. Had a Litre frozen drink and hit me harder then I thought...lol.... my head was spinning. Then we headed back to te hotel.

Day 4
A real busy day as we were gonna see a few shows on our last full day here. So we went to get tickets at the 2-1 place and got tickets to American Superstars and what a greatshow it is a must see while in Vegas so much fun. And tickets to Showgirls of Magic the 1030 show which is topless of course. It was pretty good nothing great but a fun time. That afternoon we say Bottoms Up and it was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It is really worth seeing. In between all of this while at Imperial Palce I hit for 250 bucks on a 25 cent machine so hit two times there and that made me happy. Now it is 1130 and we decide to hit Rain the clup at the Palms and it was a fun time and wow were there some beautiful girls there and my wife was one of them...lol... I better say that... Then at like 3 am we go back to the hotel and get things together for our flight.

Day 5
Our flight is at 930 so we just got up and brought the rental car back and proceded to the airport. Th flight went well and got into New york 6pm and the temperature was about 10 degrees. Picked up our car and back off to Ct. It was a great trip and lost only about 100 bucks for the whole trip including all the food we ate and shows so this trip was a winner in my book. I hope I didnt bore you with this report.