Puckster’s trip report

So this is my first trip report. It will be long. This is a warning, if you don’t like long TRs you should probably stop reading now. Special thanks to all whose TRs I have read and looked for suggestions. Thank you also to all who helped me with last minute questions. Oh yeah, one more warning, spelling and grammar may not always be correct, so please give me a little leeway.

I like the many formats that I have seen, and wish I could break it up into segments, but it seems to flow for me better chronologically.

One quick background item, I am traveling with a group of 7 friends from MN, and one of my friends will be turning 21 on the second day of the trip.

Day 1, Thursday January 16th

So after being up all night Wednesday night, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway too excited, I left for the airport about 4:30 to be nice and early for our 7AM flight. I got to the airport by 4:45, and met friends there shortly after. We all went to the Frontier counter, and check in went very smoothly. This was my first time using an e ticket, so I was a little surprised at how easily it worked. I didn’t show this outwardly though as I am the most frequent traveler of the group, and I have a huge ego.
We went through security checkpoint #3 and 4 of the eight (myself included) were selected for “special treatment” by TSA. Apparently they wanted to check through my bag, because I had coins in it. Oh well at least it was easy, and it didn’t take too long. One friend had to take off his shoes though, and he had a bit more of a vigorous experience. Oh well if it makes things safer, so be it.

It is a long time before our flight still, so we go to McDonalds to eat. After breakfast we are all at the gate no later than 6. It was fairly crowded which made me wonder if we would have people sit in the middle seats between us. While booking all 8 tickets, I was given a seat map on the internet, and I picked all windows and aisles, hoping that no one would intentionally pick the middle seats. It turned out later I shouldn’t be concerned, but read on as to find out why.

At about 6:30 our pilots and flight attendants boarded our plane. They would be the only ones to ever board.
6:50 there was an announcement that there was a problem with an indicator light. The pilots weren’t sure how serious it was. Since we were far from Frontier’s hub of Denver, they said they would have to ask some Northwest pilots and mechanics to look into the problem.
7:10 they came back saying the pilots were calling Denver for directions on how to administer a 30-minute test on the plane.
8AM announcement that some people would miss their connections out of Denver. They said they tried to rebook and checked with all the other airlines flying out of MSP and there were no seats available on any flights leaving to any of our destinations.
8:30 Announcement that the test results MAY not be good, and that all the passengers except the 38 who were connecting to Vegas should rebook through a neighboring gate, since the computer system at this gate was down.
9:25 Announcement that the 38 people going to Vegas should go to the other gate to be rebooked since this computer still is down, and they are bringing our plane to a hangar to be fixed.
9:40 we finally get to the head of the line at the other gate and are told we would now have to be rebooked through ticketing, because a Northwest plane was using this gate now, and they were ready to board soon.
10AM back at ticketing counter at the end of a very long line for Frontier’s counter.

We were constantly at the back of the line, and it did not move at all. There was one bright spot in this whole fiasco. Being at the end of the line I saw a girl who I have not seen in quite a while, as she passed heading for her ticket counter. She was going to Italy. We got a chance to talk for a while, and we made tentative plans for when she gets back. This was a very good thing, and secretly on the inside I am thanking Frontier for allowing me to get another chance with this girl. For the next several hours in line I pondered a way of going with her on her flights, and it seemed like I would still get to Vegas faster.
12PM we finally reached the counter, and we were still the last ones in the line. After a lot of complaining about how we were the first ones to check in and now we were the last ones to be rebooked, and the way we seemed to be treated at the gate, we all obtained $75 worth of vouchers for a future Frontier flight and were rebooked on America West through Phoenix.
11:55AM we were supposed to have arrived in Vegas.
12:10 we reach the America West ticket counter, and they are very friendly and accommodating. The agent asks me if I would mind an Exit row, and I said heck no. I have flown many times, and know the emergency procedures well. I really wanted the extra room because I am a large man; the agents offer was appreciated.
1:35PM flight departs to Phoenix on time. Flight attendants were humorous, extra room was awesome, and I love this airline. 3:45 Phoenix time we landed, and had to traverse through the Sky Harbor airport to our gate on the other concourse.
4:50 our flight left for Vegas. We flew on a 757, the plane painted for the Cardinals. There was no one in the middle seat and I had an aisle, so I have no complaints on this flight. Our flight attendant was so funny; she had a great attitude. She said if anyone wanted to live to see Vegas, they would not try to pass the beverage cart to go to the bathroom. The only complaint I have is I asked for a seat on the right side of the plane so I could see the lights. Well we landed on the wrong runway, and I didn’t get to see the lights. That really is a small complaint though.

We landed about 5 Vegas time, and after a short wait for our bags, we went in search of a way to get to the hotel. Well some friends thought it would be fun to go in a stretch limo and they found one for $70 that would seat all 8. It was LVL, and boy what a rip off. For the same price we could have rented 2 limos for an hour, and cruised the strip, through the same company. Anyway he took the highway, but we still got to see the lights, and everyone was excited. I asked him if he would take the strip since he was already ripping us off at double the normal price, and he declined.

Check in at Fitzgeralds went fairly smoothly and I went up to my 10th floor room to chill out. I like to set the temperature as low as it can get. I am from the north, work in an arena, and in general like temps in the 40’s. The cold temps in my room lead it to be affectionately known as the igloo.
I had a quick dinner with a few friends at the Shamrock Café, and I had a Reuben sandwich. It was great.
By 7PM I was ready to hit the casino.

What a first impression of Frontier airlines, but I was ready to fly America West again.
I went and played several nickel video slots and it was up and down until I played a reel quarter Wheel of Fortune Progressive. Well I didn’t hit the progressive, but I did get to spin the wheel and cashed out with the $50 after it landed on a win of 200 quarters. About half way through giving me my money the machine ran out of coins. As I was waiting for the hopper to be refilled a man ran by me seriously booking it, and there was another man whistling from where he had ran, and he was yelling hey stop that man. Since an attendant had finally came to my machine, I felt I could leave it readily, and with a half full cup of quarters took after the first guy kind of like the specials I had watched on the travel channel earlier in the week. By the time I hit the doors of the Fitz, he had a 20+ step lead on me, and me being a large man there was no way I could have possibly caught him. Besides I still had coins in the machine. So the other guy finally comes up behind me, and starts telling security how this guy had stolen something, and I went back to the machine just as the attendant filled it. I figured security could handle this easily, and it really wasn’t my place to intervene further. So I cashed out and decided to walk down to the Golden Gate for a little Craps action.
As I left the Fitz, there was a cute redheaded girl about my age who approached me. She said she was eating at the McDonalds and saw me try to chase the man down and she thought it was pretty brave. For the day I hadn’t been drinking yet, or else I would have definitely taken advantage of the scenario and embellished it a bit. As it was I kept the dialogue short, and walked away from her as she told me which casino she was going to next. I just said goodbye, and kept walking. I figured that I might see her again later on in the trip, but no luck, and I never even caught her name. I know had I already had a few drinks I would definitely hung out with her for a while, and as I just read in another trip report recently those dreams do come true sometimes. I still don’t know why I chased after the man; I just had visions of being a hero, like some people that are on those travel channel tapes who catch the bad guys.

So I got to the Golden Gate, I went there in search of the girl handing out fortune cookies, but no luck with that. I felt like trying the craps tables here as they were within my meager means. $3 tables, and I could bring myself to play max odds of 5x. I just can’t see laying $30 in odds at some of the other places, and I feel guilty for not playing max odds. I bought in for $20, I was rolling the dice, I threw a 6, put up the $15 in odds, and I threw a 7. I was not prepared to leave after just my roll, so I threw down another 20 for chips. The next shooter rolled a 7 then a 5, I put out max odds and he rolled another 5. While I stayed at that table there were not really any great rolls, but everyone made at least 1 point, and my stash multiplied. The dice made their way a couple of times around the table. I didn’t do Come bets at all this trip, because I wanted to lose as slowly as possible, but I should have. Anyway as of the new shooter, I had $82 in my rack, so I put out the pass line bet, with max odds, and put out 1 for the dealers with 3 in odds (strange amount, but It was what I had).
I wanted to tip the dealers because 1 was a cute redhead. I don’t know why but I have a thing for cute girls. So then that shooter 7nd out, and I left +20. This was the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing by making odds bets, and every one of my rolls hit the back wall, and none of them went off the table (a problem of mine in the past). Then I went back to the igloo for a bit to chill and write the day down. Overall today

Day 2 Friday January 17th

After a short strategy session with myself, I met friends to celebrate one friend's 21st birthday. Everyone took turns suggesting games to try, and he stuck with drinking Coronas (how boring). We hung around the Fitz for a while as a gang, but kind of separated into whoever wanted to play what games. I offered to teach him LIR, something new he had never tried. I ordered a Long Island (okay a week drink, but it is one of only a few that I’ve had before and feel comfortable ordering.) So I bought in for $25, and he bought in for 20, when I was back to even, I quit, but he stayed on. I drifted on to a $5 Black Jack table with a very friendly dealer. He was a gentleman in his 50’s and I played heads up (something I rarely do, but oh well. I bought in for $25 and it lasted a while, I got another LI, and finally someone else joined me at the table. Big mistake, I was up around double my buy in, but even after he left my luck still went sour, and I lost it all. Finally found friend and told him we should go to the Queens with a few others from the group, and I would teach him craps. Well he stopped at the stupidest machine ever, a Flip It game, and decided he would play there trying to make the quarters fall. So I went to the table and proceeded to lose $40 before 3 people even had a chance to roll. At a $3 minimum table. So friend is about half way done with his second roll of quarters, and I am like see ya later, and found other friends as I went back into the Fitz.
I called it a night after this losing session about 2:30 in the morning. I had been up since 8:30 on Wednesday morning, 6:30 Vegas time, and I was a bit tired. Emerge from the nice chill of the igloo at about 2PM. I went straight down to the craps tables $3 min in the Fitz this time I buy in for $100, and I am the next to roll. I hit a point or two but that was it, and the next shooter made me some money, but then several people 7nd out without making a point and I colored up even before I saw the dice again.

I stopped at Binions coffee shop for their Beans of the Day special served with ham and cornbread, today was Navy beans, and boy was it delicious and filling. Thanks to all that suggested this as it was a culinary highlight not to be missed on future trips. It was very cheap at $3.25.
Played $5 Blackjack next at the Golden Nugget, and had an ice queen for a dealer. Several people sat down and tried to get her to talk, but to no avail. She took my $25 buy-in in a matter of minutes, and didn’t even say thank you for the tips. It actually lasted one trip through the shoe, but there were 5 people at the table and it went by in less than 10 minutes.
I went to the Las Vegas Club for Craps. I saw the shooter throw the dice off the table, on his come out roll, but I didn’t take the hint. He established a point and rolled a 7 right away. Don’t ask me why but my initial buy in for his roll was $10. It was a $3 min table with 5x odds. I threw another 20 down for more chips as I am the next one to roll. I have a nice roll and for a couple of minutes I can’t roll a 7. I also can’t roll a 5 which is my point. Finally I hit a 5 and I even had a bet up for the dealers so everyone was happy. Next roll, I throw the dice off the table (ugh and I was doing so well at it before during this trip.) I make a point of 6, and roll for a while before I 7nd out. I really should have been making come bets because I hit 5 and 9 like 4 times each. I left with $20 after the next shooter 7nd out. Time to play a few slots at the LVC, lost. Then it was time to crash at the igloo for about an hour.
I was out of the igloo by 5 to catch the free Larry G. Jones show at the Fitz. He had a good show, and he is very talented.
Then I ate at the Shamrock Café for dinner with friends. I had the Rueben and I whole-heartedly recommend it.
I went downstairs to the casino next and lost a quick $40 flying solo at the $3 Craps table.
Then I went down to the GG for another losing Craps session. When I had recovered half of my $20 buy in, I quit to play a bad pay video poker machine that looked like it had a fun bonus. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t get the bonus.
After walking around downtown for a while, and hanging around friends for a while I crashed in the igloo about 10PM. I know this is extremely early, but I made a reservation for a rental car earlier today, and the price was only about half of what the site said on the internet.

Totals for day 2

Day 3 Saturday January 18th

I was up around 8:30 in order to pick up my car from the Dollar counter downstairs. Total came to $101.76 for a 4-door compact for 2 days. This is not that bad as the rate is actually $29.99, because I am under 25, I have to pay $15/day extra, and then taxes are added. That is how it got so high, and over the internet I would have ended up paying twice that. I got a black Suzuki Aerid. It was a great car and I am very pleased with it. It even has a digital speedometer, something I have always wanted in a car. Some friends decide they want to join me to go to the strip. There is only one catch, they won’t all be ready for a while. I had to wait until like 11:30 before they were ready to go, but it was kind of worth it as I got to impress them by playing tour guide as I drove up the strip. As I pulled out of the garage and turned onto Las Vegas Blvd, I knew that I needed a rental car whenever I go from now on, this was just so cool. Drove the entire length of the strip to show them all the casinos, and finally made it back up to the Stratosphere for lunch. I have never been to the Strat, but thanks to trip reports, and advice on Las Vegas Talk, I knew about Roxy’s Diner and convinced friends that this is where we should go for lunch. It was so awesome, all the staff took turns singing, and they all entertained us throughout the meal. They even danced on top of the booths. As for the food, it was fairly reasonably priced, and it was delicious. I had a ham Po’ Boy, and I couldn’t finish it with the fries that came with it. This was amazing since I am a large man and this is something that never happens, and I hadn’t eaten anything since like 6PM yesterday. The servers were incredible, especially Nicky, he did “twisting the night away”. Our server was Smoky Joe, and he was good when he sang “my girl”, and got a good tip from our table. The girl who got our beverages did “these boots are made for walking”, and it was incredible. All in all my friends were really impressed with my knowledge of this place, and it remained a sense of pride throughout the trip. This place was awesome.
I signed up for their card program and tried to play slots for the required 30 minutes to get cash back, but my $50 was gone in a fraction of that time, and everyone else was ready to go. The Crapless Craps table was loaded, thanks all on the advice to skip it, for I am sure I could have dropped another $50 there in a matter of minutes.

We went to the parking garage where I had parked, and it was not a far walk from the casino. The next casino that friends wanted to visit was the Venetian. We went in here, checked out the canal and St. Mark’s square, and it was cool, but all were bored after a while. They decided not to visit the casino, and we made it back to the garage, again not a long walk.
Caesar’s Palace was the last place they wanted to visit before going back to the Fitz. After browsing the casino, ended up playing nickel slots. One friend one $500 on a Big Top Circus machine. Once he was paid, we left back for the Fitz as it was after 6PM, and we wanted to see the others. I did drive the strip again so they could see the lights, then it was back to the Fitz. I really enjoyed driving today, and none of the parking garages were too long of a walk from the casino. There was security searching some cars at the Venetian, but they waived me through. Some of the other drivers in Vegas do not know how to drive. They swerve in and out of lanes, drive very slowly, and don’t often signal.

So back downtown about 6:30, and I ditched friends to gamble by myself. First stop was Binion’s for the Beans of the Day, today was Lima, and they were just as excellent as yesterdays were. Thanks again for all that recommended it.

Went to the LVC for a while. Lost $30 on Craps, and then lost $20 on slots. Crashed in the igloo for a while, and I made a trip back down about 11 which was a big mistake.
I went downstairs, and lost $40 at a 9/6 JOB machine, $20 on $1 Wheel of Fortune Progressive, $20 on a nickel WoF machine, $10 more on another VP machine, and a last $10 on another slot. In the 35 minutes that this $100 lasted I was not offered 1 drink.
VP —50

Day 4 January 19th 2003

Join friends to walk to 8AM Mass. Went to Molly’s buffet for breakfast, it was actually pretty good, and I really enjoyed it even though I am not much of a breakfast person. I hurried and was done by 9:40 so ‘I could make it out to the Cannery in time to catch the Football games. I got directions from the guy at Dollar, and he gave me the wrong directions. He told me to go right on Craig road. I did and after about 5 minutes wound up in Nellis AFB. I quickly turned around, and went the other way. Back over the freeway and lo and behold not barely 1/2 of a mile from the freeway was the Cannery. Parking was a snap, and I found a spot not far from the door. I went inside and the casino had a new casino smell. This is something I have never smelt before, but I recognized it instantly. I went and checked out their small sports book, and found out they would be having their football party in the nightclub area, but the games started at 12PST. So I was a bit early, and I decided to play. I first went over to the American Can Club to sign up for their card. I got a really nice tan hat just for signing up, I could have gotten a T-shirt, but I like hats, and I will use it more. There was no line, and the workers were really friendly. So then I checked out the layout. All I can say is wow! Everything I could ever ask for. They had $3 min tables, both for craps and blackjack, and had 10x odds on craps. They have a bar in the middle of the casino. Change booths are scattered throughout. The casino is open, aisles are wide, and machines are plentiful. All the newest machines are there, the carpets are clean, and chairs are nice and comfortable. They have all ticket in ticket out machines, and they even have change machines where you put in the ticket and out comes your CASH. I have never seen these machines before, I have always had to go to the cashier for the cash. This made it oh so convenient.

I sat down at a $3 minimum bj table with a six-deck shoe. There was a female dealer, and a player on first base who was being coached by the dealer. I saw this and only bought in for $12 to see how long it would last. Although the play was a bit slow, the dealer was very friendly, I kept winning, and my diet cokes were coming very frequently. The dealer was actually winning when I laid out tips for her also. This is something that didn’t happen elsewhere. I was also joined mid shoe by a guy whose humor made the game even more of a joy, and I quit at $21 after tipping because it was nearing 11AM, and I wanted to get a good seat in the nightclub. This was the first time ever in Vegas where I have had a female dealer of Asian descent who was actually friendly and talkative. She was a great dealer, and the pit boss was friendly also.

I checked in the nightclub and there was maybe 5 people there, so I decided to play Craps at the $3 min table. I laid out my usual $3 pass line with max odds, and the guy that was throwing the dice must do it a lot. He had a method where they arced high above the table, bounced off the back, and then stopped. It was the best roll I have ever seen. He hit like 5 points, and I was up over 100 when he finally sevened out. He was betting Come Bets and really raking it in. The dealers were really friendly and I was glad that I made a bet for them that worked. Every time this guy rolled I would pull my head way back to avoid getting hit by the dice. Finally towards the last roll the guy told me he wasn’t going to hit me, I didn’t need to worry. I walked away with $105 after I tipped the dealers as I cashed out about 11:45.

I went over to meet my friend who is also a football fan, and he was playing slots. We went into the nightclub just as it was starting to get crowded. This place had an awesome lights and stage layout with a great bar area which makes me sure it would be a great club, but today it was hosting football. There was a main screen with a digital projector and the screen had to be like 40 feet wide by like 2 stories high. There were a few smaller screens on each side, which were about the size of a traditional big screen. These were in the air, on some of the clubs decorative aspects. There were two on one side, at different angles and one on the other kind of by the door. The nightclub opens up to an outdoor deck area where they had food from the different playoff areas, games of skill, a live dj before the game, memorabilia for sale, and a trivia contest. Inside the clubs there were about 150 mini black leather couches, and there were about 100 more chairs, and little drink tables were everywhere. These couches were so comfortable and the way it was set up it was an awesome atmosphere when about 300 people finally crowded in to watch the games. Drink service in the club was also very frequent, and I noticed drinks were cheaper than most places. They even had beers from the areas the teams were from. I am a Tampa fan and I was cheering for them, my friend just doesn’t like Tampa, so he was for Philly. I was a bit contradictory during halftime as I bought a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, (they are the best). The last time I had a real one was in Philly and this one tasted just like it complete with the cheese sauce. During halftime my friend wanted to play slots, and I wanted to stretch and walk a bit after the sandwich. He wanted to move on because Philly was losing, I was happy here because both Tampa and I were winning, I put all of my winnings through various slot machines and video poker before an hour was up, but my points accumulated rapidly and drink service was really frequent. So I told friend we were going when he was done. I left even, but with a very great experience, and very good memories of the Cannery. Plus I got a hat, and my winnings had paid for lunch. All of the staff was extremely friendly. The tables were brand new and clean and there was not the feeling that the casino has made me feel smoky and has smoked my clothe. I even asked one of the people working there how to get to Sam’s Town and she was really friendly and gave me correct directions. I had a lot of fun here and really enjoyed it. I will wear the hat with pride and friend even said he would gladly come back here.

So we went to Sam’s Town and surprise her directions were actually right. Parking was no problem, although I did have to walk a bit both too and from my car. Sam’s town was cool, and we got there in time to watch the Barber interception sealing the game for the bucs. Their sports book was crowded and not that big. I was not impressed, but their machines were plentiful and they had a lot of variety. After my friend and I got cards and ran a bit through the slots we walked away even, hoping to get somewhere else to watch the next game.

The next stop was Arizona Charlie’s and although the parking place made me think this place was a dive, I was very pleasantly surprised. After finding out our Strat cards work here we decide to play some Harley Davidson slots near the bar with a great view of the televisions. The game was not looking too bad yet; I was pulling for Tennessee. So this time at half time I wanted to go elsewhere. It’s a superstition thing.

So we made it to Boulder Station and the game hadn’t restarted yet. We both got slot cards and they have a thing going on in January where all slot club members get $5 freeplay every day in January, so we each got $5 free. After going through that and after a bit more play we walked even, and decide we have to be back to the Fitz because my friend wants to be back by 5 and I kind of want to watch the end of the game in the igloo anyway. Boulder station was a very nice casino and I will not hesitate to come back the next time I am in Vegas.
After watching my Titans fall to my friends Raiders, a few of my friends decided some of us should go to Molly’s Buffet for dinner. Someone had a few 2 for 1 coupons, but5 I don’t think I would eat here again. It was $9.99 without the coupons, and there was not a very big selection, and it was not all that good. I am not a gourmet by any means, but for $10 there are so many other places with better buffets. I don’t even know if buffets are all that necessary anyway. I used to be a very large buffet fan, but this trip has turned me onto Binion’s Beans of the Day, and the huge meals at Roxy’s at the Strat.
Chilled out in the igloo for a few hours, and I went back downstairs about 10:30. The first stop was Binion’s for craps. I haven’t played there yet, and now I know that was a good thing. The table and rim were so worn down after playing at the Cannery that it was impossible to compare. I lost $45 in less than 3 minutes at a $3 table.

Next stop was the Golden Gate for craps attempt. This time my $30 managed to last a couple of more minutes than at Binions. By couple I mean 2. I was done here in about 5 minutes. Said my good-byes to the Golden Gate, and never found the dang Fortune Cookie Lady.
I spent a long time walking up and down Fremont, and visiting Neonopolis. I am pretty sure it will eventually go under, there was no one there. I went to my favorite store, the ABC store and picked up a few bottles of pop for the room for my final night.
I went back to the Fitz and lost $20 on a Deuces Wild machine after about 10 minutes of play. I went up to the igloo and called it a trip gambling wise.

Totals for day 4 —81
Craps +10
BJ +9
Slots —40
V.P. —60

Day 5 Monday January 21
I finally got to bed about 1:30, and woke up about 4:30 and around 6 I went to fill the car up with gas at a nearby ARCO. I had to prepay for the gas and it wasn’t too high, it cost me $7. I went back to the igloo for 1 last chill session before heading out. Dropped the car keys off at Dollar at 7:30 when the counter opened. Check out was a breeze and there was no line.

We took two town cars to the airport and they left at 8:00 and we got to the airport quickly. It cost $30 for each cramped car, and I still can’t believe I didn’t speak up and say that for $10 more we could have had 2 limos. I just decided to let it go, and let others be in control for once.

Check in at Frontier was a breeze again as we were about 3 hours early for our 11:15 flight. We got all our seats that I had chose over the internet, no middles. We all got through security and no one was selected for “special” treatment this time. The line wasn’t long and it moved quickly. We were at the gate with a little under 2 hours before we left, so most people went to get something for breakfast while I watched the bags. I like airports and I really don’t mind being there that early. I probably would get there 6 hours early if I was traveling alone.

Our plane finally pulled in, and it actually looks like we will be flying Frontier this time. I saw the plane land, I know the nose gear works this time, unlike on our way here. The people coming off the plane must have had quite the flight because not one of them had the “I’m actually in Vegas” look that I know I have, and usually observe on others as they exit the plane. I noticed something different about the look of the plane as it pulled up. It had an unusual hump on the top of the plane towards its midsection. I have never seen this before, and I have flown all kinds of planes especially Airbuses like this one was.

They mention before we board that this plane has an entertainment system on board, and there will be a $5 fee if we want to use it, they will be giving out headphones as we get on the plane. They told us to have our credit cards ready if we wanted to use the system. As we got onto the plane I immediately realized what the hump was, it was a satellite system. Each seat had 27 channels of direct television available to the seat holder. They had a spot to scan your credit card by the monitor, but our flight attendants quickly informed us that because today was a holiday it would be free. Cool 27 channels of television! I have heard about this on JetBlue but they don’t fly to MSP, and I thought they were the only airlines with this. I was in the back row, and as hoped for when I booked, no one sat in the middle seat. A few of my friends were not so lucky, but of the 8 of us, 4 of us had seats next to them that were empty. So since the armrest control for the empty seat was next to me, I had two televisions. I was watching the game show network (something I don’t get at home), and Headline News on the other television. It was so amazing, and I was really disappointed when we finally landed and we had to get off the plane. The flight attendants were friendly, and our plane even looked cool. It had a Bronco on its tail.

There is something that frequent flyers know about Denver. There is an area of turbulence around Denver, I have always experienced it both in and out of Denver, and today was no different. The turbulence didn’t really agree with one of my friends and he didn’t enjoy the end of the flight quite as much as I did. He was really quite sick. The new Denver airport is really cool, but it is in the middle of nowhere. I remember landing at Stapelton, and it wasn’t like this. I really liked the airport though, and the runways were very long. As we exited the runway, I saw a United plane right behind us that had just landed and slowed to our taxing speed already and taxied quite a while before it got to where we just turned from, so I guess they must be long. We got to the terminal after a long taxi, and I was amazed how convenient Frontier’s gates were. They were all next to each other, and it was a very short walk to our next gate. Before our plane boarded one of my friends and I were walking through the terminal, and we walked past a flight leaving for Vegas. I could have hoped on it in an instant, but somehow held back.

Our plane was a couple of minutes late, and unfortunately it was a 737 which means no televisions. This plane had a wolf on the tail, I really like Frontier’s paint jobs of their planes. I really love 737s though because their seat belts are longer and more comfortable. They have more readily available air, from the little air jets above the seats, and have much more pressure for these air jets. I know the 737s are older, but I just love them. By far 737s are the planes I have traveled on the most, and I always feel comfortable on them. The flight attendants were great, and again no one in the middle seat. 4 of us got lucky again. 737s are awesome, good American planes, and this one as usual made the flight very smoothly, excepting the turbulence on leaving Denver. The flight went very quickly, and since I am very comfortable on 737s I fell asleep fast, and slept well. Before I knew it we were on approach to MSP, and we landed on my favorite runway where people can watch planes. We all made it off the plane, and this time my friend was feeling better since it was over 2 hours since we left the turbulence of Denver. All of the luggage got there successfully, and no one had anything missing despite having to leave the suitcases unlocked. It was a great trip, and I had a lot of fun.

Final thoughts: 1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions of Binion’s Beans of the Day, and all who recommended Roxy’s Diner. 2. I would have much rather come solo because my friends really cramped my style, and I really wanted to visit more casinos. 3. I really liked renting a car, my Suzuki Aerid was great, and renting is a must from now on. 4. Buffets are over-rated, they really aren’t necessary. 5. I really liked Craps, and should play more next time, I also want to place Sports bets, something I didn’t do at all this time. 6. I didn’t use my ACG at all this trip, and I have $75 in Vouchers from Frontier, so in the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back.” 7. Frontier is a great airline, and it’s a good thing they really excelled on the return trip, as the first impression was bad. Their planes are great, staff is friendly, and they are updating their fleet to have Direct TV on all of their flights. I will not hesitate to fly them again, and look forward to my next trip on them. 8. The locals’ places are really worth a visit, especially the Cannery, and there is nothing like being among the first in a new casino. The boulder strip was great also. 9. My friends are not good at arranging transportation, and I should have spoken up. It was just time for me to let someone else have a semblance of control.

Final totals Craps —100 V.P. —120 (not even a four of a kind once) Slots —160 BJ —41 Overall total —421 not too bad, I really wanted to visit more casinos, and I especially wanted to play $1 Craps, and I had brought more, so I consider this not too much of a loss. Thanks everyone for reading this I hope it helps someone for information purposes, and I hope it alleviates someone else’s cravings for Vegas, as other trip reports do for mine.