I have a client in Vegas so we stay off the strip at the Homestead and rent a car. Makes it a lot more fun. No hassles of cabs, valet parking and we can go where we want when we want.
Decided to skip the big casinos and hit some of the older ones this trip. Our list included Circus Circus, Slots a Fun and Westward Ho on the first day. We added the Riviera at the last minute. My wife's a VP player and I'm a slot player. I was hitting slots at Slots a Fun and Westward Ho and got up about one hundred while my wife lost most of it. We never go to Vegas planning on winning but just keeping our losses to a minimum. We crossed the street to the Riviera and I found a quarter Blackjack machine while my wife went in search of VP. A few minutes later she came running over to me and said "cash out now you have to see this". I cashed out and ran after her to find she was playing a triple play quarter VP machine with max coins bet and the machine DEALT HER A ROYAL FLUSH IN SPADES!!!!!!! 12,000 credits for a $3000.00 win. We knew this would be the best trip we ever had to Vegas. Two managers came around, signed us up for their players club and gave Anne and me "Hot Players" cards and tickets for a free show that night. We were shocked and went to get some dinner at Westward Ho before we came back to see the show.
We got back twenty minutes early. I hit a Double Red White and Blue with two doubles and a blue 7 for 80 bucks. I put a 20 in a Triple Cash and with 17 credits left it hit Triple Cash, Triple Cash, Red Seven, set the lights off and was a $900 win. What a day. Went to see Crazy Girls. It was a disappointment but we felt like we had a good day.
The next day we drove to Mesquite and I won on slots and she lost on VP. Wound up about 30 bucks ahead.
Third day. Went to the Palms, Excalibur, Luxor to look around and lost at all three casinos. We then went to the Rio. I walked up to a Double Double Diamond machine. The first 20 bucks yielded a Double, Double, Double Bar with two coins in for $150.00. Went back two days later to the same machine and with the first 20 hit a Double, Double, Triple Bar with one coin in for another $150.00 win on the same machine.
I don't know if Vegas has loosened up or if it was a lucky streak but we had to go MAKE a bank deposit on our second day. I still wound up leaving with more cash than I took. Also drinks were easier to get and cocktail waitresses were abundant and efficient.
I don't expect this to happen again but I'll be interseted in seeing if the Riviera sends us something to bring us back.
Good trip and great weather and it's always nice to come home ahead.