Orleans, 1/16-1/19/03

We flew ATA out of O’Hare, quick check-in at Terminal 5, security was a breeze. I think the TSA employees are MUCH better than the old, private system, very efficient and courteous! Uneventful flight, landed at McCarran at 11:30 AM. Cabbed to the Orleans. We do not rent a car when in Vegas, because my wife and I both like a frequent cocktail while in Vegas and we have a zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

Check-in was quick, desk clerk was very nice. I asked for a high Strip view- no problem! Everything was going TOO good, was I using up all my good luck?! The room was very spacious and clean, great view of the Strip. Unpacked, cleaned up and hit the casino. We already had our Club Orleans cards; Coast Casinos allows you to sign up for player’s cards online and you get them in the mail. The casino was much larger than I expected- tons of VP machines. We played VP for a while, ate, then caught the shuttle over to the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast was much nicer than I expected. So far, we haven’t done very well gambling, so we cut our losses at the Gold Coast and head back to the Orleans.

Up early, breakfast at the Orleans buffet, which is very reasonably priced and quite good. Take the shuttle to the Barbary Coast. I was not very impressed with the BC, I thought the casino very small and dark. Moved up the Strip to the Flamingo and saw the penguins, flamingoes and other assorted fowl. Kept moving up the strip- Harrah’s, Mirage and TI. We then worked our way back on the West side of the Strip to Bellagio. We were very impressed with the Bellagio, walked through the Conservatory, it was done up in an Asian theme, very nice. We had dinner at the Bellagio Buffet. I was looking forward to this, as I had heard that this was the best buffet in Vegas. The food was very good, but I think it was overrated in my opinion. We stayed at the Paris last trip and though the buffet there was much better than the Bellagio. Oh, I didn’t mention we were still losing our a**es off! Even with that, we had a great day!

In our previous strips to Vegas, we’ve never been to the North end of the Strip, with the exception of the Strat, so off we go. We hit Stardust, Slots-of-Fun, Western Ho and the Riviera. Still losing, I guess this is payback for the last 2 trips where we came home modest winners! It doesn’t bother me too much, I’m here for the Vegas experience and I allow myself a loss limit per day. My wife isn’t taking losing that philosophically!

We cab it back down the strip and try the Monte Carlo. I think this is a very nice property and have seen some pretty good rates here.
Definitely a possibility for the next trip!

Overall Impressions:
We found the Orleans to be a very nice place and a very good value, good food and CW service. Would I stay here again? Probably. This was our first time off-strip and looking at things in retrospect, I think we will probably go back to a Strip property on the next trip.