If you had three nights and two days in Vegas would you bump your flight? Five people did it, although I cant verify their itineraries, for a $500 voucher and a first class flight the next morning. My girlfriend and I weren't two of them. Anyway:
Night 1
Those who bitch about the Luxor are complainers. I found the staff to be hospitable, cocktail waitresses prompt, and the dealers shrewd, but nice. The casino is spacious, and the tables have low limits. I loved spending my savings account there.
Summary of night:
Margaritas: 3
Heinekens: 4
Winnings: 0
Losses: $100
Bedtime: 2:30 PST 5:30 EST

Night 2
Surprised to see my girlfriend enjoyed gambling. I was also surprised I had an early Friday night, that was last time I followed common sense. Ate dinner at Prime, in the Bellagio, and I give it five stars. It's expensive but a lot of fun (YOU GET YOUR CHOICE OF NAPKIN COLOR).
Summary of night:
Casinos visited: 4
Times the White Tiger took a crap in front of 100 people: 1
Margaritas: 1
Scotches: 1
Champagne: 1 bottle
Green Rockets: 10
Winnings: 0
Losses: $125
Bedtime: 7am PST (not bad)

Night 3
Had a slight problem with the girlfriend when I showed up at seven am when she went to bed at 12:30. But I was only down $125!! Anyway, we recovered and went out that night and had a great time. She is a blackjack player!
Margaritas: 4
Hits on Dream of Jeannie slots: 2
Green Rockets: ?
Winnings: HA
Losses: $1400
Fight with girlfriend: Priceless

Can't wait to go back!