The only way to start the new year...VEGAS BABY!!! Yes!!!! Been 6 weeks since last trip so I'm ready to go. As a side note, spent Christmas day at MGM Detroit as a pick-me-up. Liberated $1100 from their coffers in about an hour. Check-In kiosk at Reagan National for America West said that 1st Class seats were still available and given that the trip is going to be 5 1/2 hours, I splurge the extra $150 and ride in comfort the whole way. Since I was up most of the previous night, I sleep the majority of the way. I immediately pop awake though when I hear the pilot utter the magic words "Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our initial descent into Las Vegas". We land with no problem as the Strip whizzes by my window. Cabbie was real relieved that the New Years threats were over, said she hoped that the New year would be fruitful for all. She was an immigrant from South Korea and said she thanks every day that she is in this country. Being an Army guy, I was moved by her devotion. Anyway, get to the Luxor and get the room no problem.

I ate at the following places during my trip: Luxor Buffet, Luxor Steakhouse, House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, Wolfgang Puck Cafe at MGM, Pyramid Cafe at Luxor, Subway at Fashion Show Mall, and Cheesecake Factory at Ceasars. All food was excellent as well as service.

My game is Craps as some of you already know from my previous posts. I decided to start this trip off though with a monster Sports bet. I had a feeling about Tennessee. Anyway, I cleared a mid 4 figures amount on that game, WooHoo, what a way to start the trip baby!!!! I should have gone home after that but hind sight is 20/20 they say.

To make things short and sweet, I played 3 nights at MGM, got absolutely destroyed. 7's when I didn't need them and not in sight when I did. Changed to Mandalay for my fourth and last night, recouped a couple thousand after two sessions, plowed on in hopes of breaking even and got destroyed even more. Oh well, as they say, "The next best thing after gambling and winning is gambling and losing". I consoled myself with the thought that I was probably due for a hit as I smoked the casinos on my last three visits.

Despite the wallet hit, I had a blast, I mean it's Vegas, how can you not!!! Could be 8-9 months until the next trip which will be an eternity for me so I'll just have to hold on to the memories in order to make it through these dark periods.

Forgot to add one thing. For the guys, in the enclosed walkway between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay is a series of new stores. There is a place called The Art of Shaving. I had an excellent straight razor shave there. You need reservations because they tend to get booked quickly. The number is 702-632-9356. Ask for Luba (pronounced lewbah), she is the one who did me. I got what is called a Royal Shave for $45, an excellent deal.