First of all thanks to each and everyones comments & suggestions it really was right on, and oh so very helpful. For our first trip to las vegas

Plane was leaving at 6:10 am sunday. So no sleep sat. Night, way to much adrenaline pumping.Tired wasn't an option. Delta was on time each time and every time was pleasant.

We could see the hotels on the strip and downtown from the plain. 10:00 am I recognized mandalay bay to the stratosphere, the strip looked so small from there. Boy we couldn,t have been more wrong. Took a taxi to the airport acted like we had been here before so we didn't see the tunnel only cost 12.00 with tip(thanks board members)

Slot machines at the airport what a sight. No one was playing them I thought that to be a little strange, even though were told not to play here. Luggage took about 20 minutes seemed like hours.

Went to airport check-in (thanks again board members )for park place properties.Had three free nights to paris already booked.Ready to try the 20.00 trick (thanks again board members) no one in line that was nice.Gave the nice young lady my credit card and license and held the 20.00 bill in my hand folded so she could see it.I began my story ,finally made it to your beautiful city, here for the first time,by the way it is our 19 year anniversary, she is still typing away not really paying attention to me. I asked if she could give us a room with a view of the bellagio fountains or maybe a p room, something romantic.After being so silent I was starting to wonder if she spoke english. She looked like she might have been asian, and maybe in training. Another lady was standing right next to her. I started to sweat it seemed to be getting hotter by the minute. The 20.00 bill still stretched out further so they both could see it now.Wow the pressure, but i,m determined to get my first win.Finally she says she has a nice room with a view of the fountains, but it was not a p room. I said that would be great but I know it is only 11:00 am and it doesn't matter if we check in at 5:00 pm if we could get a p room we would just play in the casino until then boy I am really pushing it now she then makes a call to the hotel and says, I have mr. & mrs. %%word299%!3 here can I give then room 2025 p . She hung up the phone and told us we have a p room overlooking the bellagio fountains for you, and that we could check in within the hour as soon as they clean it and she even put a rush on it for us.. Wooooohooooo first win. She finished the paperwork & I asked her if she could except the 20.00 for all her help and she took it and said thank-you.I walked away with a big @#%$ eating grin on my face. And my wife said you are the man that was really really goooood!!!!

(Thanks again board members this will get redundant but this would not have been possible without you.)

we still didn't know what to expect all we know is we scored the big p room.

Stashed our bags with the bell person and he said when did they say your room would be ready. I said within the hour, he said are you sure it's only 11:15. I said yea i'm sure. They said we are important guests, he said you must be. At about this time my wife gives me the look I know, like shes thinking man do I have a stud for a husband, and I am starting to feel like one. It's vegas baby !!!

We ventured into the casino wowweeeeee it looks like we are outside in what must look like paris france. Cobblestone walkways, sides of building protruding from the walls,4 legs of the eiffel tower in the middle of the casino.What an unbelievable sight. Stilt-walkers walking around, mimes doing there thing, and one of the strangest things i've ever seen. A man painted totally gold his hat,face,clothes,boots, and dog standing there perfectly still for what seemed like for ever. The only way I new he was real was everybody was watching him and when someone tipped him he would slowly turn his head to to say thankyou and back to his position. Really, really freaky. You must go see this !!!

We played until about 1:30 and new our room would be ready now. So we went to get our room keys. Long lines except for the line that said invited guests. Hey thats us. (Thanks board members)walked right up got our key and couldn't wait to see our p room.

Oh my gosh

two p rooms are separate around the corner from the other rooms. We went in around the corner to one of the windows and we seen the paris ball and some of the strip and other hotels,the paris sign, people checking in pretty nice. We opened the other window and we were in front of the eiffel tower and behind that was the bellagio fountains and the pool right below us.It was a sight we will never forget.

Day one

the room had a king size bed,a full size couch,two big chairs,seperate shower and tub,a foot stool,hair dryer 25 inch tv in an armoir.Internet access, movies to rent (all kinds). 5.00 bottle of water we never touched.Had two phones one was on a seperate desk in between the bedroom and bathroom.The bed was very comfortable.

We went back down to the paris casino about 4:00 pm began to try all different kinds of drinks we learned about on this board thanks again. Finally found one my wife liked she doesn't like the taste of alcohol. She tried a cosmopolitan,alabama slammer,long island iced tea only a sip of each and I finished them off. Them the cocktail server told her to try a buttery nipple sounds good. She fell in love, irish creme and butterscotch schnapps. She drank 3 in a row real fast and she was fealing fine. Wife is 5.0 foot 120 lbs. So she was feeling no pain.I was having bud lights one after the other tipping two dollars for both drinks, so service was very good. By the way out of all the outfits paris cocktail servers can't be beat, very very very nice and that was before the drinks the wife said they were dressed pretty provocative. I tried to by an outfit from one of them for my wife but they wouldn't budge. %&$&&((

Played a lot of slots. 1cent and nickels don't scoff some of these penny machines you can bet 300 pennies a spin and nickels up to 100 nickels a spin. Might as well be playing a dollar machine but these are much more fun.Mainly donated our money until about 2:00 am,5:00am back home up about 40 hours now so we went up to the room to to see our view at night and ordererd room service, said we could order anything we wanted at 2:00am. Ordered a double decker club for the wife and a jumbo shrimp cocktail. I had the prime rib sandwich with au jus both with fries and a pepsi for both. Said it would be up in 30 min. Or less. 25 minutes he was there rolled in the cart and that was two of the biggest sandwiches I have seen, she barely ate half of hers. I at 6.0 foot 230 lbs. Finished mine but could not finish the fries. Food was hot and fresh, fries were still hot couldn't believe that. Basically passed out after that.

Day two coming up later basically the plan was to go left tomorrow and casino hop. And tues to go right and casino hop. Plus a trip to the palms and the rio . More to come.Including first encounters with those porn slappers and steet people downtown. My wife has always had this thing about people being hungry, she can't pass them up. If I had all the money back from the people she gives to claiming to be homeless and hungry at stop lights here in our time I could have spent more time in vegas. But she has a big heart. So I new a trip downtown could get costly very quickly.The third person that asked for money said he was homeless and just wanted something to eat I new I was in trouble. More later.

Day two Mon. 1/5

got up about 9:00 am went to aladdin wanted to try the slot tournament we have heard so much about, and also see it rain in the desert passage mall ? When we went in they had people giving out a flier for a free aladdin coffee mug for signing up for there players card.We were going to sign up anyway. So we stand in line and get the coffee cups. I go over and stand in line for the slot tournament, pay the 25.00 dollars to enter. For you people who have never done this tournament it was very easy and only took about 15 minutes start to finish. You pay the money, no waiting around for a specific time. You go straight to a machine of your choice in a roped off section, right by where you sign up. It is programmed with 300 credits you play these credits down to 0. Each spin is 3 credits and no matter the result of the spin it takes 3 credits, so you get 30 spins. I ended up with about 5000 points. The aladdin slot person recorded my score and told me to go to the promotions booth to pick my prize, and my free 5.00 dollars in slot play that they put on your card and when you put your card in the certain machine and hit promo it downloads the free slot play. Really nice stuff. I picked a aladdin jean jacket. Now I look at that jacket and think what the hell am I going to do with that.I know should have gotten the 20.00 dollars off the buffet but we were not hungry.So now my wife decides she can beat my score, back to the line to sign up. She doesn't beat me. Another win for me. Ha ha. She is smarter than me and picks the beach towel and hat something that we will actually use.Funny thing was we got back home and I gave the jacket to a family member who came to our house to take care of the dogs while we were gone and it is his now his most prized possession in the world. Telling everybody about his las vegas travels and how he got it off a guy for 5.00 dollars out side of aladdin, so that worked out pretty well.

Then they give us a scratch card. We scratch it off and go over to check the numbers to see if we won anything 10.00 dollars in free slot play, good deal, go back to stand in line and got 10.00 dollars each downloaded on our cards. Now we each have 15.00 dollars free. So for the 50.00 investment we had a nice jean jacket,hat,beach towel,two coffee cups and 30.00 in free slot play not to bad of a deal.

What surprised me the most about the whole thing was we had to stand in line so much that we were there for about an hour and a half before we could spend any of our own money on the slot machines, standing in line for everything.Good for us but some one really needs to re-think that thing through. No wonder it's almost bankrupt.

Stayed there for a couple of hours lost a couple of hundred, went to see it rain in the mall. Pretty cool but once you see it no reason to see it again. A couple of csi t-shirts( my favorite show) at one of the stores, and out of there.

Next mgm, missed the lions mouth entrance. Don't no how we could have missed something as big as most buildings in our town, but did.Played a little,and over to new york, new york. Really liked this place signed up for the card and told us if we get 10 points we could get a free t- shirt so we spent 50.00 dollars a piece and had a few alabama slammers and her buttery nipples, got the t- shirts by the way cool t-shirts. And headed to excalibur. Took some pictures, kind of looks like disney world on crack, lol.Over to luxor, what a modern marvel. Can't imagine what the rooms would look like built like that. Played and lost, took pictures.Got a cab to the palms.

Cab drivers in vegas are suicidal. From the time we got in the cab I was looking for the seat belt, sliding from side to side of the cab no- kidding. 6.00 dollars later and about that many minutes we were getting out at the palms. The whole time the cab driver is talking about other cabbies driving slow, trying to catch lights to try to make a extra buck.When he triples the amount of rides on them in an hour. I believe him.He missed a red light by at least 8 seconds. 8 seconds count with me, ready 1..2...3...4....5....6.....7.....8 I literally thought we were going to die !!!He said that light was yellow at least for a little while.The fair was 6.40 I gave him a ten and told him to keep the change for not killing us.

The palms was very good to me won 500.00 on a double bonus poker machine. Won another 600.00 on a penny machine cashed out 60 thousand pennies. Wife didn't do as well. Drink service was non existent.By the way we seen ron jeremy with a bunch of honeys going into one of the clubs. A little embarrassed to admit I know who he is. A lot of beautiful people in this place. Oh yea when we first got there we asked three different people where to get a slot card. No one seemed to know.Finally asked a lady at one of the snack bars and she was so rude. I finally just told her all i'm trying to do is find out where the hell you sign up for a players card in this joint.I am a very patient person and very happy go lucky, but she hit a wrong nerve. My wife was stunned I stood up for myself it makes her( hot )in a good way. She is the one that will usually go off on people. Boy that paxil sure is good !!

Over to the rio party in the sky and all. No drink service. I finally hunted a server down ordered a buttery nipple and a alabama slammer 20 minutes later he shows up with the drinks. Gave the wife hers and then mine. I took a sip of mine but it was not what I ordered so I told him, he said all im sorry here is yours. So I thought at least I have 2 drinks im going to need it with drink service being so slow. Then he turns around and asked for the drink back, I couldn't believe it. I told him I already had taken a drink out of it but it didn't matter. He put it back on the tray and was looking at where he was suppose to take that drink. Did not drink anything else from the palms !! Took some pictures lost some money.Cabbed back to paris.Wife and I holding on to each other as if one or both of us would certainly die in a fiery crash in the cab ride back. Had room service 3:00 am now. Went to bed. Been gone two of the 4 days already, time is flying like I have never seen, but only down one quarter of our spending money.Pretty excited about that.But down town tomorrow where the slots our suppose to be the loosest, yea right!!!

Last day street people,down town and the freemont steet experience.The ho dog at slots of fun and more, still paying for the ho-dog (thanks for the stomach ache board members.)

Tues. 1/6 last full day in vegas.

The time has flown by so fast, we wished we would have booked at least a week.

Up around 10:00 am ordered room service at paris. Had the aplle crepes we have heard so much about. I really liked them my wife said they ok.

Walked to the flamingo played there a shot while lost some more money on the slots. Thought I would cash my 900.00 dollar tickets in here because it was a place property. Nope can't cash it even thogh they are a park place property I was informed you must cash the ticket back at ballys where you got them. Learned a valuable lesson since I was the one that walked back to ballys to cash the tickets. My wife decided to play a little longer at the flamingo since I was the one that said oh I can cash them at the flamingo.Finally met back up with the wife and walked to ti.

Your right what a horrible looking sign.Played a little while and checked out the venetian didn't go in but it was a master piece from the outside took some pictures and over to harrahs. We got an e-mail from them that said we must get at least one point on our players card by 1/8 to keep our points we had racked upin north carolina. So that worked out well. Broke about even there. Seemed like a place you could play. All yea down in the carnival court area we had the best soft pretzel we had ever eaten. About our fifth one so far, so we know what were talking about. Bought a t-shirt for the daughter.

On the way to the stardust a man waiting at the bus stop said hey man let me ask you a question. I am not going to lie to you I am an alcoholic. Can I have a couple of bucks to get a drink. I said sorry can't help you. He said at least I was honest. I said I appreciate that but I cannot bring myself to hurt you further by adding to your addiction. He said ok ?? Wow !!!!

Played in the frontier best drink service we had had since new york, new york. Barely made it out of there on our own two feet.

Slots of fun. We heard this is a good place to play slots. You were right both wife and I won money here, should have stayed but we wanted to see downtown. I was playing a huge 3 decker slot machine by the door + quarters and it had 3 different slot machines on top of each other. The first reels would spin and pay you, the second would spin and pay you and them the third took time to play and I was doing well on it. My wife was playing a slant top wheel of fortune. I looked over and there it was the famous ho dog stand right in front of my eyes. I was a little hungry and thought I have to do this. How bad could it be !!!! The place was a little dirty and a little hole in the wall place. I ordered it with cheese and chili, a little over two bucks with tax. She layed that thing in front of me and I could only laugh, it had to be a whole pack of huge ballpark franks rolled into one. I sat back down at the machine with a bunch of napkins and began to eat it was so hot it burnt the roof of my mouth.This was a good thing I know bacteria can't breed after a 150 degrees so I thought I would be safe. I must be nuts but I thought it was not to bad.I did suffer horrible gas pains for the next 12 hours. I love punishment so I would do it again.

Took a cab to downtown at this point figured we walked enough from Paris to here. Cab driver was a pervert kept asking my wife what kind of lingerie she had purchased while she was here ?????

Im sorry but downtown cannot be done justice by people talking about it. It was exactly what I pictured in my mine what the old vegas looked like. We played at the 4 queens and got free t shirts. Played at the golden gate had the .99 cent shrimp cocktail it was ok for the price. So we decided to try the 2.99 shrimp cocktail much better had another after that.Played at Golden Nugget, Fitzgeralds, Freemont, Plaza and Binions. Lost well over a thousand dollars in no time playing slots. So much for looser slots downtown my money is with slots of fun and another ho dog.When we got our cards at Binions they looked at us like we were stupid I think some of the employyees new it was only a matter of time before they were forced to close. Sure enough a couple of days later they closed at least I have a players card from them. I new it was trouble when my asked for her beloved buttery nipple and she said we can't make it because we have no butterscotch schnapps.

We were sitting in Binions having a bud and a coke and this guy approaches my wife and says he dont want money he is just hungry and wanted her to by him something to eat. I said move along.I should have known better after 19 years of marriage . Yea I had to hunt this guy down myself and tell him I would be glad to buy him something to eat.So I figure I would by him something to eat at the binions snack bar a couple of hotdos or burgers and be done . But know he proceed to walk me all the way to the other side of the casino and back out on to the steet. At this time I start to get a liitle nervous I could handle him but not a few of his buddies so I try to hand him 5.00 and he says he needs another 1.61 to get a pizza. I gave him tge 5.00 dollars and told him to go do what he wanted with it. My wife and her soft heart could of almost got me killed.

Seen this guy using spray paint and making pictures. 25.00 I should have bought one would have traveled well and would have had a one of a kind item. Instead of all those t shirts, and coffee mugs. Seen several freemont experience numbers. The sheer magnitude of that thind is mind boggling. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. We had left a pretty good bank roll downtown I hope it helped a little and cabbed back to paris.Had alabama slammers and buttery nipples playing the slots until my wife said you better get me back to the room before I pass out.

Woke up and sad to leave had a late check out. Ordered roomservice for the last time looking out at our beautiful view of the bellagio hotel and fountains. Called to have bellman to store our luggage for a few hors , our plane didn't leave until 3:30. Played some slots had a couple more drinks.

Checked out at the invited guest line and they said your remaining balance is 56.00 pretty good I thought 3 nights free and well over 200.00 in room service for 56.00 dollars what a deal. He said we hope to see you again . My wife said.

You can count on it !!!!

We gad a little over 5000 points a piece got 50.00 dollars in cash back a piece and caught the cab to the airport. Check in every time was a no brainer never took more than 15 minutes. I highly reccommend e ticket check ins real fast !!!

Final thoughts on our first trip to sin city

More porn slappers on the strip than downtown
Newspaper stands are not what they use to be !!
Drink service for the most part was horrible
The palms was screwed up and rude people
Aladdin slot tournament was a good value
Slots of fun is the best place to play slots and we played alot
The ho dog was not that bad burp, burp lol
All of you were right our local casino will be getting a lot less of our money !!! Vegas baby !!!
Weather was good
Downtown slots suck

When approached by time share people tell them your plane is leaving in a few hours, worked everytime.

Vegas is all we can think about right now and are already making plans to return. So much to see and do that we missed. By the way my recommendation for vegas virgins would be 6 nights and 7 days. 3 nights and 4 days was way too short.