What is the HYPE all about this Hotel? We went on an offer for a Slot Tournament. The room was fine, nothing spectacular, the best part was the bed, linens and pillows, nice. I do play Video Poker and there were a lot of full pay machines to play eventhough did not win anything. Husband plays Blackjack, however, tables were usually full and the rules not the greatest.

We had a couple of bad experiences and wrote a letter to Mr. Malloof, but unfortunately he has not responded. One of the problems that we had was believe it or not being able to get up to our room at 1:00am. We had gone out of the Hotel to go to see a Show and when we returned there was a huge line for Ghost Bar and the elevators for the rooms are right by where the line was to go up to Ghost Bar. We tried to make our way to the elevators, however, people in the crowd started getting beligirent because they thought we were trying to cut in line. We left that mob and went and got Security. We were escorted to the elevators through the crowd with the Security Personnel and made it to our room. Not a good experience!

I went to the Spa early one morning. I signed in and was given directions to the Women's Spa. I went in and part of the Spa was rather dark, I walked around some and did not see anyone and flipped some light switches on. Looked around more for a Spa attendant, no one to be found. So, I started looking for lockers, robes, etc. I went to the whirlpool area and nothing was on so I turned the jets on. I had been sitting in the whirlpool when I felt these cold drops falling on my head. I looked up and saw that water was dripping from some type of "shower" that was directly above the whirlpool. When I looked up I saw that there was a "vent" that was absolutely filthy with mold like matter on it, had enough and got out. Went looking for the Saunas and turned the steam sauna on. It felt very hot and left right away since I did not know if the thing was set properly or not. Had enough fun for one morning and left after showering and throwing my clothes back on. Learned that the Women's Spa attendant had not shown up to work that morning.

After hearing mainly good things about the Palms, I was looking forward to staying there, unfortunately it was not what it was cracked up to be. I am also suprised that no one from the Palms has bothered to at least reply to my letter, I guess they have plenty of business!