Our group from Ohio flew ATA thru Chicago and landed in Vegas friday night right on time 8:30p.m. This left plenty of time for our number 1 priority of this trip; gambling. Went thru the airport, rental car center, and on to the orleans in no time.Check in was quick and the rooms at the orleans are nice size. Made a stop at the liquor store for some spirits and a quick sandwich at Terrible Mike's and was now ready ready to get in a little gambling before calling it a night. Sat down the rest of the night and played some blackjack. Nice table limits at the orleans ($3-$100). They also had a number of 2 deck blackjack games. Broke even after a couple of hours and since I was still on ohio time called it quits at 2:30/ 5:30 my time.

Got up around 8:00 Saturday and headed for the breakfast buffet. This is a real bargain at $5.99 plus tax. I recommend the omlettes that were made just right.Plenty of other good standard breakfast fare so that no one went hungry. Played some more blackjack, craps, and some video poker. There was a group of triple play video poker machines in the corner by the italian restaurant that were paying off all weekend. Two in our group won $250 and free orleans coats for royal flushes. Sometimes you had to wait for quite a while to get a seat at these 10 machines.

Went down to the strip for a while in the afternoon and went to circus circus, stardust, and riviera. Came out a few bucks ahead playing let it ride and checked out some of the college basketball games I had played at the sportsbook at the stardust. Ended up going 2-3 for the saturday games. Went back to the orleans and went to check out the point spreads for the football games on sunday. If you are ever at the orleans sportsbook make sure you see the hot dog lady who sets up there. Sat down and had 2 dogs smothered in onions, relish, and mustard and a couple of cold beers and bet a few of the horse races. It doesn't get any better than that.Decided to head up to the room and rest for awhile. That evening I decided to start off playing some craps and did not fare to well. Then proceded to win a little at the blackjack table and since I was up some,I decided to play some 3 card poker. This turned out to be a good move because I was doing pretty well hitting a few flushes and straights and then about an hour into playing I managed to hit a straight flush (40-1).
Played about 10 minutes longer and decided to call it quits for the night, my best gambling session of the trip. Went and got a nice greasy cheeseburger at the snack bar and headed to the irish pub to use my 2 free beer coupons. They had a nice band inside that played a combination irish/rock.After about an hour I was relaxed and decided to call it a night.

Sunday morning started with breakfast at the courtyard cafe. Even though the graveyard specials are only served mon-thurs this is still a great place to eat. Had scrambled eggs, a big slice of ham, hashbrowns, toast, juice for under $6.00. After breakfast I decided to stake out a seat in the sportsbook to watch the football games. I placed a couple of basketball bets on Virginia and Bowling Green that turned out to be winners and then placed my bets on the Patriots and the under in the first football game. These 2 turned out to be winners. I was 4-0 for the day and all the free beer the cocktail waitress could bring along with another sportsbook hotdog. Unfortuntely my luck ended when I took the Eagles in the 2nd game.
Took a break for awhile and that night took the shuttle from the orleans down to barbary coast. Went over to flamingo to cash in a sportsbook ticket for a friend. We then went over to harrah's since I had a voucher to redeam for some cash. Played a few slots at each of those 2 places and then headed over to imperial palace and played some blackjack at the tables with elvis,marilyn,jake, elwood, etc.
Also got to see a gentleman hit the $1000 slot on wheel of forturne.
Took the shuttle back and decided to give 3 card poker another try. Big mistake, I should of went to bed. Did manage to regain some of my loses with another winning session at blackjack.

Monday morning I picked up a light breakfast at the coffee shop and went over to the sportsbook to read the morning paper and to lay down a few super bowl bets before leaving. Also decided to put a few dollars down on Jeff Gordan to win the Daytona 500 (8-1) and the university of cincinnati to win the NCAA (17-1).

By this time it was time to get everyone in our group back together and check out and head for the airport. Trip back was uneventful but long. Not much to look forward to when you have to get up and head back to work. Only 362 days till next years trip.

All in all we had a good trip. No flight delays etc. Did not get down to Fremont Street this trip, we wanted to check out Binions to see if it was still closed. We had planned to take in the Hofbreau House but it was not opened yet. Would like to play some Texas Hold'Em the next time out. They have quite a number of games going on at the Orleans.
This is the 2nd year in a row we stayed at the orleans it is really a nice casino and they are in the process of building another tower with arund 900 rooms.