Second time staying at Flamingo. My wife's family has stayed there for years and the first time we went it was fine. This time we were a bit disappointed.

Of course we arrived after a 13 hour trip from Chicago (Thanks America West), so we weren't in the best frame of mind when we arrived. We were supposed to have a "Upgrade if available upon check-in" noted on our reservation, courtesy of a contact in the marketing dept. When we asked the front desk clerk about this, she acted like we were crazy, developed an attitude and said if you want an upgrade you have to pay. I explained the full situation to her and she said "sorry, nothing I can do." I guess she might have been fishing for a tip, which I would have given her after the fact. But I refused to try and bribe her for something the hotel said we would already get. So we took our room keys and proceeded to go to room 7171 (a pool view she said). This room is the second from the extreme NE corner of the hotel and took us about 5 minutes to walk from the elevator to the room. The room was about as nice as a college dorm room and overlooked some nice A/C units on the casino below. I believe we were being punished by the clerk.

We called down to the desk and a very nice lady arranged a new, slightly larger room on the 26th floor overlooking Caesers, Bellagio and everything else. It was great. Still don't know if I'd call it an upgraded room, but it was nice at least. Security met us there and let us in. Now we had to go back down to get our keys reprogrammed and who did I get to go to for that? The original check in clerk. She asked what happened and I told her that a nice lady in the phone center had arranged for a high, strip view room instead. I then turned to the next clerk and asked her if she could deliver a enevelope w some cash to Yvette in the phone room, which she galdly did---I hope. As I was walking away, I told Jimelle, "Shoulda been yours".

Margaritaville was good if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan. but expensive. 3 people, 2 apps and 2 sandwiches and 2 beers $80. Poor service--didnt see waiter for a bit and then it was suddenly "Here's your check"

Dealers were very robotic, not one conversation was struck up at BJ or roulette. Routinely looking around bored. Of course no luck either for the little I played there. Played more at Barbary Coast and Osheas. BC a bit more friendly also had a good 5c progessive video poker w a $650 pot, which some one hit the day we left. Also Victorian Room decent food at decent prices. But can anyone tell me why OJ is $4 a galss all over LV?

Went downtown one night and played at the Fremont for about 3 hours, roullette, BJ and slots and my wife got 2 buffet comps just for sitting down at table. Buffet was decent, but kept falling a step short--Shrimp unpeeled, crablegs had next to no meat--but not bad.

By far, we liked Harrahs the best. Dealers were all friendly. Great Buffet, Great Buffet, best I've had in LV. Seafood, Pasta, Meat, chinese, mexican, breakfast, stir fry, good desserts. My sis got enough points from a couple hours of slot play to comp 3 of those. Great entertainment in Carnival Court, the outdoor bandshell and the La Playa w the Dueling Pianos is a must see. Starts at 9 i think and goes til 2 am. Basically 2 funny guys playing wahtever requests you can come up with, for a $10 or $20 donation of course. They knew 99% of the requests. We were there for about 2 hours prob and these guys must have raked in over $1000. Amazing how maney loses all value to people in LV at 2 in morning. They had a bidding war between guys and girls foe choice of last song, and the guys won $290 to $210. That took about 10 minutes. Just so you can hear a song you probably already heard that night. But very funny pianists.

We also played a bit at the Casino Royale. Dark, old and dirty tables, but friendly dealers and waitresees. Maybe not a place to stay, but for some cheap action it was great.

Saw the new TI Pirate battle---cornball at it's best. If you're a fan of great B-Movies on Cinemax you'll like it.

If you're looking for something in the Flamingo price range, I'd look at Harrahs instead. In summer the Flamingo does have a gret pool area, but in the winter, there's just not much reason to stay there. We also stopped in Paris for a while and hit the Risque dance club. Very tight, intimate club w a crowded dance floor. Very LA it seemed to me. Go-Go dancers were a plus. I'm not a dancin guy but I might go there again after a night of drinkin at Voodoo lounge. The Paris casino is very nice, with the ceiling a remarkeble substitute of a blue sky. Was hard to believe I was indoors. Wouldn't mind staying there for the right price.