3rd trip to Vegas. 1st time stayed at Jockey Club (1997) Second time at Tropicana (2000)

My husband and I are 31 and 32.

Left Minneapolis at about 2:30 P.M. on Thursday. My husband and I upgraded to first class as soon as we saw how crowed and tight coach was. Had a great time - free drinks and the flight attendants are so nice when you are in first class! Landed in Vegas feeling pretty good. Took a cab to the IP. VERY nervous about what to expect because had read some horrid things about the IP. Check in was a breeze. Asked for a strip view and got it (after being warned about the loud band at Harrah's). Had absolutely no problem with the notorious elevators all weekend. The room was clean and very nice. Had our own balcony and had a blast listening to the band at Harrah's while getting ready to go out for the night! After we changed and freshened up we took a cab to the much-hyped Palms. Went to the N9NE steakhouse for dinner. There were no tables available until 10:30 but the hostess said we could sit in the lounge area and eat. Very comfy chairs and couches. My hubby has a steak ($40) and french fries ($10). I had the Chicken Truffle ($36). Food was AWESOME! Hubby said it was the best steak he ever had. But we felt kindof silly eating off of a coffee table! Drinks were spendy too, but you pay for the atmosphere I guess. The bathroom stalls even have little TV's in them so you can watch TV while you do your business!

After that headed up to the Ghost Bar. $20 cover charge. $8 drinks - Yikes! The view is breathtaking. It's undescribable. Just the whole atmosphere up there with the view is awesome. Only stayed for 2 drinks. Got in a cab and headed to Gilley's at the Frontier. More our kind of place and crowd! Thursday night is ladies night and drinks are a buck. Had a great time! Went to Barbary Coast for breakfast at 4 a.m. ($2.95) SOOO good!

Got up the next morning around 9:00 and felt pretty good (hasn't hit us yet). Got showered up and planned on walking down to NYNY for their pizza. After we ate we started to crash. Took a cab to the Palms AGAIN and went to a movie. After the movie we headed back to IP and hit happy hour (2 for 1's) and quickly perked up! Met my brother and SIL there for the evening. Gambled a bit...IP is a FUN casino!! The dealers are great - very high-energy place! Went to Battista's Hole in the Wall for supper. Kindof a cool place but the food SUCKED. You get all you can drink wine for free on your table - but noone could stand to drink it. (And SIL and I LOVE wine). It was wretched. Food was flavorless. YUCK!! What a waste of money.... Headed to Margaritavilles at the Flamingo for a few drinks then to Harrah's to the Improv (10:30 show). SOOO funny. We laughed our butts off! Well worth the time and money $25 a ticket). After the show we went to the TeaHouse at the IP for breakfast. It was OK. Off to bed!

Hubby headed to the spa Saturday morning for a massage. Came back around 11:30 with a beer and thought "That looks good!" Went down to Tequila Joes and had a beer and the free chips and salsa. Took a cab to Stratoshpere. Gambled a bit. Then went up to Top of the World for lunch. Spectacular View! Great food Great service. Loved it. Didn't love the $85 bill but hey, we're in Vegas ( and we had a bottle of wine!). Walked around the observation deck for a while - scary rides up there. Took a cab back to IP to freshen up. Planned to go to the Tropicana for a comedy show there! Took a cab down there and cab driver convinced us that we HAD to see MAMA MIA! at Mandalay Bay. Went there and bought our $70 tickets and gambled a bit at the Mandalay. Very fancy and seems very pretentious. Not a place to go if you just want to party, gamble and have fun. Then went to the show. WHAT A JOKE! Boring, LONG, and way over hyped. Do not waste your money. We were seriously falling asleep. We were both upset that we wasted out last night in vegas at this joke of a show!

Overall, I highly recommend the IP! Cheap and fun!