Super Bowl 2004-WORST Trip ever!

I had taken some pride in the fact that except for my very first trip, ( Super Bowl '97 ) I had never been completely tapped out. Well Trip # 11 changed that. This trip robbed of any pride and all money that I had! Okay, here come the gruesome details...

I purchased airfare right after my return trip from Thanksgiving, and paid a hefty price of 400 bucks. My highest airfare ever. This was with Funjet. I figured that was the penalty for booking a flight that late for the upcoming Super Bowl. To my horror, I found the lady sitting next to me paid only 234 bucks for her seat, purchased 2 weeks prior to the trip! Well, I had to plan things out in advance and could not wait to jump on last minute air deals!

Arriving Thursday morning Jan. 29th, I caught a shuttle down to the Stardust where I used the Las Vegas Advisor coupon for one free night! Checked right in. Nice room, especially for free! I then headed across the street to the Peppermill for breakfast. Neat place, will go back. I headed over to Westward Ho for some 9/6 25 cent JB VP. Put in 60 bucks...played for FOUR hours!!! After being down to almost tapped out twice, played it back up and cashed out plus 70 bucks. Hey, not a fortune, but not a bad start. I headed back to my room after a free ice cream sundae at the Ho, and took a nap. Got up, showered and headed down the Strip with plans to hit Harrah's, Barbary Coast and end up playing VP at the Palms!

NEVER made it to the Palms. This was a low budget trip for me, and I had a certain amount allotted for each day. Now ahead of schedule with my win at the Ho. Little did I know at this point I would not win again for over two days! I sat down at a 2 dollar 9/6 VP machine at Harrah's, put 60 bucks in. GONE in a flash. ( I should no way be playing such a machine ) Angered, I put 50 more in...and in a matter of mere minutes, it too was sucked in by the machine! I head to the BC to play some BJ. 70 bucks there gone in a matter of minutes. Down to it on my bankroll, I realize I am pretty much now done for the evening. I catch the bus back to the Stardust. I find a 50 cent VP machine there and drop 60 bucks...a few drinks later I head up to my room. It is not yet 9 P.M. I watch T.V. for awhile and then go to sleep.

Friday! Up early, check out, head to Faishon Show Mall to find an ATM machine where I can grab some cash from my direct deposit paycheck which went in today! I find one, paying almost 3 bucks service charge...! I then hop the Hard Rock Shuttle to the HR and walk over to Terrible's. I get a free funbook and T-shirt, from LVA coupons, and have a GREAT Chicken dinner for $4.99. This folks, is a deal! I then lose 20 bucks on a LVA match play coupon and drop 70 at a VP machine. Now a most expensive chicken dinner! Back to the HR, shuttle to Strip, bus to downtown...check in at the El Cortez! Room has a great view of big giant pipes, and has a constant HUMMMM coming thru the window! Nice...

Having gone aleady pretty much of my budget for the day, I place 3 basketball bets at 15 bucks each. ALL lose. I use up part of the evening going to the Neonoplis movie theater and seeing the Cooler. Good movie. Takes place in Vegas ON Fremont St. and as I watched the movie zoom in on Fremont St. it was neat to think that Hey, I am right there now! Afterwards, I hit ate at the Fremont Seafood buffet! Great!!! Then hit the sack early again.

Saturday! I have one good buddy and 2 of his friends coming in today, staying at Las Vegas Club. I take some more cash out of the ATM and go to the LVC. I have breakfast at the Upper Deck. Pretty good. Down to the Casino to play some VP. First double bonus machine sucks 60 out of me, next one another 60, I move up to the 50 cent machine which had kicked my butt in the past. The machine stays undefeated with me and takes 100. I sit down for a little BJ and lose 55. By the time the boys arrive to meet up with me, all in a lather to go gamble, I am tapped out. I lose 24 more on roulette, and walk back to the El Cortez, leaving the boys off on their own.

I use an LVA Coupon at Careful Kittys for a T-bone steak dinner, and a free movie ticket. I use the ticket later that night to see the butterfly effect. Not a bad flick, slow buildup, but okay. Looked around Fremont St. for the boys but no go. Back to the El and another early night. I had already put my Super Bowl Bets in and was just waiting for that. I knew this was a bad town to be broke in, and now I was seeing the reality of how true that was!!

Super Bowl Sunday! Honestly, at this point, I was so down and depressed that if I could have taken an early flight home, I would have!!!! Looked for the boys, nothing. Shrimp Coctail at Golden Gate. Stocked up on Cupcakes and Pop for the game, back to my room to watch the game. I won 2 bets, New England scoring over 22 and also the over for the game. Great game though. I figured up later I won like 3 out of 29 bets or gambling sessions. Whew!

I finally find the boys at LVC after the game. 2 of them insist on going next door the strip club. They buy my drinks. Round of 3 beers....27 dollars...the view...priceless! Ha.Ha. They buy me a lap dance. Whew...getting hot in here! I had tried to decline telling the young lady I was gay, but nobody believed me! Oh well.

Afterwards back to the El Cortez for yet another early evening! Next day, breakfast at Careful Kitty's and then the El Cortez free shuttle to the airport! Fittingly, there is a near riot on the plane and a half hour delay because first class is oversold.

Final Tallies:
Souv. and Misc.-59.33

Gambling-Minus 658.50 ( VP-292.50, Sports-176.00, BJ-165.00 Roulette-24.00 )

All in all, my worst trip EVER! From gambling to the grand El Cortez Room! For once, I was not anxious to write my trip report or even to go back! But now the wounds are healing, and I am planning my revenge!

Bob in Cleveland.