Stay at Harrahs only if its free. Front desk was useless,clerk chewing gum-nice. Rooms dark,mustly,dirty,FOAM pillows.Found used sex toy,eye glasses,food and legal papers of the last guest who stayed there.Did not need the alarm clock as the jack hammers at 630am will wake you up.Booked via Expedia for four nites,during check in the in/out dates were correct but on day 4 they had us as leaving after three nites. Told me to go the Venitians business center to go to to resolve this-WHAT????Spoke to three front desk Stupervisors, took 50 minutes to resolve.Went back to the room,they had canceled the room card-back downstairs to the front desk again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Decided to make some calls and check out of his dump.Left went to the RIO(owned by the same company as Harrahs did not know this at the time)rooms 4X the size of Harrahs. Modern-Huge TV, iron was not chained/cabled to the board as at Harrhas. Beds very comfortable,bathroom huge. Harrahs was coffin like at you could not open the door fully.
Won 600 at craps over two nites at Harrahs. key is if you are up set an amount that you are willing to give back and keep to it. Had a very hot shooter on one game. won 450, after giving back 100 left with a net of 350. person next to me stayed after they won over 2500 on that hot shooter. saw them the nect day. lost it all and gave back 400.
Won 650 at craps over three nites.Got the last night comped. Overall I like Vegas but its not the vegas of the 80's. Remember that most of the front staff is minimum or close to it wage earners. The back staff(maid/kitchen prep) dont speak english.

Dont stay at Harrahs
Do stay at the RIO