Got out to Sin City around 3:30pm after an uneventful drive through the desert. Girlfriend Wendy slept most of the way so there was no need to make any pottie stops. Check in was a breeze, less than five minutes. Up to the room to drop off the luggage and then down to play. I go straight to the race and sports book and G/friend goes to her favorite twilight zone slots. I think i hit two out of three races but dont really like harness races so i dont spend much time here, i leave a few bucks to the good. I check in on Wendy and she is having a ball on her slots, no big wins but losing very little. I head over to the nickle video poker and the machine eats my money quick. I leave there and go over to G/friend and play next to her for awhile. About 6:30 or so we go have the buffet using our Amer. asino guide 2 for 1 and the meal is pretty good as always. thirteen bucks for two people i will never complain. After dinner we head back over and play mostly the twilight zone machines again. Play til about midnight and call it a night. Gotta get up early to get a good seat and handicap the races for the next day.


Rise and shine around 8:00am and go down to Seattles Best, coffee something or other and orange juice for me. two cheese danish and i use the 10% off coupon they give you at check in. Go down to the race book and hit one winner after another, hit the first 3 of 4 races i play. Play the free santa Anita contest and lose but come close. G/friend still banging away at the Twilight zone machines. Meet some new people and catch up with some old friends and just have an overall great time. Chow down a 75cent Vienna beef hot dog sold at the sports book and continue to play the races. Leave the Hotel to grab a sandwich at a place a friend recomends and all i can say is that it was nothing to write home about. Come back to the Orleans and play more aand more and more. Were not big gamblers but the Orleans gives us plenty of bang for our buck. Around seven we decide to use Amer. Casino guide 2 for 1 fajita dinner at the Don Miguels at the Orleans. Man i wasent even that hungry but i must say these fajitas were the best ive ever had. The meat was so tender and tasty they were just great. Got out of there for less than 15 bucks including tip. After dinner we play and play and play, Wendy sticks with her Twilight zone and i skip all over the casino from machine to machine. Wendy hits a hundred dollar winner just before i hit a fifty dollar winner. We stay up til 3am and get some money back. Over all not a bad days play,

Day 3

Check out day, time goes so fast in this town. We have the breakfast buffet and it nothing special but not bad either, i think breakfast is a hard buffet to pull off because the stuff gets a little cold and its not quite the same. But using the 2 for 1 Amer. Casino guide coupon it costs us 6 bucks. After breakfast Wendy heads back to her machine and i to the race book. I cant catch a cold today but limit my bets so i dont lose much. Say goodbye to some friends at around noon aand pry G/friend away from her machine. On the road home at aound 12:30pm. Uneventful drive home.

Trip overview

Got the room for 25 dollars a night. Check 2 nights before leaving and they had it for that price. Called the Orleans and told them what i found on the internet and they matched it.

Never had a bad trip to the Orleans win or lose. I always fell welcome here. The entire staff bends over backwards to make you feel at home here.

Sure glad i invested in an American Casino Guide. It's paid for itself already.

We lost about 2 hundo for the trip. Not bad . Best bang for the buck by far.

Thanks for reading.