Arrived late Fri night after a six hour delay on SWA. Wife and 15-yr old boy arrived a few hours later; Uncle Buck was already there. Put the boy to bed and played BJ for two hours spreading from 10 to 75 with no problem. Lost $50, Buck won $300. Up way too early Sat, nice out despite rain predictions, so I decided to show the boy around. We walked to NYNY and back--way too many joggers--it's Vegas for chrissakes. Handed the boy off to mom and went to the race book to meet UB. They managed to fulfill our request for an electrical outlet for the computer, but acted like they were doing us a big favor (this was set up in advance). Yes, all serious horse race handicappers now use a computer to crunch numbers, etc (see for the best programs). We had a bad day (down about $1200) and took a comp to Embers. We then headed to the Flamingo to play some BJ and get a line pass to the George Wallace show that night. After playing at a quarter table and ranging from $25 to $100, I asked the floorman (who looked like Elvis) for a pass. You'd think I asked for his first born. After several lengthy consultations, he returned and bestowed it upon me (as if it cost them anything). I won $200 and UB lost $600. most expensive line pass ever says he. Off to Embers. Last time we were in LV we ate there and were surprised at the quality. It was great again except for my wife's ahi tuna (special that night). Highlight was the cherries jubilee flamed tableside. An hour of even BJ at IP and off to the show. There were nine people in line that we bypassed--great planning. The show was terrific--he's a funny guy and was clean enough fo the teen. George even called the boy on stage and used him in a few jokes==he got a free t-shirt. The guy's really funny--see him if you can. Back later with more.

Sunday it rained, and rained. Went to the race book and our plug was gone. Kicked out a panel and unplugged a TV while vowing next trip would be elsewhere. Another poor day at the track, tho down only a few hundred. Wife an boy went to Gameworks where he had a ball,she not so much. They had lunch at PF Changs. He thought it was great, she not so much. Played a few hours of BJ at quarter tables at IP, about even. Went over to Mirage and won $400, lost it back at craps at Casino Royale on the way home. We at at the IP seafood house (comped from the race book), It was again better than we expected. Played BJ at IP, Flamingo, and BarbCoast til 2 am. Monday, it rained, and rained some more. We moved our golf tee time to Tues and sat around being hung over. We made it to the race book for the night races. Hit three tris and perfectas in a row and then a $48 horse for $100. Ended up covering all the previous losses and adding a grand or so. Played for a few hours at $25 tables at IP spreading 25-200. I won $300 and UB about $1400. He ratholed about half of that (snuck it in his pocket), then we went to the Flamingo. I won $700 and UB lost $100. On the way home he cashed his IP chips and the cashier asked him where he got them all. He even told him he miscounted the cash to try to hold him at the window longer (presumably to take a picture). Bear in mind, he never did anything wrong other than putting his own money into his pocket. They don't like cashing $700 in greens. Later, they hassled me and shuffled up early because they saw me shuffling my chips and the chick next to me was counting. I played as I always do even with two floor guys watching, including raising my bets with a positive deck cause I didn't care if they tossed me. They eventually left. Next am we went to Cravings buffet (Mirage) for breakfast with the boy. Twenty-five minute wait and the food was mostly cold and mediocre. Boy made sure we got our money's worth, tho.
We then took a cab out to Aliante golf course, had a good time and the bad weather held off for long enough to get the round in. Played a few hands at a $50 table at IP that eve, but left when the floorman came over and put his hand on the table. I was up about 50--good enough. Had a pizza from the place upstairs and it sucked. Went to check out for early am flight and discovered the rooms that were sposed to be copmed at $10 a night from he race book were 29 and 49. What the hey, just take off whatever comp pointsI have on my card. OK says he, that's $22. I bout snorted on him. Let's see, 10-12 hours at an average of $50 a hand is $22? WTF, you just ensured I'll never be back to your dump.
Final thoughts: the "upgraded" rooms weren't too bad, fairly clean, tho the drains were slow (as if I care). The elevators aren't slow, it's just that there are only 4 of them. The separate comp systems for table games and the race book are stupid. I'll never set foot in there again.