We just back from Las Vegas. Please forgive me if this does not make sense as I am REALLY tired. I would wait and type this up later, but then I know I won't do it.

Air & Hotel - We used MLT Worry Free Vacations package deal this time. They use a charter company named Champion Air. We have used them several times in the past and have been pretty happy overall. If we have good offers from hotels, we will take just the air. This time we took the air and hotel for $350.00 (tax included) because it was so inexpensive. We stayed at the 4 Queens and were there for four nights. We really wanted to stay downtown this time. We stayed in the South tower on the 3rd floor in room 330 (I never remember room numbers when I get back, but I did this time for some reason). We did not think they had room safes, but luckily I read the board right before we left. Someone said the rooms from the 4th floor down have safes. When we checked in we asked the clerk and she said she did not know. She looked and they did. The room also had an ironing board, iron and hair dryer. I did not remember having those last time we stayed. The room was a nice size. The bathroom was very, very small. The water pressure in the tub was great. The water in the sink faucet would hardly come out. It was hard to brush your teeth. They did not have any non smoking rooms when we checked in. We have learned this doesn't really matter downtown anyway because all the rooms smell like smoke. Even in the Nugget. The only complaint I have about the 4 Queens is the maid service. They did not clean our room the first day. I had to call for towels and TP.

Food - We tried to eat in all new spots this time. This is where we ate:

Freemont Buffet - This buffet was pretty good. We were starving though :).

Magnolia's Cafe in the 4 Queens - This month was hubby's b-day month and they gave him a free breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had breakfast while looking over the casino. It was a good standard breakfast.

Cheesecake Factory - We always have to stop in here and have a meal and cheesecake. BEWARE - If you have never eaten at the Cheesecake Factory (we don't have them here), the food portions are huge. We knew this going in so we weren't shocked, but the poor older lady next to us was about to die when she saw her pot pie come out. I have NEVER seen a pot pie that big. She asked us if we wanted to share :).

Panda Express - Fast food chinese on the Strip next to Harrah's. Just something to eat.

In and Out Burger - The debate is over for me. I am now an In and Out Burger fan!!!!!!! Those burgers are far better than Fatburger. I am just sad that I live in Oklahoma and have to go to Vegas for either of them. For those Fatburger fans out there, you still have a loyal fan in my husband. He thought the In and Out Burger was good, but sides with my parents on Fatburger. I think they are all nuts :)!

California Hotel and Casino - I do not know what the name of the place is, but it is a small little place in the walkway from the California to Main Street Station. They serve soups and rice bowls. It was pretty inexpensive and good.

Golden Gate - Hot dog. Yuck.

Aladdin Buffet - We have heard so many times this is a good buffet. I never really wanted to try it because I did not know if my husband would like it. It was pretty good. I would not put it at the best, but we enjoyed it. I will say that Mexican food on a buffet is usually not very good, but it was good on this buffet. I should have passed on everything else and eaten at the dessert station :). There were too many to choose from!

Pasta Pirate - We were hungry last night and did not know where to go. I had wanted to try this a year or so ago and forgot about it. My husband made a comment about the name when we were walking through the California on the way to Main Street the day before and it reminded me I wanted to try it. It was a good meal and was not very expensive. The meal comes with a house wine, soup or salad and bread.

Gambling - The last few times we have been to Vegas I have not done very well. My husband usually breaks even. I was determined I was not going to gamble very much and just relax and take my time. We did this and had a very good time doing it. I cannot place money in a regular reel slot machine and win money any more. My luck used to be better or they have become much tighter. I only played nickel and penny slots and did not make the high bets. I did not win a lot, but I kept winning $50 or $75 to keep me going. We found that $.01 and $.02 Phone Tag, $.01 I Dream of Jeannie (new ones) and $.05 Texas Tea were good for us. My husband hates slots, but for some reason sat down on a $.01 Phone Tag in the Flamingo. He put in $10 and played for 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had just lost $30 in the Monte Carlo reel games there and decided to sit with him to watch him play. He was hitting bonus after bonus. It was a lot of fun!

I played a lot more video poker this time and loved it! I also played blackjack with my husband and had a good time. Every time I sat down to play blackjack with my husband on our last trip, I would just lose it all within a few hands. This time was different. I decided to have an open mind and really let him teach me how to play. I actually walked away with more money on two sessions and only lost $40 on one.

Overall we had a great time. Looking back, I am very shocked we did not go into more casinos on the strip. We arrived Sunday evening and stayed downtown. Monday we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel cafe and decided to find Green Valley Ranch. It is very nice. I would like to stay there sometime. Tuesday we spent on the Strip. We parked at the Flamingo and walked in and spent 3 hours playing Phone Tag. We decided to go see the new addition to Caesars and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We were stuck in there for a bit because they make it hard to get out! We then spent another 2 hours playing Phone Tag at Barbary Coast. I think they only other Strip casinos we went into that day were Imperial Palace and Harrah's. Wednesday it was back to the Strip to eat at Aladdin. We went back to the car and headed up to Westward Ho and Slots of Fun. After we won there, we went to Stardust to catch a bit of the OU/Texas A&M game. It was about 6:00 when we were going to head back to the middle of the Strip and decided we would rather just go back downtown to gamble. The Strip was getting ready for their Superbowl weekend when we left. This was kind of neat because the very first time we went to Vegas was the weekend before Superbowl. It was a little dead there this week though. Glad to be home so we can sleep in our own bed. I know I will start wanting to back in a few months.

Viva Las Vegas Baby.